Kelly Sullivan Rocks it as Kate Howard/Connie Falconeri

Monday’s episode was EXPLOSIVE! (Literally). Connie Falconeri blew up at Jason (Steve Burton) today. Kelly Sullivan is doing an amazing job playing these two parts. One minute she is Kate Howard, a sophisticated, professional, and poised woman, and the next she is acting erratically and out of control as Connie Falconeri. It must take a lot of hard work and concentration to pull off those two polar opposite personalities. Watching Kelly Sullivan pull this off has been pure entertainment and I can’t wait to see what’s next. She really knows how to bring it in every scene! Today’s scene with Jason was awesome. For the first time Kate heard the voice of Connie in her head and it was driving her absolutely insane. As Kate, she tried so hard to keep her composure then lost it and ended up screaming in front of Jason. Dr. Keenan better get through to Kate ASAP before she turns into Connie for good! Keep watching!