General Hospital Spoilers: A No Doubt That Valentin Has A Dark Side, But Is Valentin Cassadine A Bad Guy?!

Valentin Cassadine a bad guy Valentin Anna Sonny Pikeman

We want to know once and for all… Is Valentin Cassadine a bad guy? When you think of Valentin Cassadine (James Patrick Stuart), it’s not uncommon for the mind to directly focus first on the fact that he’s a Cassadine. Next, GH history has conditioned us to immediately assume that a Cassadine must equal villain status. Or, at least possess some untrustworthy and other shady characteristics. Rarely do we think of a Cassadine as a genuinely, overall good person.

In Port Charles, many characters have come in to town with evil written all over themselves. Whether someone is an overt or cover baddie doesn’t matter because sooner than later everyone knows exactly who they are. (Even if they get amnesia and don’t even remember themselves! Lmao) Then, after their biggest evil doings, some tragedy strikes and the villain begins to receive sympathy. Next, empathetic souls see the good in whoever, and you can guess what’s next. Lastly, the redemption process begins. Some will believe with all their hearts that the person has changed, nay sayers will claim the person is faking… and we never really know until the storyline unfolds! is one of the most polarized people in Port Charles.

According to GH rumors, Valentin is a true Cassadine through and through. His latest secret has Anna Devane (Finola Hughes) on alert, as well as Vanna fans in meltdown mode. So, is Valentin Cassadine a bad guy? Or can Anna trust their love?

General Hospital Spoilers: Jerry Jacks Links Sonny and Anna, Valentin, The WSB, and PIKEMAN

Jerry Jacks is Pikeman WSB Anna Valentin Sonny Pikeman

Jerry Jacks is Pikeman!?! …What do Sonny (Maurice Benard), Anna (Finola Hughes), Valentin (James Patrick Stuart), and the WSB all have in common? Surprisingly, it’s not what, but who. Someone connects Sonny and Anna. Therefore, the question isn’t which one of them was the target.

Currently, the two biggest mysteries in Port Charles involve Sonny Corinthos and Anna Devane. In a shocking turn, an evening at the Metro Court turned into one family and an entire town’s nightmare. The PCPD, along with Sonny and Anna, believe that the bullet that left Curtis Ashford paralyzed was meant for either of them. Dante has been wracking his brain for the answered. Who was the bullet meant for, as well as, who did it?!

Moreover, according to the latest GH spoilers and rumors, the bullet may have been meant for both the former WSB agent and accused traitor, as well as PC’s mob boss. But who would want to take down both Sonny and Anna? Well, GH history recalls a certain villain. Jerry Jacks (Sebastian Roché) was Jasper “Jax” Jack’s iniquitous brother. He had connections to the WSB, Cassadines, hated Sonny, and is an illegal arms dealer! Now, one thing comes to mind when thinking about Jerry Jacks… Pikeman!

General Hospital News And Spoilers: Sebastian Roché Taunts Fans In IG Post; “Are You Scared Yet?”

The role of Jerry Jacks was originated in 1998 and played by actor Julian Stone. Jerry’s brother, Jasper Jax Jacks (Ingo Rademacher), has been involved of his fair share of scandals but for some reason remains to maintain a squeaky clean, holier than thou, image. While Jerry on the other hand is a dangerous villain.

Actor Sebastian Roché stepped into the role of Jerry Jacks in 2007, and played the ruthless evil brother of Jax until 2015. Jerry also went by the name of James Craig, James Brosnan, Mr. Moreau, John Jacks, and John Jacks Jr.

Jerry has always been feared by the people of Port Charles. He has done horrific things to a large number of people close to Jax, along with many other PC residents.

General Hospital news and spoilers reveal that Jerry’s portrayer, Sebastian Roché, has recently shocked General Hospital fans by his recent post on Instagram.

General Hospital spoilers reveal a photo taken and posted by Roché, alluding to a secret project in which he has in the works.

General Hospital fans immediately began to think of all the possible story lines that could possibly involve Jax’s brother, Jerry. General Hospital rumors started, making claims that Rochè is headed back to GH when his brother Jax calls for help in dealing with Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright) and the mob threats which out his daughter, Josslyn Jacks (Eden McCoy) as risk.


Sebastian Roché has a long career of playing characters to be feared, which means his IG post regarding a secret project doesn’t necessarily mean a return to the daytime drama. General Hospital comings and goings reports have not concluded any solid GH news regarding the return of Roché as Jerry. The possibilities are endless and Jerry will always be a fan favorite, filled with drama and suspense!

General Hospital Spoilers: Will Jax Eat His Word If Brother Jerry Is Pulling The Novak’s Strings?

Jasper Jax Jacks (Ingo Rademacher) has taken the self righteous high road when it comes to judging the mother of his daughter, Josslyn Jacks (Eden McCoy). He and Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright) have a special bond that will last forever because of Josslyn.

