General Hospital Spoilers: Dex Heller Jason 2.0- Loyal To The Core, Or Loyal To Carly

Dex and Jason are loyal to Carly

Dex Heller (Evan Hofer) is a good-hearted (potential) killer. I use potential because I can’t recall if Dex has actually killed anyone yet. It would seem that the descriptions good-hearted and killer is an oxymoron. Dex Heller is willing to kill if need be. on the other hand, he’d also put his own life on the line for the ones he love, and those to whom he’s most loyal.

Dex and Jason Are Loyal To Carly

Doesn’t this sound like someone else we know? Dex Heller is loyal to the core. He endures Sonny’s torture and won’t snitch a peep. Sonny wants to know who decks is protecting not physically, but who he’s protecting with his word. The answer is Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright). Who do you know that is loyal to Carly above anyone else? Yes, you got that right. It’s Jason Morgan (Steve Burton). Jason Morgan was loyal to Carly above all else. Most times even Sonny came second to Jason’s BFF unless it was about his business.

General Hospital Spoilers: Martin Stole The Deceptor From Ex-Wife #3- The Plaintiff’s Identity Revealed!

Martin stole the Deceptor Plaintiff’s identity revealed

Martin stole The Deceptor?! …How will the Pine Valley turned Port Charles Attorney get himself out of this predicament?! There’s no way that Martin Gray (Michael E. Knight) will be able to escape this mess. Sadly for him, not even the fact that he is a lawyer could convince Lucy to be okay with this. And to think that she kept gushing about his contribution to the birth of the Deceptor! Oh, the nerve!

General Hospital Recaps: Do you need to catch up on Lucy’s latest drama? Here’s a little refresher on what’s happening with Lucy, her man Martin, his ex-wife, and Deception Cosmetics. Evidently, she should have adhered to the age old saying, “never mix business with pleasure,” because now she learns her lesson. First, she let lines cross when she discussed her business with her boyfriend. That’s when Lucy took interest in Martin’s idea. Ultimately, she created The Deceptor based off of hers and Martin’s conversation. Apparently, Lucy’s latest pride and joy turns out to be one of her biggest mistakes. As it turns out, running with Martin’s idea lands Lucy and her 30 year old company in front of a Judge.

According to the latest GH spoilers, Lucy and Martin’s upcoming chat apparently gets so heated that a little splash of something is needed to cool it down. Talk about DECEPTION, but Martin Gray needs a round of applause for what he’s pulled off his far. Unfortunately, Lucy learns more about Martin’s secrets and the devastating truth she faces.

GH spoilers and previews tease that the plaintiff’s identity is revealed! Once Lucy learns that it’s Martin’s ex-wife that’s doing the suing, let’s just say that Ms. Coe might need one of her gummies.

The Truth Comes Out! What’s Going to Happen to Bad Boy Johnny Z.?

Well yesterday’s GH was simply fantastic. With all those twists and turns in the plot I almost thought I was on some huge Cedar Point roller coaster despite my fear of heights and the simple fact that I have never once been on one, haha. But needless to say GH got me all turned upside down in a roller-coaster exciting rush sort of way. At first I was so confused watching Connie and Johnny go back and forth and tell their stories. I thought, how could they both think they did it? Then Johnny made it all clear, and even did the unthinkable. Anthony Zaccharra is now dead and the blood is on his own grandson’s hands. I am sad to see Bruce Weitz (Anthony) leave the show, I have loved his villain portrayal since his first day on GH. Who would have thought, a main character monster would actually go through with killing another main character on this show? And his own flesh and blood nonetheless. Johnny has always had a soft sweet side, unlike his ever so cold Grandfather, Anthony. Yesterday he shocked us all by coming out with how he plotted to shoot out Anthony’s tires, and convinced Connie to take the blame. What is going to happen to Johnny now? Dante looked like he was on Johnny’s tail in the preview, but that doesn’t mean it won’t take forever to come out. How long will Johnny be able to hide Anthony’s body? I don’t see how this man won’t be spending some time in jail. From shooting out Anthony’s tires and inadvertently killing Cole and Hope, to convincing Connie to lie, and then ultimately killing Anthony, how can he NOT end up in jail? Anything can happen on GH though. Brandon Barash confirmed that he is not leave GH, so maybe we will get to see him in lock up for a while. Oh boy, Carly is NEVER going to take him back once all this comes out. She put her trust in him not only romantically, (which he failed her miserably), but also as a person. She defended him to everyone and swore up and down Johnny wasn’t the one to shoot out Anthony’s tires. After all, she was his alibi. They were together that night, but she was fast asleep when he slipped out. Carly won’t take this lightly, she isn’t one to be made a fool of. If you’re a Carly and Johnny fan, I fear there isn’t much hope for reconciliation. I just can’t wait to keep watching.

Is This a New Beginning for Sonny and Carly?

I’m thinking this might be another beginning for Sonny and Carly. No matter what they have been through, they always seem to find a way back to one another. I have liked Sonny with other woman and I have liked Carly with other men, but nothing like the way Carly and Sonny are together. They have a special bond and a dynamic, passionate relationship. They have been apart for a pretty long time and I was really content with it that way. I even thought that I wouldn’t want to see them together again. But now that there are hints of the possibility, I gave it some thought and would like to see them reunite. I love their passion, whether it’s anger or love, they are always passionate for one another and what they stand for. Sonny and Carly have extreme highs and lows to the point of instability, yet their relationship is so real. When these two are together they are an unstoppable force that would protect each other to the death. If Sonny and Carly get together again, they are older, wiser, and know more about each other now than they ever have before. This could be a more solid foundation for a long lasting relationship. Even though I don’t think Carly will ever completely “grow up” I think that maybe they have both grown as people and can find the love they once had for each other.

Sonny Walks in on Connie and Johnny!!!

WOW! This is good! Sonny finding Connie/Kate in bed with his arch enemy Johnny Z. My heart is breaking for him. Connie is so good at being bad. Kelly Sullivan does one hell of a job playing the heartless bitch she played today…As for Sonny, now THIS is the Sonny I know and love! I love his rage. Well done Maurice Benard! Sonny will be out for revenge for sure. Now that Carly has walked in, both Sonny and Carly should team up and set out to get revenge. I wonder if Johnny will talk Carly down. But I loved when Carly said, “How the hell did you wind up in bed with THAT?” MY favorite Carly quote in a long, long time! Laura Wright was awesome, I really felt her emotion. You could tell she was mad, typical Carly, but she was also hurt as well. It made me feel so bad for her. This episode was fantastic. I can’t wait for more surprises and excitement.