General Hospital Spoilers: Nina Makes A Deadly Mistake, Selina’s Demands Turn Lethal, The Walls Are Closing In On Gladys!

Gladys gives Selina Nina’s 50K

Gladys gives Selina Nina’s 50K!?!

…Have you ever asked yourself about how certain characters are still able to walk among the rest of even a fictional society? Television or not, we still empathize with others as we watch life throw them every curveball. And we are quick to anger at any character that puts our beloved favorites in harms way.

As we know, not everything is as it seems in Port Charles. Trust is hard to come by these days, while lies and betrayal hide within the hearts of even the softest souls. After all, isn’t that why some of us root for the bad guy? Because we see the soft side to them, i.e. Sonny Corinthos. Sometimes character villains are so sinister that the only direction the role is going is toward the exit, as in, written out of the script.

Over in Soap Opera lala land, both the fans and characters tend to love a good villain. It’s like falling in love with the bad boy. However, some characters just get under our skin or have committed such horrible acts that they are beyond redemption. Although, there isn’t much that a soap character can do that’ll close the door on starting anew.

Gladys Gives Selina Nina’s 50K

As for Gladys Corbin (Bonnie Burroughs), that greedy woman already had her second chance. According to GH recaps, Sonny and Gladys had a heart to heart with his cousin Gladys. That’s when Brando’s (Johnny Wactor) death put things into perspective and Sonny was able to open his heart to a grieving mother. One who is family nonetheless.

General Hospital spoilers tease the walls are closing in on Gladys. She’s in too deep with a sinister doctor and a ruthless woman who just heard the word no from a presumed ally. Not to mention what Sonny is going to do when he finds out. Honestly, Dr. Montague and Selina Wu will be the least of her worries because Gladys is toast when Sonny gets wind of this. But for now, the creepy doc and the ruthless mob Queen are Gladys’s biggest worries.

GH spoilers indicate that now Gladys is $50,000 richer odds are the money won’t go to save Sasha. In fact, brand new General Hospital previews show Selina giving Gladys a very important message. It’s a life and death situation for Sasha, while Nina Reeves and Selina may have made things worse. GH rumors tease that Selina’s demands turn lethal while Nina’s mistake could be deadly.

Of course, Gladys is to blame for Sasha’s current situation. However, Nina should never have trusted Gladys. All she has to do with to with her (and the money), to make sure the story is straight. And I’m sure Gladys has every intention of delivering the money to the doctor in order to free Sasha. Sadly , GH rumors that she has a change of heart. Apparently, Selina’s phone call comes just the precise time that she second guesses what she’ll do with Nina’s money. If Dr. Montague doesn’t get his money, Sasha dies. And if Selina doesn’t get her money, Gladys dies. What will Gladys choose?