General Hospital Spoilers: Fusion and Deception- The Merger You Never Saw Coming, Erica Kane Saves Deception?

Erica Kane buys Deception from Lucy in a merger with Fusion Susan Lucci AMC General Hospital

Erica Kane buys Deception?!

…Thanks to Tracy, Lucy and Maxie found themselves racking their brains over who is behind this bogus lawsuit. Lucy Coe (Lynn Herring) is beside herself with Deception’s current state of affairs. Shockingly, Tracy Quartermaine (Jane Elliot) revealed herself as the Plaintiff in the case against Lucy Coe and her company, Deception.

Reveal the Snake

Tracy Quartermaine sues Deception

Over at the courthouse, Lucy, Maxie, and even Brook Lynn (Amanda Setton) stand by in disbelief while Tracy remains irritatingly confident. Poor Brook Lynn feels the weight of the guilt on her shoulders after Tracy blackmailed her into stealing evidence. As a result, everything Lucy has worked for could be gone. Not to mention, Maxie may not be CEO, but she has executive status. Therefore, the fate of this company will greatly impact its employees if it indeed goes bankrupt.

Erica Kane Saves Deception With Fusion-Deception Merger

The judge ruled that it’ll be 6 months before they even go to trial. In that time, Lucy fears she’ll lose her previous company. Desperate times call for desperate measures, and Deception’s fate is out of Lucy’s hands. According to GH rumors, Pine Valley entrepreneur and founder of Enchantment follows Jackson (Walt Willey) to Port Charles. Both having Boss Babe experience in the Erica and Lucy have a lot in common, as well as a lot to offer each other in the business world.

Erica’s past experiences with Enchantment spark an idea to save Deception. Back in the day, Erica’s company merged with her daughter Kendall’s start up, Fusion. In Lucy’s darkest hours, will she agree to a buyout? GH rumors hint that Erica Kane buys Deception in a merger with Fusion.

General Hospital Spoilers: Michael’s In The Hot Seat

Michael’s in the hot seat who turned Sonny into the Feds

Michael’s in the hot seat as Carly questions him about Sonny

Exactly where did Michael’s vendetta against Sonny get him?! I’ll tell you where… Michael’s in the hot seat! Truthfully, I haven’t really given much thought to how this entire mob war fiasco was conceived. Then I recalled Sonny’s precious son and namesake, Michael Corinthos (Chad Duell). That’s when I realize that if there is anyone to blame for all of this, we can all point the finger at “The Good Son,” Michael.

Sonny and Michael argue did Michael turn Sonny into The Feds

As GH recaps recall, Michael’s vendetta against his own father came to be after Sonny returned from Nixon Falls. Unexpectedly, a joyous and miraculous reunion turned into something else. The vibe went from feeling like everything was right in the world again, to another living nightmare.

Michael’s vendetta against his father begins here!

Shortly after the Corinthos family reunion, Sonny struggled with conflicted feelings. When Nina found Sonny, she kept him from his entire family and ultimately from the truth. Her’s and “Mike’s” situation-ship was built on lies. At that point it was all over and between Sonny and Carly. Sadly, Nina Reeves (Cynthia Watros) has gotten her hooks into Carly Corinthos’s husband. Then, they never saw it coming, but she took him faster than you can say sabotage.

It’s safe to say the the end of his parent’s marriage triggered Michael’s vendetta against Sonny. However, Michael and Carly have an understanding when it comes to Sonny. Although Michael’s in the hot seat when Carly questions him about Sonny.

General Hospital Spoilers: Whose Side Is He On Anyway? Cyrus Reacts To Sonny’s Arrest

Cyrus reacts to Sonny’s arrest Cyrus Drew Sonny Pentonville

Cyrus Renault (Jeff Kober) needs to pick a lane! Is he or isn’t he a new man? Renault is ever so grateful to Drew Cain (Cameron Mathison) after he saved his life. Because if it wasn’t for Drew’s quick thinking and advocacy, Cyrus might have died. So, if he’s so grateful to Drew, why is Cyrus about to get under his skin? Things become clear when Cyrus reacts to Sonny’s arrest.

Ever since Drew arrived in Pentonville, Cyrus has tried to get him to join his fellowship group. He preaches the good word and swears he’s now a righteous man. However, something’s obviously off about his belief system, and it shows. At any given moment Cyrus can go from a bully-blasting defender or a grateful victim, to an instigator, the perpetrator, and well, the problem. Despite his proclamation, Cyrus still shows signs of his unhinged, deceitful and deadly behavior as before.

How long can Cyrus keep up this act? That is of course if it is an act. According to recent General Hospital spoilers, Cyrus reacts to Sonny’s arrest. He gets under Drew’s skin, the very same Drew that Cyrus said he owed his life to. As the drama intensifies in Port Charles, secret plots unravel, exposing everything and all connections. Apparently, Sonny’s arrest kickstarts the process as it’s now down to the wire.

Moreover, GH rumors claim that we get closer to learning the truth about Cyrus, Sonny, Pikeman, and more. GH spoilers for 9/5/23 indicate that Drew sees through Cyrus’s contrarian motives as he discredits Sonny’s protective services. But who knows, maybe Cyrus has it all wrong?