General Hospital Spoilers: Laura Wright Answers Fan’s Burning Question; Is Carly Leaving General Hospital?

Laura Wright Carly leaving General Hospital

Is Carly leaving General Hospital? Laura Wright has been General Hospital’s leading lady and overall daytime Queen for decades. Carly Corinthos, now known as Carly Spencer, has become irreplaceable to many.

Laura’s acting career debut began in 1991 as Ally Bowman on Loving. She continued her career in daytime as Cassie Layne on the CBS soap opera Guiding Light. Before long, Wright would go on to claim the role as ABC’s iconic Carly Corinthos. Laura became the fourth actress to star in the role aside the acclaimed Maurice Benard. Their characters Sonny and Carly Corinthos became one of the most iconic tv couples and hold that status still today.

Although Sonny and Carly are currently on the outs, fans remain hopeful they will someday reunite. General Hospital rumors claimed Laura Wright was set to exit, raising fan’s burning question… Is Carly leaving General Hospital? According to recent General Hospital spoilers and news, Laura has addressed the rumors in a tweet. The Emmy winner seemed confused when asked if the rumors of her exit were true. GH comings and goings spoilers reveal Laura set the record straight as she replied publicly via Twitter. Fans can drop the exit rumors bow that Laura has confirmed she isn’t leaving and she isn’t sure why people keep spreading rumors- with an added, ”ha,” at the end.

We are extremely relieved Laura has set the record straight and confirmed she (and Carly) will be sticking around Port Charles!

General Hospital News And Spoilers: Laura Wright Isn’t Good At Goodbyes, GH’s Carly Says Goodbye

“I KNOW it’s going to be heartbreaking!!!” -Laura Wright

The recent loss of Brando Corbin, played by Johnny Wactor, has devastated not only his on screen wife Sasha Gilmore (Sofia Mattsson) and mother Gladys Corbin (Bonnie Burroughs), but the General Hospital fans base is having a difficult time accepting his exit.

General Hospital news reports reveal times like these, when the writing of our favorite shows do the unthinkable to our favorite characters, many tend to vow to never watch again, saying goodbye to the shows and characters that keep us coming back for more.

General Hospital spoilers reveal that even actors and actresses themselves share in those same types of feelings. GH spoilers explain that even General Hospital’s leading lady, Laura Wright, famously know as Carly Corinthos among other iconic roles, has a hard time saying goodbye.

In a recent tweet, Wright shared a post from Variety, regarding the show Chicago PD. It turns out that one of her favorite actors/characters on the show is making an exit. She admits that she gets it- “It’s all fake.” Wright proceeded to confess that she didn’t want to watch- stating, “I KNOW it’s going to be heartbreaking!!!! My favorite character on the show !!”

Laura Wright relates to her General Hospital fans on a new level, completely understanding the upset over the departure of a beloved tv show role.

Thankfully Laura is only saying goodbye to one of her favorite characters from another drama. To clear any recent General Hospital rumors, GH news reports indicate that Laura Wright isn’t going anywhere as the extremely popular role as Carly Corinthos on ABC’s General Hospital.

General Hospital Spoilers: Laura Wright Addresses Concerns, Reveals Status With GH

Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright) has taken a path many didn’t anticipate. Although nothing lasts forever, especially in the world of soap operas, GH fans held onto hope that Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) and Carly’s love would be the one constant to depend on.

General Hospital spoilers reveal Carly has had enough and she is walking away from her epic romance with the Port Charles mob boss.

General Hospital rumors began making claims of Wright’s upcoming exit from the daytime drama. Fans questions Carly’s direction and figured the actress was on her way out.

In recent tweets, Laura Wright addressed the exit rumors and set the record straight. General Hospital news reports confirm Laura Wright isn’t going anywhere, and she and Carly are in for the long haul. When asked on Twitter I’d the exit rumors weee true, Laura replied, “Nope,” giving all the clarification we needed, straight from the source.

The actress also touched on GH rumors which claimed she and co-star Roger Howarth didn’t get along. When a fan made the claim on Twitter, Wright falsified the claim. She warned people to stop spreading lies. ,”This is a horrible lie. I loved working with Roger! Carly and Todd were a favorite of mine! Stop spreading lies,” Wright warned.

General Hospital news reports confirm Laura Wright is not exiting GH.

General Hospital Spoilers: GH Star’s SHOCKING Exit! Which Leading Role Is Rumored To Head Out?

Although many of the characters we see on General Hospital over the years have become very familiar faces, every so often a leading role will exit the soap unexpectedly.

Recent General Hospital spoilers have recently revealed a major shake up is headed to Port Charles. The tension and turmoil Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) and his wife Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright) have been experiencing has caused big changes among the people of Port Charles.

General Hospital rumors circle around the possibility that Carly and Sonny’s breakup is paving the path for a shocking exit.

General Hospital comings and going rumors hint that Laura Wright may be making her way out of General Hospital as Carly and Sonny go their separate ways.

General Hospital previews suggest things get worse for Sonny and Carly as they continue to refrain. From seeing eye to eye. GH rumors also hint that two other major characters could be headed out. Some GH fans believe that Nina Reeves (Cynthia Watros) has no place in Port Charles after what she has done to the city’s most influential family. The Corinthos family dynamic has been shifted now that Nina has meddled into Carly and Sonny’s marriage.

Peter August (Wes Ramsey) seems to be about to hit a wall. But every time we think there’s no way out of the corner he’s backed into, Peter manages to bust through and get a leg up on his victims. GH rumors suggest an exit for Ramsey is possible due to the current storyline as Peter is about to go down.

General Hospital news and spoilers hint these characters have been rumored to make a shocking exit. Who, if anyone will it be?