General Hospital News And Spoiler: GH Star Confirms Exit, Blaze Says Goodbye To Chase

Blaze leaves Port Charles
Jacqueline Grace Lopez announces GH exit with Co-star Josh Swickard

Blaze leaves Port Charles . May sweeps is around the corner. That being said, General Hospital comings and goings reports give the latest updates regarding GH casting news.

Recent General Hospital recaps recall, Harrison Chase (Josh Swickard) and Allison Rogers, aka Blaze (Jacqueline Grace Lopez), created one Hell of a musical collaboration. Another thing Chase and Blaze have in common is their mutual friend, BLQ. As manager, Brook Lynn Quartermaine (Amanda Setton) brought Chase and Blaze’s musical talents together to promote each of their careers. Unfortunately, trouble with Linc Brown (Dan Buran) cast a dark cloud over the experience. But thankfully, BLQ and Blaze’s bravery helped put an end to Linc.

In addition, Blaze and Brook Lynn also helped Chase achieve his dream. General Hospital spoilers, currently, Chase awaits the PCPD’s decision after the two ladies spoke out on his behalf. Meanwhile, Blaze skips town after she stepped up to help Brook Lynn help Chase get his job back. Accordingly, GH news reports confirm that Blaze leaves Port Charles. The actress says her goodbyes to her co-stars and fans as Jacqueline Grace Lopez announced her GH exit via Instagram.

It was wonderful having Lopez part of the GH cast! We wish her the best of luck in her future endeavors! Maybe even someday she’ll make her way back to Port Charles!

General Hospital Spoilers: Someone Is Singing Praises- Are Brook Lynn’s Linc Troubles Over?

Brook Lynn’s Linc troubles Dan Buran leaves GH

Are Brook Lynn’s Linc Troubles Over? Brook Lynn Quartermaine (Amanda Setton) broke into the music career to quickly find out some dirty truths. Her career took a hit when problems with her music producer, Linc Brown (Dan Buran) got the better of her.

Over the last few years, BLQ’s been uber focused on her music career. Unfortunately, the energy and focus she’s put in isn’t going to voice lessons and choreography. Instead, she spends all her time maneuvering around the backstage politics of the music industry. Linc makes a habit of abusing his power. He uses his position to back artists into a corner. When it comes to sexual advances, he makes it clear they need to give the green light, or it’s lights out for their sparkling new lifestyle. From big name to no name, Linc threatens the women who reject his advances. And the kicker is, he’s getting away with it.

In addition to BLQ, rising artist, Blaze, has attested to Linc’s inappropriate behavior and how he threatened her career. General Hospital recaps recall Brook Lynn and Harrison Chase’s (Josh Swickard) efforts to help artists reclaim their careers and put an ends to Linc for good. But the thought of losing her song catalog to that skeeze ball ended up becoming her weakness. She gave in and signed the Non Disclosure Agreement to keep Linc’s sexual harassment on the down low. Essentially, Brook Lynn’s selfish choice drove Chase further away. Now, enough is enough. She publicly outed Linc and he was arrested.

According to General Hospital comings and goings news, reports confirm Dan Buran exits General Hospital. Finally, Brook Lynn’s Linc troubles are over. Her public display of selflessness could lead to Chase reconsidering their relationship.

General Hospital Spoilers: When Things Get Out Of Hand, Brook Lynn Implicates Chase In Linc’s Death?!

Brook Lynn implicates Chase in Linc’s death

Brook Lynn Implicates Chase In Linc’s Death?! Yet again, Brook Lynn Quartermaine (Amanda Setton) gets Harrison Chase (Josh Swickard) mixed up in a messy situation. If he was smart, he’d tell that girl to stay far, far, away before it’s too late. However, something tells us Chase is ready to give Brook Lynn another chance. That might not be the greatest idea because BLQ’s aura exudes drama like it’s a cloud of smoke coming from its appropriate apparatus. Inevitably and true to her character, Brook Lynn somehow drags Chase down with her.

Meanwhile on the music scene, Brook Lynn’s ongoing drama with music producer, Linc Brown (Dan Buran) only gets worse as time goes on. A certified skeeze bag, Linc abuses his position of power to manipulate passionate, career-driven rising stars. Sexual harassment is a crime that mustn’t be overlooked. BLQ’s professional relationship with Linc represents all that’s wrong in the industry. Things like this continue to happen because careers are threatened in order to have the upper hand. Currently, BLQ regrets signing Linc’s NDA. Linc offered BLQ the rights to her own music in exchange for her silence.

