General Hospital News: Billy Miller’s Cause Of Death Revealed

Billy Miller’s cause of death
Billy Miller’s cause of death

Early this morning General Hospital Blog reluctantly shared the devastating news of Billy Miller’s passing. Updated information reveals that the three-time Daytime Emmy winner was just one day shy of his 44th birthday.

A very recent update gives a closer look into Billy Miller’s cause of death. According to General Hospital news reports and GeniusCelebs.com, Miller’s publicist revealed that the actor died of complications from progressive supranuclear palsy (PSP). Reportedly, Billy Miller died of a stroke on September 16th.

PSP is a neurological disorder which causes negative effects on your ability to balance, adversely affects vision, speech, and movement. He was undergoing treatment since his diagnosis with PSP in 2021.

The entire industry mourns this incredibly talented Miller. He could be playing on ABC’s General Hospital as Jake Doe, Jason Morgan, or Drew Cain, on Y&R as Billy Abbott, or Marcus Spector on Suits… whatever the role, Billy Miller brought the talent to the table and made quite an impact on his fans. Even die hard Steve Burton fans fell in love with Miller’s portrayal of the iconic role.

It has come as a complete and utter shock that the beloved, fan favorite, Billy Miller has left us. May he Rest In Peace.

General Hospital Spoilers: This Is What Happens When Blair Lands In Port Charles

Blair lands in Port Charles
Blair lands in Port Charles

Port Charles is about to get interesting as Blair brings over some Llanview flare. If you enjoyed Kassie DePaiva’s first day in Port Charles, then you’re in for a treat.

Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at Kassie DePaiva’s OLTL reunion with Roger Howarth (Todd Manning OLTL, Franco Baldwin/Austin Holt GH). Lucy (Lynn Herring) and Tracy (Jane Elliot) and Martin (Michael E. Knight) joined in on the fun too! Anything is possible with Blair in Port Charles. Not to mention, that handsome lawyer from Pine Valley is likely to pop back in. DePaiva and Howarth go way back as one of One Life to Live’s most popular super couple of all time. Todd and Blair were GH’s Sonny and Carly.

Blair Lands In Port Charles

General Hospital spoilers tease that it’s going to be a wild ride as Blair’s plans for Marty unravel. In the near future, Lucy learns the truth about Marty and the Deceptor. This makes Lucy questions whether or not she would even still want to marry Marty. After being lied to, and knowing that he’s capable of stealing ideas and mooching off of his ex-wife, how can she not question it?

Will Blair’s plan fail once Lucy finds out that Martin stole Blair’s idea and lied about it?

General Hospital Spoilers: Lucy Corners Martin, What Makes Blair Think Lucy Still Wants To Marry Martin?

Lucy corners Martin
Lucy corners Martin

Tracy Quartermaine (Jane Elliot) cooked up an impressive plan with Martin Grey’s ex-wife. Blair Cramer (Kassie DePaiva) and Tracy make a dynamic team when it comes to cunning business practices. Therefore, Lucy Coe (Lynn Herring) is about to face the fight of her career.

Over at the Metro Court, Tracy and Blair go about their business as Lucy and Martin spectate. Unbeknownst to Lucy, Martin’s squeamish behavior has little to do with Tracy and everything to do with the blonde bobbed lady.

Lucy Corners Martin and He There’s No Way Out

Meanwhile, Blair the blond bobbed person discusses her’s and Tracy’s calculated plan. She’s had enough of Martin’s mooching and wants to put an end to it. So, Blair plans to push Martin down the aisle with Lucy so that his alimony stops. Despite the fact that Blair’s plan checks a lot of boxes, it’s still not a guarantee. What makes her think that Lucy still wants to marry Marty after what he’s done? And the gaslighting, don’t even get me started how Martin gaslighting Lucy. Sadly, he denies any involvement in the Deceptor as Lucy simply wants to give credit where credit is due.

It’s only a matter of time before the truth hits the headlines. It was all a setup, and Martin’s ex-wife #3 just came for what’s hers. Well, and then some.

