General Hospital Spoilers: Dr. Montague DEAD- Who’s Responsible For Making Port Charles A Better Place?

Dr. Montague DEAD GH
Dr. Montague DEAD GH

Poor Sasha! She’s been through the wringer and now it’s time for closure. Thanks to Cody (Josh Kelly), Sam (Kelly Monaco, Dante (Dominic Zampronga), and even Mac (John J. York) and Chase (Josh Swickard) over at the PCPD, Sasha is safe.

Dr. Montague Sasha Gilmore

Gladys Corbin and Dr. Montague did a number in Sasha, and now they pay the prices. GH recaps recall that Sonny sent Gladys packing, never to return again. But what about the good doctor? Montague drugged and tortured Sasha, accepted money for criminal behavior, and even blackmailed his partner in crime.

Dr. Montague DEAD GH

GH spoilers reveal Dr. Montague gets what’s coming to him. Actor Darin Toonder confirmed his GH exit in a social media post. So now fans can’t help but wonder, how Dr. Montague goes out.

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Dr. Montague DEAD GH

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General Hospital Spoilers: Who Has To Die Around Here For Sasha To Get Some Peace?!

Who dies in Sasha’s hostage showdown?

Seriously! When will Sasha’s predators get what they deserve? This young woman has suffered long enough at the hands of someone she trusted. Especially when Gladys knows exactly what Sasha has been through.

General Hospital spoilers reveal that Sasha’s terror continues. Dr. Montague isn’t finished with his patient just yet, despite what he told the Ferncliff nurse. The situation becomes quite climactic when Dr. Montague pays Sasha another visit. Some GH rumors tease that this whole thing could be a setup. Sasha may have know that Gladys would give her up to the authorities. If so, she, Sam, Cody, and even Mac and Dante could be in on it.

GH spoilers and previews indicate that Dr. Montague takes Sasha hostage. He holds a blade to her chest and says that he’s walking out of there and Sasha’s coming with him. Indeed, the man is unhinged and Sasha’s life is in danger where it was a setup it not. Who dies Sasha’s hostage showdown?

You won’t want to miss w moment of what’s about to go down at Ferncliff! Will Cody Bell or anyone get to Sasha before it’s too late? Someone must pay for what’s happened to her. Who will it be?

General Hospital Spoilers: Sasha Nightmare Continues! Will Dr. Montague Get Away With Sasha As His Hostage?

Dr. Montage takes Sasha hostage
Dr. Montage takes Sasha hostage

Take a look at what Gladys Corbin (Bonnie Burroughs) has done! After all, she is the reason for Sasha having to endure this perpetual torture. Greedy Gladys has crossed the line and she will be dealt with. Previously, Sonny Corinthos showed up at her door to confront his cousin. Now, we wait. Meanwhile, her accomplice roams free.

General Hospital spoilers tease that Sonny handles Gladys, mobster style. It’s about time that someone puts a stop to Sasha’s monster-in-law. Her involvement with Selina Wu (Lydia Look) lead her to lie, steal, cheat her son’s widow. Additionally, Sasha’s life is at risk because Gladys turned to Dr. Montague (Darin Toonder) to help in the betrayal against Sasha.

According to GH previews and spoilers, Dr. Montague takes Sasha hostage inside her Ferncliff cell. There he threatens her life and says, “I’m walking out of here, and I’m taking her with me.” It’s unclear who is in the doorway when Montague makes his claim. Is whoever it is strong enough to stop him? Is this person even on Sasha’s side!?

Do NOT miss a moment of these thrilling scenes! Once again, Sofia Mattsson knocks her performance out of the park.

General Hospital Spoilers: Unhappy Brando Haunts Gladys

Brando haunts Gladys
Brando haunts Gladys

How could she?! That’s the big question as of late. Gladys Corbin (Bonnie Burroughs) has more b@lls than the Kerry Hotel ball pit in Pudong Shanghai, which is the largest in the world. In fact, the Kerry Hotel holds the title in the Guinness Book Of World Records. Now that’s big!

