General Hospital News and Spoilers: Maurice Benard Reveals Photo Of A Past Career

Maurice Benard reveals modeling photo
Maurice Benard reveals modeling photo

When you think of Maurice Benard do you think of his dimples? Because I do. Honestly, I haven’t met a soul who has denied Maurice’s level of attractiveness. In fact, I’d think that he’d be a great success as a model. However, Benard shares that’s not the case.

General Hospital news and spoilers confirm that Maurice Benard reveals modeling photo from his past. A recent social media post explains Maurice’s takeaway from the experience. “I didn’t do well in modeling, but I did have a photographer who believed in me thank you Hank Hernande Say hi to my dad ☮️”

I don’t know about everyone else, but it’s hard to believe that Benard’s modeling career didn’t serve him well. Just take a look at the stunning photo below and you be the judge! Do you think Maurice could have been super successful as a model? Of course we do! But if that were the case then we may not have this experience watching him play the legendary Sonny Corinthos.

Maurice Benard reveals modeling photo

Ultimately, Benard’s path lead him down the road that was meant for him. After all, I’m a firm believer in the quote by Taylor Swift that states, “Everything you lose is a step you take.” And that is in fact how we all end up where we end up in this life.

General Hospital Spoilers: Who Killed Austin? Dante Questions Sonny About Austin’s Death

Who killed Austin Holt on General Hospital
Who killed Austin Holt on General Hospital

Dante Falconeri (Dominic Zamprogna) and his father Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) have a mutual respect for each other’s career choices. Although they’re at opposite sides of the law, they’ve come to an understanding when it comes to family and business.

General Hospital previews indicate that a current situation puts Dante and Sonny’s understanding and respect for one another to the test. In a shocking twist, Dr. Austin Holt (Roger Howarth) was shot dead in cold blood. As a detective Dante must do what it takes to solve the crime, even if that means that he has to question his father.

Who Killed Austin Holt On General Hospital?

A doctor is dead and Dante has reason to believe that Sonny knows a little something about the situation. Of course, Sonny and Ava Jerome (Maura West) know more about Austin than some would guess, but that doesn’t mean they know who killed him. General Hospital spoilers tease that Dante investigates the crime and questions Sonny about Austin’s death. Some GH rumors claim that Cyrus Renault is the obvious choice, but something tells me that’s not the case. It just seems too easy.

Moreover, GH recaps recall the look on Austin’s face when he came face to face with his killer. He was puzzled to see this person but didn’t seem all that afraid. Did Ava lash out after she discovered that Austin’s been lying to her? Or is Nikolas Cassadine creeping around Port Charles with a vengeance?

General Hospital Spoilers: Carly Turns Sonny On To Nina’s Suspicious Generosity When Asks For Answers He Doesn’t Have

Carly turns Sonny on to Nina and her suspicious generosity
Carly turns Sonny on to Nina

Carly Corinthos Spencer (Laura Wright) and her ex-husband Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) get along quite well considering why and how their separation began. Considered Daytime Television’s most powerful couple by a large majority of fans, Sonny and Carly remain fan favorites despite the couple’s split. So what that tells us is that we can’t even fathom the possibility that CarSon is over for good.

Carly turns Sonny on- while that statement in itself might be true, we must finish the thought… According to General Hospital previews and spoilers, Carly turns Sonny on to Nina and her suspicious generosity. Why all of a sudden does Nina find the workload to be overwhelming? So much so that she not only wants to sell, but she’s oddly compelled to give first dips to Carly.

According to GH spoilers and rumors, Carly takes her suspicions to Sonny. Now that they’re married, it’s only natural that he’s aware of what his wife is up to, right? Wrong. Luckily for Nina, Michael is the only one in the Corinthos family who knows what Nina has done. However, it’s unfortunately for Sonny’s new wife, Ned Ashton (Wally Kurth) is back and remembers exactly what Nina did.

More and more people find out as the days carry on. But who will be the one to expose Nina and finally reveal the truth?

