General Hospital Spoilers: Martin’s In Hot Water, Turns Lucy Against Him

Martin turns Lucy against him
Martin turns Lucy against him

Martin Grey (Michael E. Knight) can’t keep up with his own shenanigans. He lied to Lucy Coe (Lynn Herring) about the Deceptor, and now he’s gaslighting her to no end. The more she tries to give him credit for the idea, the more that Martin quickly shuts it down.

General Hospital Recaps: Moreover, Martin knew darn well that what he was doing when he leaked Blair’s business idea. Of course, his ex-wife was right. She played him like a violin and set him up to take himself and Lucy down. Blair no longer wants to pay her ex $50K per month in alimony. I mean, who would? Besides, he’s a lawyer for crying out loud. Yes, anyone would accept $50K a month from an ex-spouse. But does he really need it?

Blair’s plan to get Lucy so broke that she has to marry Martin to stay afloat. But, if those two say “I do,” then Martin won’t be living off of his Blair any longer. Additional, when Lucy finds out that Martin has been lying, gaslighting, and essentially manipulating the situation, will she want to become his bride?

General Hospital spoilers reveal that Martin’s in hot water. Apparently, his actions don’t just get under Blair’s skin, but Martin turns Lucy against him as well. Also, let’s not forget Tracy. All she wants his Lucy’s 1% of ELQ. She definitely doesn’t care about Martin. Will Martin manage to turn three women against him over this Deceptor ordeal?!

General Hospital Spoilers: Lucy Corners Martin, What Makes Blair Think Lucy Still Wants To Marry Martin?

Lucy corners Martin
Lucy corners Martin

Tracy Quartermaine (Jane Elliot) cooked up an impressive plan with Martin Grey’s ex-wife. Blair Cramer (Kassie DePaiva) and Tracy make a dynamic team when it comes to cunning business practices. Therefore, Lucy Coe (Lynn Herring) is about to face the fight of her career.

Over at the Metro Court, Tracy and Blair go about their business as Lucy and Martin spectate. Unbeknownst to Lucy, Martin’s squeamish behavior has little to do with Tracy and everything to do with the blonde bobbed lady.

Lucy Corners Martin and He There’s No Way Out

Meanwhile, Blair the blond bobbed person discusses her’s and Tracy’s calculated plan. She’s had enough of Martin’s mooching and wants to put an end to it. So, Blair plans to push Martin down the aisle with Lucy so that his alimony stops. Despite the fact that Blair’s plan checks a lot of boxes, it’s still not a guarantee. What makes her think that Lucy still wants to marry Marty after what he’s done? And the gaslighting, don’t even get me started how Martin gaslighting Lucy. Sadly, he denies any involvement in the Deceptor as Lucy simply wants to give credit where credit is due.

It’s only a matter of time before the truth hits the headlines. It was all a setup, and Martin’s ex-wife #3 just came for what’s hers. Well, and then some.

General Hospital Spoilers: Martin Looks A Little Nervous, Doesn’t He? Blair Calls The Shots, We Were Right, Blair’s Definitely Involved With The Deceptor!

Blair comes for Marin and Tracy
Blair comes for Martin and Tracy

Oh what a shame, Martin looks so nervous. In my opinion it serves him right for how he treats Lucy. Martin Grey (Michael E. Knight) and Lucy Coe (Lynn Herring) may appear to have had a solid, healthy, relationship, but his secrets say otherwise.

Port Charles has become a melting pot for fictional cities from ABC soaps. Like Jackson Montgomery (Walt Willey) from Pine Valley, Blair Cramer from Llanview is from one of ABC’s since cancelled, sister soaps. Personally, I love that ABC keeps these characters alive. They’ve been a part of our culture for so long, and shouldn’t be forgotten. I believe that General Hospital, (and Port Charles) is the perfect place to bring these names back to life. Meaning, the character and the actors who are most famous for portraying them.

Blair Comes For Martin and Tracy- The Deceptor Belongs to Blair

Previously, GH Blog shared the news with fans that Blair Cramer is Martin’s ex-wife. You know, the one who pays him $50K a month? Yeah, that one. We also predicted that Blair would have something to do with the Deceptor. And boy were we right! According to the latest General Hospital spoilers, DePaiva will share scenes with Jane Elliot as Blair Cramer and Tracy Quartermaine.

Martin stole the Deceptor from Blair

Martin stole the Deceptor?

Ok, so we know that Blair will share scenes with Tracy. That said, is Blair there to confront Tracy about the Deceptor? Or, are they working together against Lucy Coe? Still, it’s possible that Martin stole the Deceptor idea from Blair, and now she’s in Port Charles to settle the score.