General Hospital Spoilers: What’s Wrong With Gregory? Alexis And Diane Speculate, Dr. Finn Looks For Concrete Answers

What’s wrong with Gregory

What’s wrong with Gregory? Gregory Chase (Gregory Harrison) has Alexis Davis (Nancy Lee Grahn) thrown for a loop. His recent, mysterious behavior has the ex-attorney going hard at her new profession. Something is definitely up with her new pal Gregory. Because of this, Alexis uses her investigative skills to figure out what’s going on.

General Hospital spoilers reveal Alexis shares insight about Gregory with her trusted friend and ex-colleague, Diane Miller (Carolyn Hennesy). As a friend, Alexis is concerned about Gregory. On the other hand, as an investigative reporter, Alexis Davis is concerned with the story. Her curiosity leads Alexis down a path to find out what’s wrong with Gregory. She and Diane Miller discuss the possible reasons for Gregory’s cryptic behavior. Recently, Gregory lied to Alexis about his job. Furthermore, he used his job as an excuse to deny Alexis’ request. The truth always has a funny way of showing itself but it takes hard work and focus to find it. After weeks of wondering and questioning, Aulates speculates the possibilities with Diane.

Meanwhile, General Hospital spoilers reveal that Dr. Finn (Michael Easton) runs tests on Gregory. At this point, Gregory’s secret issue seems to be medical. Previous General Hospital rumors claimed that Gregory was hiding his involvement in the hook killings. But, other than his connection to Alexis, Gregory doesn’t have any known ties to Esme, Trina, or really anyone involved with the hook. Furthermore, Alexis’ involvement is solely due to her job at The Invader.

So, while Alexis is hypothesizing with Diane, Gregory’s son is running tests to get answers for his father. Will Alexis narrow his issue down to figure out he has a mystery illness?