General Hospital Spoilers: Kelly Monaco Breaks Social Media Silence, Shuts Down Bullies And Personal Attacks

General Hospital star, Kelly Monaco, always seems to be in the hot seat whenever she opens herself up on social media.

General Hospital news reports confirm Kelly’s social media presence has yet again caused so-called GH fans to take it upon themselves to bully the actress.

Kelly Monaco has left herself vulnerable to internet trolls who find no shame in attacking a woman’s personal appearance.

General Hospital spoilers reveal Kelly’s response to the unwanted feedback and downright bullying of her physical appearance. Kelly stuck up for herself and her appearance after “fans” came down hard with very specific grievances.

Kelly takes long breaks from posting on social media and GH spoilers reveal her reason for the long absences. The daytime tv star clapped back, leaving a comment which explained her frequent social media gaps. Monaco wrote, “I dip out on Instagram because people are rude, bullies And feel the need to put people down. It’s gotten way out of control.”

General Hospital News: Update On The Sudden Death Of GH Star Jay Pickett

Over the weekend, General Hospital Blog reported the sad news regarding the death of a former General Hospital and Port Charles star. On July 30th, actor Jay Pickett died suddenly, leaving behind his wife, Elena, and three children, Meagan, Michaela, and Tyler.

General Hospital news reports have revealed that Pickett was on the set, and in the middle of filming a new movie when he suddenly passed away.

According to co-star and producer of the movie, Treasure Valley,  Jim Hegel disclosed that Jay’s death came suddenly, while filming a scene for the movie. The set location and where Pickett passed away is in his home state of Idaho.

Former co-star Kelly Monaco took to Instagram to share her condolences. Her heartfelt caption can be seen below in Monaco’s IG post.

Our hearts go out to Jay and his loved ones. He was a true legend. He will be missed.


General Hospital News: Kelly Monaco Posts Racy Photo To “Take The Attention Away From My Face”

General Hospital’s Kelly Monaco is sick and tired of so called GH fans focusing on her physical appearance.

General Hospital news reports that earlier today, Kelly Monaco addressed a comment regarding having done Botox and dermal filled. Kelly denied the claims.

General Hospital news reports Monaco posted a racy, nude, photo, in which she captioned, “Let’s take the attention away from my face.”

The GH star posted a photo to IG, of herself and another female, diving in the nude.


We sure hope Kelly Monaco was successful in defecting the attention from her face! ????

Let’s take the attention away from my face.

A post shared by Kelly Monaco (@kelly_m23) on Oct 29, 2020 at 1:33pm PDT

General Hospital News and Spoilers: Kirsten Storms Declares Friendship Love for Co-Star Kelly Monaco

Have you ever watched your favorite tv show, movie, or other similar-type production and thought to yourself that it would be so fun on set and behind the scenes? I know that I have definitely daydreamed about what it would be like to play on a show. Not only because and have that second “work family” that so many cherish.

Personally, I’ve observed that work environments can either make or break the entire vibe. Not only the company dynamic but the feoenlsihews and

can either make or break an experience while working for a particular company/employer. It seems only natural that friendships are born and developed while working in close quarters. Even still, the mere presence of together with those having similar . working together for such a long period of time would lead to the development of a truly real friendship. That is exactly the case with General Hospital beauties Kirsten Storms (Maxie Jones) and Kelly Monaco (Sam Morgan). The two petite starlets have been friends for quite a long time. True friendship, which includes Kelly Monaco thanking Kirsten’s mom for making her a hand crocheted scarf. These two ladies are inseparable and last night, Kirsten tweeted a photo of herself with bestie, Kelly Monaco.
Check out Kirsten’s description in her tweet.
Love these two! Check out Genie Francis in the background! Photobomb!

My ride or die. She knows me like no other friend does. I love you href=”https://twitter.com/hashtag/daytimeemmys?src=hash”>#daytimeemmys… https://t.co/8MJoxPAzcL

— KirstenStormsBarash (@teenystweeting) April 27, 2015