General Hospital Spoilers: Esme Reverts To Her Old Ways, Avery Kristen Pohl Reveals Esme’s Feelings For Spencer

Esme Prince reverts to old ways

When it comes to love in the afternoon, often times a juicy love triangle is what sucks fans in. While it’s true that many GH fans want to see at least one couple who is happy and settled, that’s not always possible given the nature of soap operas. If you’re looking for stability odds are it won’t be in a soap opera couple’s relationship.

Esme Prince (Avery Kristen Pohl) arrived in Port Charles with Spencer Cassadine (Nicholas Alexander Chavez) and an agenda. Their exclusive relationship seemed solid for a while as he’d defend her to his friends. But soon everyone came to find out just who Esme is. And now that she’s yet an even different person(ality) she wants people to get to know her all over again.

According to a recent interview with Soap Opera Digest, Avery Kristen Pohl reveals Esme’s feelings for Spencer. Ever since suffering amnesia, the young mother has turned a new leaf.

“I think that Esme is trying to have a little bit of a new lease on life,” is what Pohl explained regarding Esme’s new perspective. “She’s much happier and I think she’s trying to accept her scenario for what it is and she’s starting to sort of find some semblance of a routine- and Spencer has become a huge part of that.” The actress continued, “I think a lot of [her view of Spencer] is tied to wanting Ace to be happy and giving him a semblance of stability,” she went on to explain. “But I think Esme also wants some semblance of stability and she can see that within Spencer, but in a very different light than the sort of ‘old’ Esme did.”

Spencer and Esme

Esme Reverts To Old Ways

At first, much skepticism about Esme’s amnesia challenged her authenticity. Was she really a new and improved Esme Prince, or was this known con artist doing what she does best? To answer that question, it looks as though Esme indeed suffered from amnesia as a result of her tragic experience of Wyndemere’s parapet. She truly has a new outlook, but that doesn’t mean the old Esme isn’t down deep inside.

According to GH spoilers, Trina Robinson (Tabyana Ali) shouldn’t get too comfy with Spencer. In fact, Pohl reveals that, “Esme isn’t fully aware of how her actions are going to impact others,” Avery continued, “which may be similar to old Esme in a certain capacity, but I don’t think realizes her little mini crush on Spencer yet.”

So what happens

General Hospital News and Spoilers: Maurice Benard Reveals Upcoming Guest, This Blast From The Past Sends Fans Back To The Golden Era

Maurice Benard reveals upcoming guest
Maurice Benard reveals upcoming guest

Maybe it’s just me but I find that nostalgia has a way of bringing communities together. Like, when you and a life long friend begin to reminisce about the days of old, and reflect on the good times. In doing so we tend to remember certain people and events that bring a sense of comfort to mind.

For me, the same goes for television and music. Almost all of today’s top 40 pop songs contain music samples from the past. So when you hear this fresh sound with a familiar twist, you kinda feel right at home. Well, that’s how it is for me when my faves from the past return.

I started watching General Hospital in the 1990s like many of you. And I can honestly say that this era seems to have left the most permanent mark on GH fans. That said, do you remember the popular character, Karen Wexler, played by Cari Sheen? She was right there in the middle of heated storylines involving strip clubs, drugs, and Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard).

General Hospital 1992 The Island

It was the age of “The Island,” when Karen, Jason Quartermaine (Steve Burton), and Jagger Cates (Antonio Sabato Jr.) got stranded on an island. Moreover, it was the first jig storyline my pre-teen self really got into. And for that I will always remember and be grateful I beg and watching GH when I did.

Maurice Benard Reveals Upcoming Guest

Karen Wexler Sonny Corinthos

At a recent fan event in Royal Oak Michigan, Maurice Benard discussed GH, mental illness, and everything in between. A hot topic was definitely his YouTube channel, State of Mind. He uses the platform to interview past and present co-stars, and anyone who wants to share their story.

