General Hospital Spoilers: Tracy Answers To Lois

Tracy answers to Lois
Tracy answers to Lois

Lois Cerullo didn’t return to Port Charles to allow family members to walk all over her daughter. In fact, she came for the exact opposite. Lois learned that Deception fired Brook Lynn and that’s when she came running.

In case you kissed it, General Hospital recaps recall Tracy’s despicable behavior toward her Granddaughter Brook Lynn (Amanda Setton). Which, I’m pretty perplexed that she would even go there with BLQ considering how tough she is with the Bensonhurst blood. Clearly, BLQ is no pushover. But when it comes to love, especially her love Detective Chase (Josh Swickard), she becomes almost malleable. I say “almost” because even though she has a tough exterior, love changes her- but never permanently.

Regardless, Granny came barking up the wrong tree when she blackmailed Brook Lynn. Because now Tracy answers to Lois Cerullo (Rena Sofer). According to General Hospital spoilers, Tracy has met her match. Her ex-daughter-in-law gives her a run for her money while she’s in town, and Tracy doesn’t know what to do.

GH spoilers tease that tension in the Quartermaine mansion thickens before Tracy back down. Will Lois be the one who actually puts Tracy in her place? Or will teacy run BLQ’s mama right back to where she came from-

General Hospital Spoilers: Too Late For A Clean Slate? Chase Finally Learns Of Brook Lynn’s “Deception”

Brook Lynn tells Chase about Deception
Brook Lynn tells Chase about Deception

What I really want to know is why in the world didn’t Chase ask Brook Lynn what Tracy had her do? Maybe he did and I missed it, but something tells me that he should have been more up on things. You know, being a detective and all.

Over at Deception, Lucy Coe (Lynn Herring) and Maxie Jones (Kirsten Storms) are reeling over Brook Lynn’s (Amanda Setton) latest act of malice. General Hospital recaps recall Maxie’s blasting her so-called friend, telling her, “this isn’t high school.” Rightfully so, Maxie is livid and told Brook Lynn exactly what’s up. The sheepish look on BLQ’s face indicates that Maxie’s words hit close to home.

According to General Hospital spoilers, confessions spill out like over over-filled kiddie pool with the hose still running. Apparently, no one has to break her arm to come clean this time. GH spoilers and rumors hint that Brook Lynn tells Chase about Deception and exactly what she had to do for Granny The Tyrant, Tracy.

Still, it seems odd that Brook Lynn admitted that Tracy blackmailed her over Chase’s position at the PCPD, yet the topic of what she made BLQ do hasn’t come up. Regardless, Chase founds out soon enough. Has BLQ exceeded her 9 lives?

General Hospital Spoilers: Alexis Feels Threatened, Tracy and Alexis Fight Over Gregory

Tracy and Alexis fight over Gregory

….Who will steal Gregory Chase’s (Gregory Harrison) heart? Two women who initially gave him a run for his money are now finding themselves wanting to get close to him. Will Tracy and Alexis fight over Gregory?!

General Hospital Recaps: Alexis Davis (Nancy Lee Grahn) has been dancing around the idea of getting close to Gregory ever since they met. Undoubtedly, Alexis and Gregory’s first encounter was just shy of hostile. But amidst the borderline hostile, snarky, brainiac banter, a sense of mutual respect and admiration was evident.

Similarly, Tracy Quartermaine’s (Jane Elliot) first encounter with Chase and Finn’s dad was borderline hostile as well. But unlike Alexis and Gregory, there hasn’t been a sense of mutual respect, let alone admiration, between Gregory and Tracy.

General Hospital spoilers suggest that Alexis’s feelings for Gregory grow the more he confides in her. Even if her feelings are returned, things won’t be easy. Poor Alexis has had terrible luck with men. Sadly, they’ve either turned out to be complete psychopaths/killers, or randomly die.

When it comes to Gregory, falling for him could put Alexis at risk for the same old disaster- option number 2, except this time his death wouldn’t be random. Gregory’s recent diagnosis is terminal. Can they make the most of the time he has left?

Meanwhile, Tracy continues to butt heads with Gregory. Due to their clashing personalities, it’s highly unlikely that these two would ever fall for each other. Still, little miss Violet (Jophielle Love) loves to play match-maker. And right now, she sees Aunt Tracy (Brook Lynn’s Granny), and Grandpa Gregory (Violet’s own Gramps) as two lonely old people who should take a chance at companionship.

Will Tracy and Alexis fight over Gregory?

General Hospital Spoilers: Sasha Catches Brook Lynn and Tracy In Shady Exchange

Sasha catches Brook Lynn and Tracy

Caught red handed! Sasha catches BrookLynn and Tracy! …Obviously, Brook Lynn can’t go like this forever and Tracy can’t get away with it for much longer. Tracy Quartermaine (Jane Elliot) has her granddaughter doing all of the risky business while she sits back and calls the shots. Brook Lynn Quartermaine (Amanda Setton) already has a hard time being trusted by others. Now, her actions are just another thing to be held against her when others decide it’s judgment day.

Sasha Catches BrookLynn and Tracy

General Hospital previews indicate that Sasha witnesses a shady exchange between her co-worker and her cut-throat, business mogul grandmother. It seems a little odd for Sasha to have witnessed someone else’s secret when she can’t even sniff out her own shady mother-in-law. Gladys Corbin (Bonnie Burroughs) has done a real number on Sasha’s finances, and now she’s messing with her health.

That aside, suspicions arise after Sasha saw a largely cryptic exchange go down between Brook Lynn and Tracy. The look on Sasha’s face was a clear indication that their exchange peaked her curiosity. But just because she’s curious doesn’t mean she’ll run with what she saw. According to GH spoilers and rumors, Sasha does her homework before she spills any tea. Will she get to the bottom of Tracy’s secret mission?