Is Dr. Ewen Keenan Going to Recover?

Ever since Connie clocked Dr. Keenan over the head and put him in the ICU at GH, fans have been asking the question, “Is Dr. Ewen Keenan leaving GH?” Although there has been no confirmation, only speculation and assuption that has lead me to believe that no, Dr. Keenan will not be leaving GH and the actor who portrays him, Nathin Butler, is not going anywhere. Bulter will be tweeting with fans LIVE today during the East and West Coast airing of General Hospital. In my opinion, I don’t think the actor/character would be departing if he is just starting to get to know his fans better. If you have a Twitter account, follow @NathinButler and chat with him this afternoon. If you don’t have Twitter, sign up!

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