General Hospital Spoilers: Drew’s Held Hostage In Pentonville, He’s Used As A Pawn

Drew’s held hostage in Pentonville
Drew’s held hostage in Pentonville

The city of Port Charles in it’s entirety was in total shock when Drew Cain received his sentence. No one expected such a harsh sentence, yet the judge really threw the book at him. Now, he sits in Pentonville amongst experiences criminals organized crime.

Ever since his sentencing, GH rumors ran wild with speculation. Fans have been trying to figure out the meaning behind such a hard punishment for such an insignificant crime. So, GH Blog shared that Drew’s sentence is most likely the result of an inside job. Someone wants him in Pentonville, and they’ve got him right where they want him.

Meanwhile, the sh!t hits the fan back in Port Charles as Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) strategies to save his own butt. It could have been anyone’s guess that Sonny would run to Carly Spencer [Corinthos] (Laura Wright) in his darkest hours. Actually, he knows well enough to run to his ex-wife before the hours become a stark night. Because he knows he can count on her strength and abilities to to what needs to be done. Not just for their family, but for him as well.

Cyrus Renault Pentonville

According to GH spoilers, Sonny and Carly are on their way back to one another. However, that’s neither here nor there at the moment. Instead, the focus is on Drew Cain (Cameron Mathison). But when Carly showed up at Pentonville with Sonny, they all got to thinking. Sonny is certain that his enemies reside within Pentonville walls. So having Drew there has to benefit someone. But who? Although Cyrus admits to helping take down star formidable mobster, it sounds like he might be a spectator in the Pikeman deal. This comes as a shock to many fans since Cyrus has been the number one pick for Pikeman. If not him, then who? And why is Drew held hostage in Pentonville?

General Hospital Spoilers: Ned Who? Olivia Falls For Eddie Maine, Will Ned Ever Return?

Olivia falls for Eddie
Olivia falls for Eddie

Apparently, Eddie Maine (Wally Kurth) is quite the charmer! Back in the 1990s he charmed all the ladies, or, groupies as he likes to call his fans. But Eddie Maine hung up his act and Ned Quartermaine (Ashton) went full business mode. ELQ was his passion now. So why did he suddenly turn into Eddie?!

Olivia Quartermaine was beside herself when her husband Ned (Wally Kurth) woke up a new man. Well, new to her because she didn’t know Eddie Maine back in the 1990s. Her husband and his rockstar alter ego couldn’t be more different from the other. Because of this, Olivia felt like she lost her husband for good. But now that Eddie has let his guard down a bit, General Hospital spoilers tease that Olivia falls for Eddie.

General Hospital spoilers and rumors tease that Eddie is here to stay. Now that Olivia is warming up to Eddie, he may have no reason to return as Ned. Tracy seems to be the only one who is dead against Eddie’s existence. Besides, who wants the pressures of ELQ and your mother breathing and barking orders down your back? Certainly not Ned. And ever more certainly, not Eddie Maine.

General Hospital News and Spoilers: The Mystery Is Over! Kassie DePaiva’s Role

Blair Cramer is Martin’s ex-wife
Blair Cramer is Martin’s ex-wife

Spoiler Alert! It looks like you won’t have to wait for Kassie DePaiva’s GH return to find out what she’s doing in Port Charles. Instead, you are privy to the know DePaiva’s GH role prior to her arrival. So if you just can’t wait to find out what business OLTL’s Blair Cramer has in Port Charles, then keep on reading!

Previously, General Hospital Blog reported that DePaiva was set to bring Blair to PC. While fans were left unaware of the details, many put the pieces together. Blair’s purpose in PC remains the hot topic as DePaiva’s return debut approaches.

Lucy Coe and Martin Grey GH Spoilers

Let’s just say that Martin should start preparing himself as his ex-wife reveals herself as such. As GH news reports confirm, OLTL’s Blair Cramer is Martin’s ex-wife! Now, poor Lucy deals with her personal life on top of the Deception drama.