General Hospital Spoilers: Sam Comes To A Realization, Jason And Sam Spend Christmas As A Family

Sam Morgan (Kelly Monaco) has recently called it quits with her one true love, Jason Morgan (Steve Burton).

Jason’s lifestyle has finally taken its toll on Sam now that her main priority is being a mother to Danny (Porter Fasullo) and Scout Cain (Ella Ramacieri).

General Hospital spoilers reveal Sam has come to a realization that it doesn’t matter whether or not she and Jason are actually together as a couple or not, the feeling she gets surrounding his line of work will never go away, just as the danger won’t stop just because they’re separated.

General Hospital rumors claim Sam will take her realization a step further and ask Jason to come home after spending Christmas together. But things could change after Sam hears the news about Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard). Sam is torn between not wasting time by spending her life with the man she loves, or trying to protect her heart from hurt by pushing Jason further away.

Have Jason and Sam Finally Made Their Way Back with this Iconic Carry Scene?

JaSam carryThere is something to say about the history of Jason Morgan and Sam McCall. Many fans will argue that their love is like no other, their chemistry on fire, it’s an undeniable, magnetic love that will survive even the hardest of times and darkest of hours.

We can see it in the writing, all the hints to their past, the star necklace, the penthouse, and now this. The memorable scenes where Jason picks Sam up and carries her. Since finding out he is actually Jason Morgan, Jake (Jason) as accepted who he is, learned that the woman he thought he loved (Elizabeth) manipulated him and kept him away from his true wife and other son, Danny, to have him all to herself and her boys. Now that Jason as come to terms with himself, he is starting to grow closer to Sam. This week’s scenes in the Penthouse makes it feel like the long awaited JaSam reunion is now too far away.

What do you think? With all the recent events leading up to the carry scene, have Jason and Sam finally made a connection? Let us know by leaving your comments below! Share with your fellow GH friends on Facebook, Twitter, and more with the convenient share buttons at the bottom of the post!



Does Sam Have Nikolas Right Where She Wants Him?

JakeSam2It will definitely be one for the books when Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) and Nikolas (Tyler Christopher) are exposed for keeping Jake’s (Billy Miller) true identity to themselves. Sam and Jake are closing in on Nikolas and his web of lies. As General Hospital inches closer and closer to November Sweeps, the rest of Port Charles will be zeroing in on the explosive truth in regard to Nik and Liz’s lies.

Sam is about to get find out that Jake is actually her husband, Jason Morgan. It looks as though Sam has Nikolas right where she wants him, exposing him for crimes he has committed and swept under the rug. With Nik’s plans unraveling rapidly, will Sam stumble upon his biggest deceitful secret yet? It’s only a matter of time before Nikolas and Elizabeth are outed for keeping Jason away from his real wife and rest of his family.

Jake and Sam work together to expose Nikolas… will they discover the shocking truth?




General Hospital Spoilers: Sam Learns a Secret

With all that is going around right now in Port Charles, it isn’t surprising that someone’s secret gets accidentally exposed. In recent General Hospital spoiler leaks, it has been revealed that Sam overhears a private conversation. As of right now, we are uncertain who this conversation involves and what could possibly be about, but there are many scenarios to consider.

Just to name a few, first, another General Hospital spoiler states that Molly is clued in on Ric’s plans. If Sam overhears a conversation that involves Ric scheming Jake, Sam just might get closer to figuring out that Jake is actually Jason.

Another possibility could be that she overhears Olivia, or someone talking about Olivia. More General Hospital spoilers claim that another person, other than Franco and Nina know about Olivia’s secret. It could very well be Sam who finds out because she fits perfectly into the story. After all, she is Julian Jerome’s daughter, and that child Olivia is carrying is also Julian’s child.

Finally, there is Nikolas, Sam’s cousin. He has a lot to hide right now in regard to his cousin Sam and her husband Jason, and his involvement with psycho granny, Helena. This too could bring Sam closer to discovering her husband has been right in front of her for months.

