Are You Ready for More Robin Scorpio Drake?

This week on General Hospital has been so intense with the return of Kimberly McCullough as Robin Scorpio Drake! Jason Thompson is doing a stellar job with these intense scenes. He makes loss and grief on a soap completely realistic and I am glad to see that he isn’t over Robin in one hot minute. I am hoping that Patrick and Anna don’t over look their instincts and mistake them for delusions and mind games for long. It would be nice to see them come to each other with their thoughts about Robin being alive so that they can share that they feel the same. Anna and Patrick teaming up to find Robin would be an awesome story! How much does Heather really have to do with it? Is she behind the whole thing, or just have an inside track? Rumors are that Dr. Ewen Keenan has a secret… could it be related to Robin, or the Cassadines? Something big is brewing here. This truly is a General Hospital Block Buster Summer!

(Dr. Ewen Keenan) Nathin Butler is NOT Leaving GH

I have had a lot of requests for this one. So here I am to confirm that Nathin Butler (Dr. Ewen Keenan) is NOT leaving General Hospital. Fans have been concerned since we haven’t seen him lately. A few days ago he confirmed via Twitter that he is sticking around Port Charles, and is on the show as recurring. There are lots of fans that hope for a Dr. Keenan and Elizabeth romance, and with this news it may actually have a chance to happen. 🙂

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General Hospital News And Spoilers: Kelly Sullivan Rocks it as Kate Howard/ Connie Falconeri

Kelly Sullivan as Kate and Connie
Kelly Sullivan as Kate and Connie

Quite literally, Monday’s episode was EXPLOSIVE!

General Hospital recaps highlight Monday’s intense scene between Jason Morgan and Kate/Connie. Connie Falconeri (Kelly Sullivan) blew up at Jason (Steve Burton) and verbally assaulted him. But first, Kate Howard was as poised and collected as can be.

According to General Hospital news reports, this visit the first time in Daytime Television history that a character exhibits split personalities. However, GH fans rave about Sullivan’s skills as an actor. One minute she is Kate Howard, a sophisticated, professional, and poised woman. Then, the next thing you know she is acting erratically and out of control as Connie Falconeri.

Kelly Sullivan’s performances have been nothing short of purely entertaining and I can’t wait to see what’s next. She really knows how to bring it in every scene!

For the first time Kate heard Connie’s voice in her own head. She struggled with this intrusive dialogue and it drove her absolutely insane. As Kate, she tried so hard to keep her composure then lost it! Ultimately, she wound up screaming right in front of Jason.

According to General Hospital spoilers and rumors, Kate is on the verge of losing her mind completely. Dr. Keenan (Nathin Butler) better get through to Kate ASAP before she turns into Connie for good! Keep watching!