General Hospital News: Update On The Sudden Death Of GH Star Jay Pickett

Over the weekend, General Hospital Blog reported the sad news regarding the death of a former General Hospital and Port Charles star. On July 30th, actor Jay Pickett died suddenly, leaving behind his wife, Elena, and three children, Meagan, Michaela, and Tyler.

General Hospital news reports have revealed that Pickett was on the set, and in the middle of filming a new movie when he suddenly passed away.

According to co-star and producer of the movie, Treasure Valley,  Jim Hegel disclosed that Jay’s death came suddenly, while filming a scene for the movie. The set location and where Pickett passed away is in his home state of Idaho.

Former co-star Kelly Monaco took to Instagram to share her condolences. Her heartfelt caption can be seen below in Monaco’s IG post.

Our hearts go out to Jay and his loved ones. He was a true legend. He will be missed.