Back from the Dead: Chris Robinson Returns to GH as Dr. Rick Webber

The surprises just keep on coming! Hey, wasn’t he supposed to be dead?! Why yes, yes he was. Welcome to Soap Opera universe, where the impossible is more than possible. The character ofDr. Rick Webber was popular during the 70’s and 80’s and played opposite Monica, Alan, and Lesley. With Laura and Scotty back in POrt Charles, this story could reall all tie together. Back in 2002, Laura, (Rick’s Step-Daughter) was the supposed killer of Rick, but Scotty Baldwin was the actual killer.They made it out as if Dr. Webber had turned into a villain to justify his murder. TV Guide revelas that Chris Robinson will be filming his first scenes with co-star Lesley Charleson (Dr. Monica Quartermaine).

Actor Chris Robinson was working on a movie, a Western film, The Foresaken, when he got the call from ABC that they wanted him back at GH. Although the return of Dr. Rock Webber is definitely a surprise, the character is not returning just for the celebration of GH’s 50th anniversary. Ron Carlivati stated that his return has to do with ‘damage control.” Damage that was done to a classic vet character and now must be redeemed. In TV Guide’s article, Carlivati says, “I grew up loving Rick and Monica — to me, as a young fan, they were what GH was all about — and I really wanted to find a way to bring Rick back despite his death.” He adds, “I also couldn’t imagine Rick would do some of the horrible things he did in his last appearance. That wasn’t the Rick Webber I remembered!” In no way is Carlivati criticizing the work of past writers, he just feels that there is a way to redeem this character even after his supposed death.

Expect to see his first scenes April 1st, 2013.