General Hospital Spoilers: GH Head Writer, Ron Carlivati Spills JaSam Reunion Timeline

Fantastic news for JaSam fans!

Fans have definitely been giving flack to the powers that be over at General Hospital. These days, fans have easy access to those who control what goes on with our favorite soap. Social media is used to express opinions, good or bad, give ideas, ask questions, and so on to those whom are influential to what happens over at General Hospital. Sometimes, it isn’t always pretty though. TPTB sometimes have to deal with a lot of negativity from so-called fans, many times leading to down right internet bullying.

General Hospital’s Head Writer, Ron Carlivati s well aware of the fan’s frustration when it comes to the timeline of Jason Morgan and Samantha’s happy reunion. The latest General Hospital rumors speculated that Nikolas would hold in what he knows as long as possible, and the probability of Patrick finding Alan Quartermaine’s wedding ring and actually saying something about it was slim to none. However, new General Hospital spoilers have been revealed that will lead us to believe the Jason and Sam Morgan reunion will be coming sooner rather than later.

Regarding the flat out truth of fan’s frustration, Ron Carlivati tells Soaps In Depth, “We’re very aware of it, and we have a plan as to when it will come out. It won’t be long (as in NOT as far away as November). Like with Nikolas finding out, there will be payoffs along the way, as we build to the really big moment when everybody finds out!” He then proceeds to say, “Todays’ audience is a little more impatient, and I fight against it, but sometime you have to give them what they want!”

It’s safe to say that despite the GH rumors that have been circulating, Jason and Sam will NOT have to wait until November to have their reunion. JaSam fans can rest easy knowing that Carlivati and the team at GH will be giving us what we all have been waiting for… and SOON!