Linc Makes His Move But It Just Might Be His Last

General Hospital spoilers and rumors surrounding Brook Lynn, Chase, and Linc point to tragedy. According to previous GH spoilers, Brook Lynn lives in her regret. She signed Linc’s NDA contract in exchange for her music catalogue. These songs are products of BLQ’s own hard work. Sadly, the slime ball abuses his position of power to suit his agenda. Sexual harassment in the music industry is a growing problem. Mainly, instances where an artist gets fed up with either being the victim or someone who is witness to it decides to speak up.

Back stage at the Nurses Ball, Linc doesn’t hesitate to throw his weight around. But this time just might be his last as BLQ thinks enough is enough. GH rumors speculate Brook Lynn’s attempt to stop Linc takes a tragic turn. Meanwhile, Harrison Chase contemplates his feelings for BLQ. It’s apparent that he cares for her, but caring for her comes at a cost. Supposedly, Chase gets a firm reminder of why he said goodbye to Brook Lynn.

Brook Lynn Implicates Chase In Linc’s Death?!

Recent GH spoilers and rumors tease that Brook Lynn witnesses more inappropriate behavior from Linc. She’s had enough and decides to take action. Despite the NDA, Brook Lynn is determined to throw Linc under the bus. Consequently, no good deed goes unpunished. In what’s meant to become an end to a toxic work environment for many, Brook Lynn’s situation with Linc turns deadly. Furthermore, if Chase jumps in to clean up Brook Lynn’s mess, he could find himself in a familiar position, but worse! Because punching Linc to defend BLQ is nothing compared to what might happen next.

According to General Hospital casting news, Dan Buran’s status as GH’s sleazy music producer remains unknown. Will he survive? Or will Brook Lynn and Chase go down for his death?!

General Hospital Spoilers: Brook Lynn Arrested, Becomes Prime Suspect In Linc Brown’s Murder?!?!

Brook Lynn arrested for Linc’s murder Linc Brown dies

Brook Lynn arrested for Linc’s murder?! Brook Lynn Quartermaine’s (Amanda Setton) career was really going places when suddenly, everything fell apart. The music industry is full of complex problems that fall upon rising stars. Specifically, abuse of power in the industry runs rampant. Because of this, careers are threatened and unethical and even illegal practices occur. It must be stopped.

GH recaps remind us that things became even more complicated for Brook Lynn after she signed an NDA regarding Linc. The threat of losing her songs aided in her decision to keep quiet. So selfishly, Brook Lynn saved her own skin at the expense of Linc’s victims. Now, the songwriter/former singer lives in regret.

Brook Lynn Arrested?! Chase To Her Defense?

General Hospital spoilers reveal Brook Lynn catches Linc red handed. The hustle and bustle of the Nurses Ball has some contributors on edge. It’s important that the production runs smoothly, so frequent back stage checks occur in order to keep things moving. GH rumors claim that Brook Lynn is witness to an incriminating incident. This is the final straw that convinces Brook Lynn to do something about Linc. But if she can’t put an end to Linc legally, how will he be stopped? No matter what, something must be done.

According to GH rumors, Linc’s last power trip makes Brook Lynn realize she needs to step up and take some action. But how exactly will she stop Linc from harming anyone else?

General Hospital Spoilers: Brook Lynn Catches Linc Red handed, Her Reaction Takes Chase By Surprise

Brook Lynn surprises Chase

Brook Lynn surprises Chase. Brook Lynn Quartermaine (Amanda Setton) is the kind of woman who knows what she wants. More often than not, she does what needs to be done regardless of who it hurts. Because of this, Brook Lynn lost Chase (Josh Swickard). Now, her choices lead to loneliness. It’s up to Brook Lynn to turn things around.

The singing! The dancing! The GH Nurses Ball is here! We are so excited to take it all in. The entertainment, drama, and of course, the suspense! It’s all here for General Hospital’s 60th anniversary celebration! As the Nurses Ball 2023 is in full swing, Brook Lynn checks up on things backstage. Things haven’t been easy for Brook Lynn while she suffers from a broken heart. What’s worse is, she knows the blame is on her. Selfish motives dictated her fate. Furthermore, she regrets letting Linc get away with using his power as a producer to manipulate women.

According to General Hospital previews and spoilers, Brook Lynn catches Linc redhanded. Maybe she sees too much and decides enough is enough. General Hospital spoilers tease that Brook Lynn surprises Chase with how she handles things. If she puts the well-being of others before her own personal agenda, will Chase see Brook Lynn for who sue truly is?

