General Hospital News And Spoilers: Laura Wright Isn’t Good At Goodbyes, GH’s Carly Says Goodbye

“I KNOW it’s going to be heartbreaking!!!” -Laura Wright

The recent loss of Brando Corbin, played by Johnny Wactor, has devastated not only his on screen wife Sasha Gilmore (Sofia Mattsson) and mother Gladys Corbin (Bonnie Burroughs), but the General Hospital fans base is having a difficult time accepting his exit.

General Hospital news reports reveal times like these, when the writing of our favorite shows do the unthinkable to our favorite characters, many tend to vow to never watch again, saying goodbye to the shows and characters that keep us coming back for more.

General Hospital spoilers reveal that even actors and actresses themselves share in those same types of feelings. GH spoilers explain that even General Hospital’s leading lady, Laura Wright, famously know as Carly Corinthos among other iconic roles, has a hard time saying goodbye.

In a recent tweet, Wright shared a post from Variety, regarding the show Chicago PD. It turns out that one of her favorite actors/characters on the show is making an exit. She admits that she gets it- “It’s all fake.” Wright proceeded to confess that she didn’t want to watch- stating, “I KNOW it’s going to be heartbreaking!!!! My favorite character on the show !!”

Laura Wright relates to her General Hospital fans on a new level, completely understanding the upset over the departure of a beloved tv show role.

Thankfully Laura is only saying goodbye to one of her favorite characters from another drama. To clear any recent General Hospital rumors, GH news reports indicate that Laura Wright isn’t going anywhere as the extremely popular role as Carly Corinthos on ABC’s General Hospital.

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