General Hospital Spoilers: Alexis Gaslights Gregory- Who’s Avoiding Who?

Alexis and Gregory

Alexis and Gregory reconnect weeks after discovering Diane has been attacked. Alexis Davis (Nancy Lee Grahn) and Gregory Chase (Gregory Harrison) won’t be able to avoid one another forever. It seems they are drawn to each other by the way their minds work.

General Hospital recaps recall Alexis’s troubled history with alcoholism and poor choices. Getting involved with the wrong men seems to be a career in itself for the mother of three. Her choices and other outside life events lead to her leaving the law behind and getting a fresh start. Alexis may not be a practicing attorney due to past circumstances in her life, but she still holds value to the work ethic and intelligence it takes. She has channeled her old business mindset into what she has become today. Alexis’s career at The Invader is part of a new, sober chapter in her life.

General Hospital spoilers indicate after one tragedy after another, Alexis and her string of bad luck with men could be over. But will she mess things up before they even get a chance to begin? 

General Hospital previews and spoilers suggest Alexis and Gregory reconnect after some time. Gregory will question why Alexis seems to have been avoiding him, while Alexis turns the tables. GH spoilers reveal Alexis gaslights Gregory and flips the situation on him. She will likely deny his observation, acting as thought he was the one doing the avoiding. It’s about tone Alexis finds a man who isn’t a career criminal, a danger to herself and other, or will wind up dead.

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