General Hospital News and Spoilers: GH Star Enters “Rocky Terrain” As John J. York Begins Stem Cell Treatment and Chemo

John J York shares stem cell treatment details
John J York shares stem cell treatment details

First, I want to start off by asking that we all keep John J. York, aka our beloved Mac Scorpio in our prayers and healing thoughts. General Hospital’s John J. York has a smile that could brighten anyone’s day. His positive outlook and upbeat personality is a gift to himself as well as those who know and follow him. Additionally, York exhibits great strength as he shares with the world of his current medical condition.

Previously, GH Blog shared the news that John J. York, also known as GH’s Mac Scorpio, announced that he’d be taking a hiatus from the ABC daytime drama. Then, shortly after he gave fans something to think about, York returned to social media for the details. That’s when the iconic actor revealed that he was told he has 3-5 years to live. According to General Hospital news and spoilers, his diagnosis lead to a bone marrow search with Be A Match.

Fast forward and York has come forward with a health update. Reportedly, the stem cell transplant is a 100 day process. According to General Hospital news reports, York tells TV Insider the details of what he faces in the coming weeks. He shares, “The first week is an 8-day process of heavy-duty chemo, where I’ll probably lose my hair, and that’s OK,” he told the outlet. “And, you know, there’s just all kinds of issues. I could, I could pass away. I mean, maybe not from the chemo, but when the transplant starts. So after the eight days of these different chemo treatments that they’re doing, they’re basically wiping my body of what I’ve been living with in terms of my blood and DNA and all this stuff for my entire life. They’re wiping that clean and then they’re gonna put new stuff in me from the donor. And that’s going to be the new me.”

John J York Takes His Stem Cell Treatment One Day At A Time

Treatment takes place everyday unless the doctors see positive results from early on. He admits, “that would be wonderful. Then they may say, ‘You don’t have to come in tomorrow, come in the next day. And then we’ll test after that.’ That goes on for 100 days, and I would say the first probably 20 days [after the transplant] are the crucial days,” is what York told news outlet TV Insider.

The 22 year GH actor continued to describe his upcoming challenges with a positive and bright outlook. However, the long, demanding process can take its toll, but York displays the strength to stay the course. Unfortunately, the treatment doesn’t cease after the 100 days. Instead, he faces more testing. Those tests include biopsy and bone marrow aspiration. “I thought I was done doing bone marrow biopsies, but I still have like five bone marrow biopsies out there. Those are just not my favorite things in the world to do,” the actor admitted. For now, he’s taking things “one day at a time.”

General Hospital Blog continues to keep John J. York in our prayers as he faces these health challenges. His smiling face is enough to carry many through their bad days. Let’s shine our smiles on John to bright his too!

General Hospital News And Spoilers: Amanda Setton Spills The Tea On The New Brook Lynn Quartermaine

Amanda Setton reveals new Brook Lynn Quartermaine

My how time flies! It’s coming up on 4 years since Amanda Setton joined General Hospital. She made her GH debut as Brook Lynn Quartermaine on November 18th, 2019. Setton has since built a large fan base as the new Brook Lynn.

Now, four years later and GH fans are rooting for this young woman. Amanda has undeniably made this role her own after taking over from Adrianne Leon. Many years are between Leon’s GH exit and Setton’s debut. Reportedly, Adrianne Leon told Soaps Opera Digest in August of 2019 that she’d be happy to reprise her role as Brook Lynn Quartermaine. However, GH cast Setton in the role just a few months later.

BLQ has come a long way since her life as Ned (Wally Kurth) and Lois’s (Rena Sofer) daughter began. The new version of this Bensonhurst Beauty is just starting to bloom, and I think that we can thank Maxie Jones (Kirsten Storms) and Detective Chase (Josh Swickard) for that. According to recent General Hospital news and spoilers, GH’s Amanda Setton gives an inside scoop to Soaps In Depth

