Starr Manning Leaving General Hospital?

The news regarding the OLTL trio (Starr Manning, Todd Manning, and John McBain) has been up in the air since the actors left GH due to legal issues. Since the announcement of the revival of All My Children and One Life to Live, the fate of Starr, Todd, and John lies in the hands of those who own their character names. Prospect Park, the production company responsible for the online renewals of the two canceled ABC soaps stakes their claim in the characters names that had recently found a home in Port Charles.

The characters left Port Charles about a month ago and were said to be coming back. However, it remained unclear as to whether the actors would return to General Hospital under the same character names or if they would legally have to return under new identities. Today on General Hospital, Michael was on the phone with Starr telling her all about the Nurses Ball. Suddenly he was saddened and shocked as it was obvious that Starr was telling him that she wouldn’t be returning to Port Charles.

At this time, we are unaware of what lies ahead for Starr and her OLTL co-stars Todd and John McBain. Perhaps this phone call between Starr and Michael was just buying time until her return. It could also be a transition of eliminating the character all together, or prepping for the actress (Kristen Alderson) to be part of General Hospital under a different character’s name. General Hospital Blog hopes that something can be worked out so that these three actors can return to the canvas and reside in Port Charles once again. We miss them!