General Hospital Spoilers: Martin Stole The Deceptor From Ex-Wife #3- The Plaintiff’s Identity Revealed!

Martin stole the Deceptor Plaintiff’s identity revealed

Martin stole The Deceptor?! …How will the Pine Valley turned Port Charles Attorney get himself out of this predicament?! There’s no way that Martin Gray (Michael E. Knight) will be able to escape this mess. Sadly for him, not even the fact that he is a lawyer could convince Lucy to be okay with this. And to think that she kept gushing about his contribution to the birth of the Deceptor! Oh, the nerve!

General Hospital Recaps: Do you need to catch up on Lucy’s latest drama? Here’s a little refresher on what’s happening with Lucy, her man Martin, his ex-wife, and Deception Cosmetics. Evidently, she should have adhered to the age old saying, “never mix business with pleasure,” because now she learns her lesson. First, she let lines cross when she discussed her business with her boyfriend. That’s when Lucy took interest in Martin’s idea. Ultimately, she created The Deceptor based off of hers and Martin’s conversation. Apparently, Lucy’s latest pride and joy turns out to be one of her biggest mistakes. As it turns out, running with Martin’s idea lands Lucy and her 30 year old company in front of a Judge.

According to the latest GH spoilers, Lucy and Martin’s upcoming chat apparently gets so heated that a little splash of something is needed to cool it down. Talk about DECEPTION, but Martin Gray needs a round of applause for what he’s pulled off his far. Unfortunately, Lucy learns more about Martin’s secrets and the devastating truth she faces.

GH spoilers and previews tease that the plaintiff’s identity is revealed! Once Lucy learns that it’s Martin’s ex-wife that’s doing the suing, let’s just say that Ms. Coe might need one of her gummies.

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