Disturbed is an understatement for the effect Sasha Gilmore’s (Sofia Mattsson) storyline had on GH fans. According to GH news, fans have reportedly expressed that this storyline is too much and that they do not watch the scenes. Additionally, some threaten to step watching General Hosptial altogether if the torture doesn’t end ASAP for Sasha.

Personally, I find Sasha’s struggle with Gladys Corbin (Bonnie Burroughs) and Dr. Montague (Darin Toonder) riveting. While undoubtedly disturbing, Sofia is able to showcase her true acting talents as she depicts Sasha’s agony. General Hospital spoilers and rumors tease that the audience finally reaps the reward of sticking it out as the writers inflict more and more pain onto one young woman.

Brando Haunts Gladys

Gladys is about to get what’s coming to her, and Sonny Corinthos is the one to deliver! She’s so afraid of cousin Sonny that Gladys threw Sasha under the bus again to save herself from her cousin the mobster. Although it’s hard to imagine, but GH rumors tease that Sonny isn’t all she has to endure. What on Earth (or not) could possibly be worse than Sonny’s wrath? How about being haunted by your dead son. Ya know, the one who’s widow Gladys betrayed.

General Hospital Spoilers: Sasha Records Gladys and Montague’s Confession

Sasha records Gladys and Dr. Montague’s confession
Sasha records Gladys and Dr. Montague’s confession

To say that Gladys and Sasha’s scenes were heartbreaking is a gross understatement. Because not only is this entire storyline heartbreaking, for some it’s truly disturbing. I for one admit that I found it very difficult to continue watching after Gladys called the authorities.

In that moment my heart sank down to my stomach. Presumably, GH fans across the board felt the same sucker punch to the gut.

According to the latest General Hospital news and spoilers, GH fans express their distaste for this storyline and what’s happening to Sasha Gilmore (Sofia Mattsson). Truthfully, I’m all for the storyline. While I understand and empathize with Sasha’s pain and suffering, I’m still able to appreciate the entertainment value. To be clear, yes, it’s difficult for me to watch what’s being done to Sasha. But that’s the entire point. The actors have made us feel exactly how we’re supposed to feel in a situation such as this.

According to GH spoilers, Sasha’s dark and tragic life could soon see a ray of light. Currently, fans are up in arms over what Gladys is doing to Sasha. We watched Gladys tip off the authorities so that she can continue to stay out of under Sonny’s radar. But under his radar is where she’ll be once word gets out. However, some are banking on the PCPD to bail them both. With Sasha’s help, that’s very possible if Sasha records Gladys and Dr. Montague’s confession!

General Hospital Spoilers: Sasha Traps Gladys, Gets Full Confession

Sasha tricks Gladys into full confession
Sasha tricks Gladys into full confession

It’s about time that Gladys Corbin pays for what she’s done! Thankfully, Sasha has Cody Bell, Sam McCall, Dante Falconeri on her side. Let’s not forget Detective Chase (Josh Swickard) and Mac Scorpio (John J. York) too!

According to GH spoilers and rumors, what looks like another tragedy for Sasha turns out to be a triumph. Finally, Gladys pays for what she’s done.

General Hospital spoilers reveal that Sasha tricks Gladys into full confession. They have Dr. Montague and Gladys right where they belong. With Cody, Sam, Dante, Chase, and Mac on her side, Sasha’s plan to nail Gladys could be justice for Sasha and revenge on Gladys and Dr. Montague (Darin Toonder) all in one.

General Hospital Spoilers: Cody and Sasha Reunite In Ferncliff

Cody and Sasha reunite

Is Cody Just Another Illusion?

Cody and Sasha reunite! …Ferncliff is meant to be a place of peace and healing for those who are suffering with mental illnesses. Instead, the asylum lives up to societal stereotypes. Sinister and dark, a stay inside Ferncliff Asylum is no vacation at the St. Regis. Mostly it’s where the innocent, fragile, and vulnerable are sent with ill intentions.