What do you think is the secret Sam learns in a private conversation she overhears? Let us know if one of these scenarios seems plausible, or if you have any other ideas in mind.

General Hospital Spoilers: GH Head Writer, Ron Carlivati Spills JaSam Reunion Timeline

Fantastic news for JaSam fans!

Fans have definitely been giving flack to the powers that be over at General Hospital. These days, fans have easy access to those who control what goes on with our favorite soap. Social media is used to express opinions, good or bad, give ideas, ask questions, and so on to those whom are influential to what happens over at General Hospital. Sometimes, it isn’t always pretty though. TPTB sometimes have to deal with a lot of negativity from so-called fans, many times leading to down right internet bullying.

General Hospital’s Head Writer, Ron Carlivati s well aware of the fan’s frustration when it comes to the timeline of Jason Morgan and Samantha’s happy reunion. The latest General Hospital rumors speculated that Nikolas would hold in what he knows as long as possible, and the probability of Patrick finding Alan Quartermaine’s wedding ring and actually saying something about it was slim to none. However, new General Hospital spoilers have been revealed that will lead us to believe the Jason and Sam Morgan reunion will be coming sooner rather than later.

Regarding the flat out truth of fan’s frustration, Ron Carlivati tells Soaps In Depth, “We’re very aware of it, and we have a plan as to when it will come out. It won’t be long (as in NOT as far away as November). Like with Nikolas finding out, there will be payoffs along the way, as we build to the really big moment when everybody finds out!” He then proceeds to say, “Todays’ audience is a little more impatient, and I fight against it, but sometime you have to give them what they want!”

It’s safe to say that despite the GH rumors that have been circulating, Jason and Sam will NOT have to wait until November to have their reunion. JaSam fans can rest easy knowing that Carlivati and the team at GH will be giving us what we all have been waiting for… and SOON!


JaSam Reunion in the Works

 Jason Morgan and Samantha McCall because one of the biggest daytime super couples of the early 2000s. Their love story was full of romance, drama, action, twists and turns, humor, happiness, loss, and everything that make a couple a “Super Couple.” Social media took this couple’s love story by storm and soon enough, every fanfiction all pointed to one thing… JaSam is endgame. JaSam became the ship name for Jason and Sam and is now used when referring to the epic pair.

Before and after they finally got married, Jason and Sam had been through the best of times along with the absolute worst. Jason was there for Sam when she lost her baby Lila, Sam was there for Jason when his health was taking a turn for the worse, and the couple was even terrorized by psycho artist, Franco, just to name a few.

Sam finally got pregnant but it was far from a dream pregnancy. Since being stalked and terrorized by Franco, Jason and Sam were led to believe that Sam’s baby was a product of rape and not Jason’s child. After Jason “died” Sam found out that baby Danny was indeed Jason’s. Since Sam believes Jason to be dead, she has no choice but the live with the fact that Jason never got to know that they boy they both love, Danny, was actually his son and not Franco’s.

We all know that Jason is far from dead. He is alive and well and under Helena’s spell. Although he is walking among the residents of Port Charles, no one knows, not even “Jake” himself, that he is Jason Morgan, husband to Sam, father to Danny. In recent episodes, Jake is having memories and flashbacks of his old life and the people in it. This week on General Hospital, Jason was ordered to kill Sam by Helena Cassadine. While in Sam’s penthouse, his memory allowed him to see Robin and have flashbakcs of putting an engagement ring on Sam.

It’s pretty obvious that Jake is getting closer to discovering his own true identity. As Jason’s flashbacks bring him closer to finding out the truth, Sam may not be too far behind. I mean really, how can she not know that the man she has had conversations with is actually her husband. Will Sam figure out Jake is really Jason before he does?

True JaSam fans cannot even contain their excitement as they sit back and wait for Jason and Sam to have their epic reunion. Fear not, the reveal is inevitable. General Hospital spoilers indicate that Jason will be remembering who is is very soon.