Amanda Setton Spills The Tea, Reveals New Brook Lynn Quartermaine

It’s an exciting time for Setton’s character, Brook Lynn, aka BLQ! The Quartermaine family dysfunction is at a high point, but it’s nothing unfamiliar. Instead, the Q’s embrace the chaos and dysfunction. It’s almost like they need it to survive. General Hospital spoilers indicate that Lois’s return plays a major role in BLQ’s life. Consequently, the effects extend to other family members as well. Changes are ahead, starting with Brook Lynn. Setton reflects on BLQ’s storyline when she and Maxie did whatever it took to protect baby Bailey Lou from Maxie’s crazy baby daddy, Peter August (Wes Ramsey). She admitted, “I think that whole maternal scheme transformed Brook Lynn and softened her and showed us a completely different side of her,”

New Brook Lynn Quartermaine Amanda Setton

It was BLQ and Maxie’s bond, along with the song and dance she’s doing with Chase that contributed to the start of something new. “She has that trust with Chase and doesn’t really have it with anyone else,” Setton said. “She can’t trust her grandmother. Her father is not who he says he is [Ned’s slip and fall accident conveniently turned him into Eddie Maine]. She’s been fired from her job.

“She’s sort of in this transition time,” she clarified, “but, you know, she’s still got her grandmother’s streak in her! She’s reformed, but she’s still Brook Lynn Quartermaine.”

Thankfully, General Hospital news and spoilers reveal that fans can rest assured that Setton is sticking around. The new Brook Lynn Quartermaine may have a few tweaks, but she’s still true to her own heart!

General Hospital Spoilers: Nicholas Alexander Chavez Lands Movie Role, Is Spencer Leaving GH?

Is Spencer leaving GH
Is Spencer leaving GH?

Spencer and Trina’s relationship is on thin ice. It seems that Spencer’s attachment to Ace (Jay and Joey Clay) doesn’t sit right with Trina. Because, time with Ace typically means time spent with his ex-girlfriend, Esme Prince (Avery Kristen Pohl).

Is Spencer leaving GH

Reflectively, Spencer and Trina’s New York trip was all Sprina fans had been waiting for. They finally had alone time to express their love, and their time together surpassed both of their expectations. Finally, their relationship was on the right track and Sprina fans were in their glory. I must admit, I’m a Sprina fan myself. That said, I’m a little bummed by what’s happening. But really, we all saw it coming. The crazy, manipulative ex-girlfriend turns into a needy sweetheart with major mom goals. Esme wants to the the best mother she can be to her son, and Spencer’s baby brother Ace.

Is Spencer leaving GH? Spencer Trina Esme Ace

However, General Hospital spoilers tease that Esme’s new personality, in combination with her living quarters could be enough to draw Spencer back in. Then, on top of it, GH rumors tease that Ace isn’t just Spencer’s baby brother, he is his son!

GH News Reports Confirm Netflix Movie Role, Is Spencer Leaving GH?

All that’s going on with Spencer and Trina, plus Nicholas Alexander Chavez’s new movie role has fans concerned. According to GH spoilers and news, General Hospital star Nicholas Alexander Chavez has landed a Netflix movie role. The Netflix series, Monster cast Chavez as Lyle Menendez. Lyle and brother Erik Menendez are known for murdering their parents in their California home. Because of this project and currently storyline vibes, GH fans fear the worst.

Don’t fear because GH news reports have yet to confirm any exit plans for Chavez. Instead, GH rumors hint that Chavez works double duty as he plays Spencer Cassadine on General Hospital while filming for Netflix. GH Blog will keep you up to date in the latest GH casting news!

General Hospital News and Spoilers: Mac’s Future Hangs In The Balance As John J. York’s GH Status Changes

Mac Scorpio leaving GH John J. York

Is Mac Scorpio leaving GH? John J. York explains… So much excitement and drama surrounds the people of Port Charles. On a typical day, one might discover their long lost daughter, another might betray a lover they’ve sought out for years only, some could fall victim of a baby napping, and various other traumatic life events.

When it comes to the vet actors, their characters have been through the wringer for years and years. Thankfully, characters like Mac Scorpio (John J. York) and his wife Felicia Jones (Kristina Wagner) have stuck around to endure it all of these years!

Currently, Mac Scorpio has a potentially prominent storyline. Cody Bell waltzed into Mac’s life and everything is about to change. After GH spoilers revealed that Cody is Mac’s son, fans have been waiting for that story to unfold. However, recent GH news reports share an update on York’s GH status. John toon to Twitter/X to address fans about his recent status change with the 60 year old daytime drama.

