GH Cast Members Visit GMA!

Hey everyone, the General Hospital 50th anniversary celebration continues! Check out some of the cast member of GH on GMA tomorrow morning, Friday, April 5th, at 8:00 AM Est. time.

Get ready to watch  Anthony Geary (Luke Spencer), Kelly Monaco (Sam Morgan), Genie Francis (Laura Spencer), Finola Hughes (Anna DeVane), Jason Thompson (Patrick Drake),  Rick Springfield (Noah Drake), and Jack Wagner (Frisco Jones) discuss this historic event!

ABC News Chat with Finola Hughes and Jason Thompson for GH’s 50th

ABC News talks with GH’s Anna DeVane (Finola Hughes) and Patrick Drake (Jason Thompson).The two stars answer fan questions via Facebook and Twitter, discuss Kimberly McCullough, Frank and Ron, and reveal which character they would like to play if they could play anyone male or female on the show.

Check it out!



General Hospital Cast Rings the NYSE Opening Bell to Celebrate it’s 50th!

This is a monumental moment for General Hospital and it’s fans! Tomorrow morning at 9:30 AM executives and cast members of General Hospital will be ringing the Opening Bell at the New York Stock Exchange, celebrating the 50th anniversary of the show.

Members of the cast that will be taking part of this amazing celebration will be, Executive Producer Frank Valentini, Head Writer Ron Carlivati, Kelly Monaco (Sam Morgan), Anthony Geary (Luke Spencer), Genie Francis (Laura Spencer), Jason Thompson (Patrick Drake), and Kin Shriner (Scotty Baldwin) will be ringing the bell at the New York Stock Exchange. This news is beyond moving.

Don’t forget to tune in to CNBC to watch this historical event promptly at 9:30 AM Eastern!

General Hospital’s 50th Anniversary April 1st!

It’s here! Tomorrow is the day the iconic, American soap opera, General Hospital turns 50! GH first aired on April 1st, 1963. Just about a year ago, the fate of the entire soap opera genre was hanging by a thread. Skeptics and loyal fans alike were uncertain of the fate of this beloved American tradition. In such a short time, General Hospital has proven it is possible to overcome what was the end of a dying genre. As we have seen, the genre isn’t dead. It has just begun.

After the cancellation of ABC’s All My Children and One Life to Live, fans immediately protested and banded together to get their show back on the air. It was obviously a mistake to take these two shows off the air but soon after there was talk of reviving the shows for online viewing. General Hospital was ABC’s last standing soap and the executives and actors knew that they had to do everything they could to keep this show alive. And they did. In one year, we have seen an amazing turn around, complete fan devotion, and dedication from all that are involved in the production of the show. Women and men of all ages have given General Hospital a place in their home. Even when the time slot changed to 2Pm Eastern after decades of airing at 3 PM, fans still remained loyal. I am sure we can accredit a portion of that to the wonderful technology that is DVR.

This is such an exciting time for General Hospital and it’s devoted fans. As a GH fan myself, I want to congratulate everyone who is a part of this amazing production. I also want to thank them for making me fall in love with this show as a young girl. General Hospital has created a bond between myself, my Mother, sister, and friends that I will be able to cherish forever. My Mom passed her love for GH on to me and I in turn am passing it on to my little girl.

Please make sure to tune in tomorrow and all this week as General Hospital celebrates it’s fantastic 50th anniversary and the legendary Nurses Ball. We look forward to the coming surprises they have in store for all of us!

ABC’s 20/20 Special on General Hospital with Katie Couric for GH50

This is ONE. BIG. DEAL. General Hospital is turning 50! Everyone wants to take part in celebrating General Hospital’s 50th anniversary. On Saturday, April 6th, at 9PM Eastern time, 20/20 will be doing a special on the iconic soap opera through the fictional streets of Port Charles. The show will include an interview with Kelly Monaco (Sam Morgan) and a look at celebrities who made their start on GH. This special edition of 20/20, “The Real Soap Dish” will be anchored by Katie Couric.

Back from the Dead: Chris Robinson Returns to GH as Dr. Rick Webber

The surprises just keep on coming! Hey, wasn’t he supposed to be dead?! Why yes, yes he was. Welcome to Soap Opera universe, where the impossible is more than possible. The character ofDr. Rick Webber was popular during the 70’s and 80’s and played opposite Monica, Alan, and Lesley. With Laura and Scotty back in POrt Charles, this story could reall all tie together. Back in 2002, Laura, (Rick’s Step-Daughter) was the supposed killer of Rick, but Scotty Baldwin was the actual killer.They made it out as if Dr. Webber had turned into a villain to justify his murder. TV Guide revelas that Chris Robinson will be filming his first scenes with co-star Lesley Charleson (Dr. Monica Quartermaine).

Actor Chris Robinson was working on a movie, a Western film, The Foresaken, when he got the call from ABC that they wanted him back at GH. Although the return of Dr. Rock Webber is definitely a surprise, the character is not returning just for the celebration of GH’s 50th anniversary. Ron Carlivati stated that his return has to do with ‘damage control.” Damage that was done to a classic vet character and now must be redeemed. In TV Guide’s article, Carlivati says, “I grew up loving Rick and Monica — to me, as a young fan, they were what GH was all about — and I really wanted to find a way to bring Rick back despite his death.” He adds, “I also couldn’t imagine Rick would do some of the horrible things he did in his last appearance. That wasn’t the Rick Webber I remembered!” In no way is Carlivati criticizing the work of past writers, he just feels that there is a way to redeem this character even after his supposed death.

Expect to see his first scenes April 1st, 2013.

General Hospital: Danger Lurks Promo

Questions are answered, secrets are revealed, and danger is just about to begin… Check out this new GH promo leading up to the big 50th anniversary for General Hospital.

50 days to GH’s 50th Anniversary!

Today marks the day that starts the countdown to General Hospital’s 50th anniversary! Celebrate with GH and ABC all the way to April 1st. Keep watch for surprising cast returns and unexpected events.

Today Genie Francis returned as Laura Spencer. Coming up Kin Shriner (Scotty Baldwin) will pay Port Charles a visit, along with Jackie Zeman (Bobbi Spencer).

Check out General Hospital Blog’s Preview and Spoilers page for other possible returns.