General Hospital News and Spoilers: John J. York Tells Good Morning America He Was Given 3-5 Years To Live- Then, John Receives Fantastic News!

John York finds bone marrow match
John J York reveals bone marrow match on GMA

Undoubtedly, ABC’s General Hospital has seen better years. Loss and grief have infiltrated their way into the close knit cast family. Sadly, the GH cast family has suffered much grief and loss. Last week, General Hospital icon, John J. York took to social media to make an important announcement. There, John bravely explained that he was diagnosed with two different forms of cancer, and provided an update on his health status.

Devoted yet devastated fans displayed the utmost love and support for the actor upon revealing his diagnosis. According to General Hospital news reports, General Hospital Blog shared York’s video message along with the link to register for bone marrow donation.

According to General Hospital news and spoilers, John updates America regarding his diagnosis and prognosis. This morning, John J. York appeared on Good Morning America to discuss his recent health issues. That’s when the legendary soap vet disclosed that doctors gave John 3-5 years to live. Things were looking dark for a while, until York received the latest news.

John J York Reveals Bone Marrow Match On GMA

Despite the grim outlook from docs, GH news and spoilers confirm that things are looking up for John York. GH spoilers reveal that a bone marrow donor match has been found! Truly, it’s nothing short of a miracle that an “almost perfect match” was found! We continue to pray for John, his doctors, and his family for continued success in healing. ❤️