Jax and Carly has pretty much managed to remain civil to one another, and even loyal friends that try the best they can to have each other’s backs. But in Carly’s world, Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) and Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) always came ahead of Jax.

General Hospital spoilers reveal Jax continues to judge Carly for her involvement in the mob and her decision to marry Jason Morgan. He has hopers that now that Sonny was out of the picture, Carly would walk away from the danger all together. He worries about Josslyn and how much she is at risk for getting into the crossfire.

General Hospital rumors claim Jax could eat his self righteous attitude toward Carly for her mob entangled. Rumors suggest Jax’s own brother, Jerry Jack (Sebastian Roché), is pulling the strings in the Novak operation. All his harping on Carly could back fire if Jerry is more entangled in the mob now that Carly ever was.

Carly and Jason are marrying to hopefully ensure safety for their families while Jax believes Carly will endanger herself and Josslyn even more by marrying Jason.

Is Jax’s brother Jerry responsible for the latest big threat in Port Charles?

General Hospital News: Nancy Lee Grahn Is Looking For A Love Interest For Alexis, Tells Sebastian Roché To “Be My Boyfriend Again”

General Hospital has not been fair to one of it’s strongest characters, Alexis Davis (Nancy Lee Grahn), when it comes to her love life.

Alexis has been through the ringer when it comes to men. Her recent love life tragedy has fans mourning who Alexis thought to be as a “good guy.” Dr. Neil Byrne was just a nice man, which a professional career, who was genuinely into Alexis- yet many fans still cheer on the toxic into on that was Julian Jerome (William DeVry), and Alexis.

General Hospital news and spoilers reveal JuLexis fans are hyping up a possible romantic reconciliation between these old flames, but many other GH fans wonder if Julian can outrun his past. I mean, trying to kill your woman isn’t usually redeemable, but hey, it’s General Hospital.

Although Julian and Alexis are a fan favorite romantic duo, if you travel back in time, you’ll recall another one of Alexis’ many men that has potential to return.

General Hospital news reports Nancy Lee Grahn has reached out to former co-star, Sebastian Roché on social media.

Roché replied to one of Nancy’s teeets, telling her she hasn’t changed. She then responded with a genuine ‘thank you,’ and continued on to ask Roché to return and be her boyfriend again. Obviously Grahn was referring to her character, Alexis Davis, and Roché’s GH character, Jerry Jacks.

Alexis has always gone for the “bad boys,” and it doesn’t get much more “bad” than Jerry Jax! Jerry and Alexis have quite a backstory! Check out this video of Alexis and Jerry’s kiss back in 2007!

General Hospital Spoilers: Cyrus Is Hiding Someone And It’s Going To Change Everything; Is Jerry Jacks Back To Torment Port Charles?

Cyrus Renault (Jeff Kober) wants all of Port Charles to believe he is an upstanding citizen and has gone to great lengths to make sure DA Jordan Ashford (Briana Nicole Henry) makes it known that his reputation has been salvaged and his name cleared regarding any involvement in prior felonies. Jordan’s husband and P.I., Curtis Ashford (Donnell Turner), is sick and tired of watching Cyrus manipulate and threaten his wife. Curtis is taking his P.I. skills and using them to take matters with Cyrus into his own hands.

General Hospital rumors have been flying regarding a well known villain who may be making a comeback. Sebastian Roché steppes into the role of Jerry Jacks in 2007. The role was previously played by Julian Stone. Roché went on to play brother to Jasper “Jax” Jacks (Ingo Rademacher), on and off until 2015. It’s been five years since Port Charles has been rattled by Jerry.

There’s a new villain in Port Charles and General Hospital spoilers reveal Cyrus Renault is not working alone. Curtis uncovered there is someone being hidden by Renault on Wilson Street, and this person is a big enough deal to make Cyrus uneasy at Curtis’ knowledge of the situation.

General Hospital news and spoilers have previously revealed Renault has a partner overseas. Perhaps that overseas partner has made their way back to Port Charles and Renault can’t afford to have them exposed. What will Cyrus do if Curtis keeps pressing the issue?

Helena’s Mind Control: Does ‘Fluke’ Even Exist?

For almost a year, General Hospital fans have been battling with their brains, (and the writing team over at GH), trying to wrap their heads around this entire ‘Fluke’ story line. For many months there have been General Hospital rumors and speculations in regard to who is impersonating Luke Spencer. We the audience know that Helena has him locked up, has had him kept away from his family and loved ones, and he has been continuously drugged.

GH rumors have pointed the finger at many past and present characters and villains. Bill Eckert, Cesar Faison (which we know now was only a decoy), Jerry Jacks, Anthony Zacchara, Larry Ashton, to name a few. Still, there are too many holes in those theories for the vast majority of the fans to settle on one.

When Faison was in the interrogation room with Anna, he brought up Helena and how the two of them kidnapped Lucky and tried to condition his mind. Why did he bring that up? There is reason to believe that it was more than just to torment Anna with the possibility of her being under his spell and fall in love with him. Anna knows better. He tried that with her in the past, and it didn’t work. Faison went on to question whether or not Helena has perfected the art of mind control. This entire back story about Lucky gives good reason to believe that Helena is up to some old tricks.