In his announcement York explains that he’ll be on a few week long hiatus. As a result, Mac Scorpio keeps things low key. Additionally, the actor explained that he will be away from the scene for a bit. His tweet can be read below.

Have no fear, we won’t leave you in the dark about Mac and neither will John. Make sure to follow General Hospital Blog on Facebook and check back for updates on the GH cast!

General Hospital Spoilers: Port Charles Meets Pine Valley, Meets Llanview?! Blair Cramer Returns As Martin’s Ex-Wife #3

Blair is Martin’s ex-wife

Blair is Martin’s ex-wife!?!? Incoming! From Llanview to Port Charles, a familiar face pops up into town! Throw a lawyer from Pine Valley in the mix and we have a full fledged ABC Soap Opera reunion! Ok, I’ll stop reminiscing now.

…Martin Gray (Michael E. Knight) has some explaining to do. Now that Lucy Coe (Lynn Herring) confronted how about the alimony, she’s also come clean about snooping in Jackson Montgomery’s files. That’s when she admitted to snooping on Martin- but with good reason. Lucy wants answers, and if Martin won’t divulge, maybe ex-wife #3 will.

General Hospital news reports confirm that OLTL star Kassie DePaiva returns to GH this September. Meanwhile, another new yet familiar face has shown up recently. All My Children star and daytime tv icon, Walt Willey, joined General Hospital as his OG AMC role, Jackson Montgomery. The golden heartthrob gets all the boomer’s hearts ticking. In fact, Walt Willey (and Tom Jones) are my late mother’s absolute favorite celebrities. I remember her swooning over Walt every time Jackson popped up around 1 o’clock!

Overall, Willey and DePaiva’s return to the screen has OG soap fans smiling from ear to ear. Moreover, recent GH rumors tease that Blair Cramer’s arrival ties into Jackson’s as they both have unfinished business with Martin Gray (Michael E. Knight).

General Hospital News and Spoilers: Exclusive! Will GH Fans Get To See More Of N’neka? Actress Arlondriah Lenyéa Fills Us In

Arlondriah Lenyéa returns as N’neka! Port Charles has had some iconic hangout hotspots throughout the years. From diners to small town bars and night clubs, Port Charles residents have their favorite places to kick back. Currently, the place to be is owned by former P.I., Curtis Ashford (Donnell Turner). He opened The Savoy after deciding to take his career in a new direction.

GH News and Spoilers: So far business is booming at Curtis’s club. Everyone who is anyone knows that The Savoy is the hottest spot in PC. In fact, its sleek vibe drew in the attention of mob boss, Selina Wu (Lydia Look). And now Selina and Curtis run an illegal gambling operation through the nightclub. Regardless of what Curtis allows behind the scenes, people love to hang out at The Savoy.

General Hospital Blog’s Exclusive Spoilers: Arlondriah Lenyéa Returns As N’neka

A good reason for the club’s success has much to do with its most recognizable staff member. The Savoy’s bartender, N’neka is on her A-game as a kick ass bartender. She keeps the drinks flowing and the customer coming back for more. As it turns out, Lenyéa and her character N’neka are also coming back for more.

General Hospital Blog’s Inside Scoop- N’neka’s Promoted To Manager

Will N’neka have a bigger role in handling Curtis’s business relations?! GH spoilers reveal that actress and runway model, Arlondriah Lenyéa is set to return this month. In addition, General Hospital Blog’s Exclusive GH news and spoilers confirm the dates of her return.

General Hospital Blog’s latest casting news confirm that GH fans can look out for N’neka as Lenyéa makes her next appearances the week of June 19th. Now that she’s been promoted to Manager at The Savoy, Curtis is sure to have responsibilities waiting. Furthermore, GH rumors hint that Curtis might want N’neka to become more involved in business operations. As a result of N’neka’s promotion, GH fans wonder if Curtis trusts her enough to let her on on Selina’s illegal betting operations. Or maybe she already knows?