General Hospital Rumor: Is Michael Easton OUT at GH?

McbainThe latest casting buzz following the news of GH Head Writer, Ron Carlivati being let go, is that Michael Easton may be on his way out. Michael Easton joined the cast of General Hospital after One Life to Live was cancelled. Easton went on to continue playing the role of John McBain until ABC had some legal issues with using the names from the axed soap. The GH writers were forced to drop the OLTL names, and wrote Michael Easton as Dr. Silas Clay.

Rumor has it that Michael is on his way out, but nothing has yet been confirmed. Daytime Confidential has also reported of this rumor, apparently, this type of news travels quickly.

It seems as though there has been much potential for Silas. First with Sam (Kelly Monaco), then with Nina (Michelle Stafford), and also with Ava Jerome (Maura West). There is so much that could be done with his character, since he has Kiki (Hayley Erin) as his daughter, Nina as his crazy ex-wife, Ava his ex-mistress and their love/hate relationship. A while back there was a GH rumor going around that Nina didn’t actually lose her baby with Silas, but that Madeline and Ava were in cahoots to take Nina’s baby (Kiki) and pass her off as the product of Ava and Silas’ affair.

Hopefully with the new writing team coming into place, they will be able to find a way to elaborate on Silas’ past and develop his character. Many fans have expressed that a Silas and Ava pairing would be a great idea, especially since there is so much history between those two.

General Hospital Blog will keep fans posted on any new developments related to the status of Michael Easton with General Hospital.

We want to know what you think! Would you like to see Michael Easton stay on GH as Silas Clay?

Kristen Alderson Tweets Why She Left General Hospital

This weekend, General Hospital fans learned some shocking casting news regarding one of our favorites. Long time soap star Kristen Alderson has left General Hospital. Kristen played the role of Starr Manning on ABC’s now canceled One Life to Live since she was 6 years old. After the show got the ax, Kristen Alderson, Roger Howarth (ex-Todd Manning OLTL, Franco GH), and Michael Easton, (ex-John McBain OLTL, Silas Clay GH) joined the cast of General Hospital. Their origianl OLTL characters moved from Llanview to Port Charles and were building a life for themselves in their new city. However, a legal dispute between Prospect Park and ABC forced the execs at GH to chance the names of their characters.

Kristen Alderson has been on GH as Kiki Jerome since 2013. Over the weekend, social media has gone wild with the news that Alderson is ending her run on General Hospital. Kiki and Michael Corinthos recently broke up on the show, but in real life, Anderson and Chad Duell are still very much a couple.

Last night, Kristen sent out a tweet to her fans with a semi-cryptic message regarding this story. She wants her fans to know that she will explain the entire situation as soon as she is able to make a video for her announcement. Alderson expressed that simply tweeting they hows and whys just wasn’t enough, and that she would like to take more time to explain things to her fans. Check out the tweet below.


Let us know what you think about Alderson’s departure on General Hospital. Will you miss the actress? The character? Should Kiki Jerome be recast?

The Return of the OLTL Trio to GH!

It’s almost that time everyone! On May 10th, 2013 Daytime Emmy Nominee, Kristen Alderson, along with Roger Howarth, and Michael Easton will return to General Hospital under new identities. Are you excited to see how the writers are going to rise to this challenge? I am happy to see these three back on GH and look forward to watching their stories unfold.

Real Life Soap Opera Drama: Prospect Park Files Lawsuit with ABC

There has been an ongoing battle between the production company that is re-launching the online soaps All My Children and One Life to Live with ABC. News reports today stated that Prospect Park is suing ABC for 25 million dollars over the licensing agreement they had with ABC regarding the actors and character names from All My Children and One Life to Live. The main issues were heated in previous months regarding the status of the three OLTL characters General Hospital “borrowed” from Prospect Park. After the announcement last week that Kristen Alderson (ex-Starr Manning), Michael Easton (ex-John McBain/Caleb Morley/Stephen Clay), and Roger Howarth (ex-Todd Manning) would be returning to GH May 10th 2013, most likely as new characters, the situation went up in flames. Prospect Park claims that the agreement stated that ABC could borrow seven OLTL characters for General Hospital to keep them employed and appear sparingly on GH.

Prospect Park has filed a breach of contract lawsuit against ABC, complaining that they have broken the licensing agreement and have been trying to sabotage the production process for the AMC and OLTL online series. Prospect Park claims that “in the ultimate act of bad faith, ABC inexplicably killed off two OLTL characters on loan to GH by having their car forced off a cliff. ABC effectively killed off another major OLTL character, who was not licensed to ABC, revealing that this long standing OLTL character is in fact another character (alter ego) on GH.”

Prospect Park accuses an ABC executive of openly wishing All My Children and One Life to Live’s relaunch to fail.

The process of the lawsuit and Prospect Park’s request to go to trial with have no baring on the launch date for these two online soaps. They remain to launch next week, April 29th, 2013.