Aside from some obvious crazies like Heather Webber and Ryan Chamberlain, people like Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright) and Sasha Gilmore’s (Sofia Mattsson) Ferncliff experiences differ greatly. For some reason this mental institution is the go-to place for twisted individuals to manipulate and torture the vulnerable. Take it from Gladys Corbin (Bonnie Burroughs) and Dr. Montague (Darin Toonder), it’s really an ideal place to keep someone captive and under control.

5 Years ago Carly Corinthos suffered in Ferncliff. Do you remember?

According to GH Blog news reports, social media posts and discussions display the true opinions of GH fans. Sasha’s storyline is an exceptionally hot topic for the fan base, but what they have to say isn’t positive. For the most part General Hospital fans are having a hard time with this one.

GH fans voice their opinions on Sasha’s Ferncliff storyline

GH Fans Have Had Enough- Save Sasha!

From begging to make it stop to refusing to watch the show fans demand justice for Sasha. Personally, I feel that this storyline while disturbing and difficult to stomach, it displaces Sofia Mattsson’s incredible talent. That being said, it’s doubtful that the actors and actresses want the fans to make threats about boycotting the show.

According to GH spoilers, Cody and Sasha reunite in Ferncliff. Cody’s plan to save Sasha is underway as he inches closer and closer. But will her alternate reality create a roadblock to her rescue?

General Hospital Spoilers: Nina Makes A Deadly Mistake, Selina’s Demands Turn Lethal, The Walls Are Closing In On Gladys!

Gladys gives Selina Nina’s 50K

Gladys gives Selina Nina’s 50K!?!

…Have you ever asked yourself about how certain characters are still able to walk among the rest of even a fictional society? Television or not, we still empathize with others as we watch life throw them every curveball. And we are quick to anger at any character that puts our beloved favorites in harms way.

As we know, not everything is as it seems in Port Charles. Trust is hard to come by these days, while lies and betrayal hide within the hearts of even the softest souls. After all, isn’t that why some of us root for the bad guy? Because we see the soft side to them, i.e. Sonny Corinthos. Sometimes character villains are so sinister that the only direction the role is going is toward the exit, as in, written out of the script.

Over in Soap Opera lala land, both the fans and characters tend to love a good villain. It’s like falling in love with the bad boy. However, some characters just get under our skin or have committed such horrible acts that they are beyond redemption. Although, there isn’t much that a soap character can do that’ll close the door on starting anew.

Gladys Gives Selina Nina’s 50K

As for Gladys Corbin (Bonnie Burroughs), that greedy woman already had her second chance. According to GH recaps, Sonny and Gladys had a heart to heart with his cousin Gladys. That’s when Brando’s (Johnny Wactor) death put things into perspective and Sonny was able to open his heart to a grieving mother. One who is family nonetheless.

General Hospital spoilers tease the walls are closing in on Gladys. She’s in too deep with a sinister doctor and a ruthless woman who just heard the word no from a presumed ally. Not to mention what Sonny is going to do when he finds out. Honestly, Dr. Montague and Selina Wu will be the least of her worries because Gladys is toast when Sonny gets wind of this. But for now, the creepy doc and the ruthless mob Queen are Gladys’s biggest worries.

GH spoilers indicate that now Gladys is $50,000 richer odds are the money won’t go to save Sasha. In fact, brand new General Hospital previews show Selina giving Gladys a very important message. It’s a life and death situation for Sasha, while Nina Reeves and Selina may have made things worse. GH rumors tease that Selina’s demands turn lethal while Nina’s mistake could be deadly.

Of course, Gladys is to blame for Sasha’s current situation. However, Nina should never have trusted Gladys. All she has to do with to with her (and the money), to make sure the story is straight. And I’m sure Gladys has every intention of delivering the money to the doctor in order to free Sasha. Sadly , GH rumors that she has a change of heart. Apparently, Selina’s phone call comes just the precise time that she second guesses what she’ll do with Nina’s money. If Dr. Montague doesn’t get his money, Sasha dies. And if Selina doesn’t get her money, Gladys dies. What will Gladys choose?

General Hospital Spoilers: Gladys Becomes 50K Richer, What Will She Do With Nina’s Generous Contribution?

