General Hospital Spoilers: Fusion and Deception- The Merger You Never Saw Coming, Erica Kane Saves Deception?

Erica Kane buys Deception from Lucy in a merger with Fusion Susan Lucci AMC General Hospital

Erica Kane buys Deception?!

…Thanks to Tracy, Lucy and Maxie found themselves racking their brains over who is behind this bogus lawsuit. Lucy Coe (Lynn Herring) is beside herself with Deception’s current state of affairs. Shockingly, Tracy Quartermaine (Jane Elliot) revealed herself as the Plaintiff in the case against Lucy Coe and her company, Deception.

Reveal the Snake

Tracy Quartermaine sues Deception

Over at the courthouse, Lucy, Maxie, and even Brook Lynn (Amanda Setton) stand by in disbelief while Tracy remains irritatingly confident. Poor Brook Lynn feels the weight of the guilt on her shoulders after Tracy blackmailed her into stealing evidence. As a result, everything Lucy has worked for could be gone. Not to mention, Maxie may not be CEO, but she has executive status. Therefore, the fate of this company will greatly impact its employees if it indeed goes bankrupt.

Erica Kane Saves Deception With Fusion-Deception Merger

The judge ruled that it’ll be 6 months before they even go to trial. In that time, Lucy fears she’ll lose her previous company. Desperate times call for desperate measures, and Deception’s fate is out of Lucy’s hands. According to GH rumors, Pine Valley entrepreneur and founder of Enchantment follows Jackson (Walt Willey) to Port Charles. Both having Boss Babe experience in the Erica and Lucy have a lot in common, as well as a lot to offer each other in the business world.

Erica’s past experiences with Enchantment spark an idea to save Deception. Back in the day, Erica’s company merged with her daughter Kendall’s start up, Fusion. In Lucy’s darkest hours, will she agree to a buyout? GH rumors hint that Erica Kane buys Deception in a merger with Fusion.