For more information on this issue, please visit www.deadline.com


Michael Easton to Play Mark Clay on General Hospital

As part of the resolution regarding Michael Easton’s status with GH and OLTL, ABC and General Hospital have decided to bring back Michael Easton to GH. However, due to legal issues, he is unable to play the role of John McBain, which Prospect Park owns the rights to.

Rumor has it that Easton will play the role of a man named Mark Clay. Does that last name sound familiar? Well a few months back we were introduced to a character named Stephen Clay, who looked a lot like McBain and thought he was a Vampire. Stephen Clay (Caleb Morley) lost his wife and had a mental breakdown. He set his sights on Sam, who happens to look exactly like his late wife, Livvie. Mark Clay is said to be Stephen’s brother.

Let us know your thoughts on how this will work and tie in to the previous story with Sam and Stephen Clay/Caleb Morley.

GH’s Kristen Alderson, Michael Easton, and Roger Howarth are Happy to Return to Port Charles!

After the April 11th announcement by ABC that the OLTL trio, Alderson, Easton, and Howarth will be returning to GH on may 10th, 2013, the actors were able to express their feelings towards the decision. Kristen Alderson and Michael Easton used social media to reach out to their fans. Alderson sent out a tweet expressing her excitement and Easton wrote on his Facebook page, “SEE YOU AGAIN IN MAY… with love and thanks.”

The three actors will be entering General Hospital in brand new roles. I am very excited and interested to see that wonderful work of Frank Valentini and Ron Carlivati with this huge challenge.

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Starr Manning Leaving General Hospital?

The news regarding the OLTL trio (Starr Manning, Todd Manning, and John McBain) has been up in the air since the actors left GH due to legal issues. Since the announcement of the revival of All My Children and One Life to Live, the fate of Starr, Todd, and John lies in the hands of those who own their character names. Prospect Park, the production company responsible for the online renewals of the two canceled ABC soaps stakes their claim in the characters names that had recently found a home in Port Charles.

The characters left Port Charles about a month ago and were said to be coming back. However, it remained unclear as to whether the actors would return to General Hospital under the same character names or if they would legally have to return under new identities. Today on General Hospital, Michael was on the phone with Starr telling her all about the Nurses Ball. Suddenly he was saddened and shocked as it was obvious that Starr was telling him that she wouldn’t be returning to Port Charles.

At this time, we are unaware of what lies ahead for Starr and her OLTL co-stars Todd and John McBain. Perhaps this phone call between Starr and Michael was just buying time until her return. It could also be a transition of eliminating the character all together, or prepping for the actress (Kristen Alderson) to be part of General Hospital under a different character’s name. General Hospital Blog hopes that something can be worked out so that these three actors can return to the canvas and reside in Port Charles once again. We miss them!


McBain, Todd, and Starr Manning to Return to GH as New Characters

TV Guide Magazine has reported some new news regarding the departure of John McBain (Michael Easton), Starr Manning (Kristen Alderson), and Todd Manning (Roger Howarth) from General Hospital. The trio was forced to leave GH due to some legal issues involving the reboot of Prospect Park’s OLTL. Everyone has been wondering what will happen with these actors and their characters if and when they return to GH. Well good news is, they get to return. Bad news is, they may be forced to take on new roles.

OLTL owns the rights to the three characters and GH Head Writer, Ron Carlivati is working hard to come up with intuitive ways to work around this problem. Starr, Todd, and John have become staples in their new Port Charles lives and it wil be difficult to work around this but they will do whatever needs to be done.

This news has not yet been confirmed by General Hospital or ABC. It also has not been denied.

For the full article, visit TVGuideMagazine.com

Is Caleb Morley Really Dead?

Today John McBain faced off with General Hospital’s newest villain, Caleb Morley for the sake of saving Sam. Caleb had Sam held at Wyndemere, convinced she was his wife Livvie and was determined to make her his bride. John, with the help of Lucy, was able to kill Caleb and save Sam from his captivity. Relieved, John and Sam left the scene and asked Lucy to follow. Lucy decided to stay behind and deal with the flood of emotions she was experiencing from all of this. Lucy swore up and down that Caleb was a Vampire, but John disproved her theory when he pulled out fake fangs from Caleb’s dead body. He explained to Lucy that Caleb Morley, whose actual name is Stephen Clay, was a mental patient. It was said that he had cone insane after the loss of his wife Livvie, who looked exactly like Sam. Lynn Herring was amazing with her performance. She was distraught and beside herself. She could not believe that she had fallen for this. That who she though was Caleb, King of Vampires, was actually a human. Lucy even tried to remove his ring that was thought to give him his immortal powers. She was unable to remove his ring, and left crying. Stephen Clay is dead, so it seems. No pulse, fake fangs, but that ring. There is somehting about that ring. The fact that it wouldn’t come off when Lucy was pulling it from his dead hands, and the fact that they focused in on it at the end leads me to believe there is more to this story. So the question arises, Is Caleb Morley really dead?