Nina gives Gladys 50K to save Sasha Gladys blows Nina’s money

Nina gives Gladys 50K!?!? …Say what?! Did Greedy Gladys Corbin (Bonnie Burroughs) really just march through Nina Reeve’s (Cynthia Watros) door and beg for 50 thousand dollars?! Well the answer is yes, she absolutely just did that.

General Hospital recaps recall Gladys making a bold move on Tuesday’s episode. She’s gotten herself in too deep with Dr. Montague (Darin Toonder) and her warped plan for Sasha Gilmore (Sofia Mattsson). What’s more baffling is that Gladys was already in over her head with her debts to Selina Wu (Lydia Look) when she made a deal with the Devil. With nowhere to turn, Gladys begged Nina for the 50K. Then, her confession came as a shock as she told Nina what she’s done to Sasha.

GH spoilers tease that Gladys’s confession hits Nina hard. At this point, it’s not about whether she should give Gladys was she wants or even bailing her out. Now, it’s not about Gladys anymore- but it’s about saving Sasha’s life. It’s time for Nina to make a decision. What do you think she’s going to do with Gladys now?

According to GH rumors, Nina gives Gladys 50K fro save Sasha. But can Gladys be trusted to actually give it to Dr. Montague? Although her intentions and heart are in the right place, Nina may have just made a big mistake.

General Hospital Spoilers: Sasha’s Story Ends Tragically, Driven To Desperation- Who Gets Desperate Enough To Kill, And Who Pays The Price?!

Sasha’s story ends tragically

Sasha’s story ends tragically! …In Port Charles, it’s become increasingly difficult to distinguish between the good guys and the true baddies, and the bad guys. Lately the villains of Port Charles have had a stroke of luck. And while the righteous ones walk with their head held high, their dark secret hangs over.

General Hospital Recaps: Not in any particular order, but first, Esme Prince (Avery Pohl) went from boarding school brat and psychopath, to a loving and almost over protective young mother. Her head I just and memory loss gave her a second chance to become a new human. But is everyone buying it? Additionally, Cyrus Renault’s (Jeff Kober) rebirth never really fooled those who know him, but he sure got them questioning things. Is he, or isn’t he (still a ruthless killer)? He’s helped Drew Cain (Cameron Mathison) and tried to warn young Spencer (Nicholas Alexander Chavez) about his other uncle, Victor (Charles Shaughnessy). I know as a viewer my thoughts on Cyrus’s new lease on life swayed a bit. What?! I can’t help it, but he was convincing at times! ????

Then there’s Cody Bell (Josh Kelly). The once troubled teen is well, is still a troubled adult. But, and that’s a big BUT, his heart is good even though he sometimes makes selfish decisions. He’s trying and that’s what matters. Yet life keeps screwing him over. People love to point the finger at the boy from Bensonhurst who never learned his lesson after juvy. ???? Poor Cody. Finally, we have the one and only Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard). Maybe he kills Dr. Montague for obvious reasons. Or, perhaps he’s had enough of his cousin Gladys?! There are so many theories to play with where Sasha’s story is concerned.

Point being that we just don’t know who and what to believe anymore. For example, first (not in chronological order), Dr. Montague abuses his power and drugs an innocent public figure. Also, Gladys’s masquerade is another reason that no one knows who to trust. Who would think that a woman who lost a child and grandchild is drugging her dead son’s wife? Moreover, she needs Sasha’s money to pay off her own gambling debts! Finally, the last example doesn’t completely align with the others since Ned Ashton isn’t a villain. However, he was ACCUSED of being one! What I’m trying to say is expect the unexpected.

According to recent GH rumors and spoilers, someone in Port Charles dies. There are many theories floating around social media that involve Gladys, Sasha, Dr. Montague, Selina Wu, Cody Bell, and even Sonny Corinthos! Most GH fans speculate that aside from Sasha, Gladys is the focal point of this storyline. She has motive to kill while also having two targets on her back.

GH spoilers tease that Gladys gets killed by either Selina Wu or Dr. Montague. However, some GH fans believe Gladys is desperate enough to kill. Is she capable of double murder and kill both Selina and that crazy doc? How do you think this will all play out?