What if ‘Fluke’ doesn’t actually exist? In the physical sense that is. Perhaps Helena has in fact perfected her art of mind control. We have seen the result of her conditioning so far in Jason Morgan. She tells him what to do and he goes out and does it. He later forgets that a certain series of events ever took place, and he forgets that Helena was ever involved. Now, that being said, what if Fluke is all in Luke’s head? Earlier in the year, when Fake Luke was acting “off” in Port Charles, that could have been because Helena’s mind control still needed a little work. Now that Fluke is back, and acting more like Luke than before, it’s possible that Helena just needed some more time to perfect her hold on Luke Spencer’s mind.

It’s entirely probable that Luke Spencer takes orders from Helena, and doesn’t remember what he has done once his tasks are through. Could Luke have an alter personality due to Helena’s mind control? At this point in the story, anything is possible, even playing around with the idea that Fake Luke isn’t another person at all. Is Fluke just Luke under Helena’s mind control?

Weigh in and let General Hospital Blog know what you think about this theory.


Tony Geary Returns to General Hospital!

It has been a long road for General Hospital’s Tony Geary and his legendary character, Luke Spencer. As previously reported, Tony Geary has been out on medical leave and recovering from back surgeries. He has been staying in Amsterdam during his recovery. Since the early months of Summer, fans have been worried about the actors health, wishing him well and sending their prayers.

This Fall, fans are geared up for the return of Luke Spencer and to finally find out who is behind all of this mess. What we all really want to know is who Fluke really is. We currently know that Jerry Jacks is definitely involved. Jerry and Helena are working together, and he even admitted to Tracy, Sam, and Patrick, that he has Luke prisoner. Jerry is holding Luke as leverage over Tracy so that he can take over ELQ… so he says. But what we still cannot figure out, is who is the man impersonating the real Luke Spencer?

Sources and General Hospital rumors have noted that Tony Geary started taping scenes again in October. General Hospital spoilers reveal that Tony Geary will make his first on screen appearance in early November, just in time for November Sweeps. Regarding Geary’s return to the set, Head Writer Ron Carlivati says, “Roughly in October, which puts him hopefully back on the canvas during November Sweeps.”

Who will rescue Luke from the Miscavige Institute? General Hospital rumors have been curcling around the possibility of Dr. Robin Scorpio Drake being involved in Luke’s rescue. Tell us how you think this story will play out! Who is the fake Luke and who will save the real Luke Spencer?

GH Executives indicate that fans will be SHOCKED when Fluke is revealed… we won’t see this coming…

General Hospital Spoilers: GH Going Dark for Remainder of October!

Social media and internet news have made it extremely easy for fans to get their hands on the hot scoops and General Hospital spoilers in recent years. GH Spoilers are constantly being leaked and they trickle down from major magazines, to news sites, fan pages, GH message boards, and so on.

We at General Hospital Blog always have new General Hospital spoilers for fans on our SPOILERS and PREVIEWS page. Scope out our spoilers NOW before General Hospital goes dark this month! Going dark means that no more spoilers will be leaked for the month of November. This is the executives way of preparing more drama and excitement for November Sweeps! So if you need to get your hands on what’s going to happen next, it is suggested that you head over to General Hospital Blog Spoilers and Previews for your last glimpse before November Sweeps!

Nancy Lee Grahn Reveals Name of New Show!

General Hospital’s Nancy Lee Grahn, and Port Charles’ Alexis Davis, has been teasing fans for months now with limited information regarding a project she is working on with many other General Hospital cast members and friends.

General Hospital Blog has previously reported the news of Nancy having a new show in the works. Check out that post by clicking here.

Two time Emmy winner, Nancy Lee Grahn has been working on an online series that is set to hit ABC.com, “coming soon,” according to Nancy.

Co-stars that will be accompanying Grahn on set of this project are some familiar General Hospital favorites. Look forward to seeing Kirsten Storms (Maxie Jones), Jason Thomspon (Dr. Patrick Drake), Lisa LoCicero (Olivia Falconeri), and more from GH!

The name of Nancy’s online show at abc.com is, ‘General Hospital Now.’ General Hospital Blog wishes nothing but the most success for Nancy Lee Grahn and the rest of her co-workers and crew. We look forward to the upcoming success of this project as it is a reflection of the popularity of the 51 year old soap, General Hospital. General Hospital’s popularity is strong and on the rise. It’s possible that this online series named, ‘General Hospital Now,’ may be able to create more attention to itself and the soap opera in a positive manner, due to it’s direct connection to GH. What do you think about Nancy’s new series, will you be watching? We will!

Check out some photos from the set of ‘General Hospital Now.’ Jason Thompson, Sebastian Roche, and Grey’s Anatomy’s Justin Chambers to name a few…