Is Chase destined to be the one that got away? Or will Brook Lynn’s selfless act

General Hospital Spoilers: Chase Severs Ties With Brook Lynn, Everything They’ve Become Is Over Now

Chase fires Brook Lynn

Chase fires Brook Lynn! Chase and Brook Lynn’s professional and personal relationship was built up slowly over time. What started as a mutual aversion to one another turned into a reluctant yet evident reciprocated attraction. They came a long way as the initial spark turned into a flame. But now, Chase’s words are like a douter with a product review of 100% efficacy. He snuffs out their flame once and for all. Sadly, Chase is done with Brook Lynn and her games.

General Hospital spoilers reveal Brook Lynn Quartermaine (Amanda Setton) is still hung up on bringing down Linc Brown despite what happened between herself and Harrison Chase (Josh Swickard). She seems to have a one track mind consisting of self-serving goals and ambitions.

General Hospital previews indicate hope remains in Brook Lynn’s mind. Despite the hurt she’s caused, Brook Lynn overlooks the magnitude of the damage done. She believes there’s still a chance for her and Chase to work as a team in order to end Linc’s career. What she doesn’t see coming is that that hope is one sided. That’s what happens when someone lacks self awareness, as well as, empathy for what the other person (Chase) is suffering at because of something they (Brook Lynn) did. She knows she hurt him by never writing the letter to the PCPD. However, she thinks, no, expects, Chase to just be over it. Newsflash for Brook Lynn… actions have consequences. Chase isn’t going to keep going along with plans that she has for the music industry.

General Hospital previews and spoilers indicate Chase fires Brook Lynn. He cuts ties with his ex girlfriend and now ex-manager. There’s no doubt feelings are hurt on both sides. For now, Chase will do anything to not be tethered to Brook Lynn.

General Hospital Spoilers: Chase Hands Over His Badge For The Spotlight, Does He Have What It Takes?

Detective Harrison Chase (Josh Swickard) has been an officer at the PCPD since he has arrived in Port Charles. His time as a Detective seems to have had more off time than on as a member of the force.

Illness and suspension have been the main reasons Chase has been away from the career he loves. So what would be so devastating to walk away from his profession altogether?

General Hospital recaps and spoilers indicate that Brook Lynn Quartermaine (Amanda Setton) has suggest that Chase use his undeniable talent as a singer and musician to step into the spotlight. Though Chase sees Brook Lynn’s suggestion as a selfish motive to get back at Linc Brown (Dan Buran), that doesn’t mean it couldn’t become a reality.

General Hospital rumors claim that Chase will have a big decision to make, teetering back and forth in the idea of handing over his badge for a chance at the spotlight.

Does Chase have what it takes to me the next music sensation? Brook Lynn’s songwriting paired with the vocal and musical talent Chase possess could be the perfect recipe for a pop culture sensation!

Does Chase have what it takes to make it in the music industry?

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General Hospital Spoilers: Brook Lynn Uses Her Mob Connections To Put An End To Linc

Brook Lynn Quartermaine (Amanda Setton) is dealing with a grade A scum bag.

Linc Brown (Dan Buran) seems to think he can control Brook Lynn and her music by intimidating her with threats. He’s also sexually inappropriate and needs to be stopped. General Hospital spoilers reveal Brook Lynn uses her connection to the mob as a way to fend off the sleazy music producer, Linc.

General Hospital previews indicate that Brook Lynn seeks out her good friend Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) to help solve her Linc problem. She asks him to get rid of her issue by using his mobster power to take care of Linc.

General Hospital rumors hint that Sonny won’t let Brook Lynn down. Linc better watch his steps when it comes to trying to take advantage of Sonny’s friend.

General Hospital Spoilers: Love Connections Spark At A Society Setups Event

It’s the event of the season as the singles of Port Charles gather together for a night of mingling at the Metro Court pool.

General Hospital spoilers reveal Dr. Britt Westbourne is particularly interested in attending an event put in by Society Setups, a dating service. Word out on the street is that Drew Cain (Cameron Mathison) will also be in attendance. Is he looking for love?

General Hospital news reports previews shared details of Josh Kelly’s arrival to Port Charles in an unknown role. GH previews and rumors suggest that Josh Kelly’s new role could be a potential match for Britt as well. However, Dante Falconeri (Dominic Zamprogna) may have his own opinion about him, giving Britt a warning.

General Hospital rumors indicate the night won’t be complete without some drunken drama, and the culprit is said to be skeezey music producer, Linc Brown, (Dan Buran).

We don’t know about y’all, but we think this sounds like a great time! ????

General Hospital Spoilers: Britt Westbourne Attends; Port Charles Matchmaking Event Turns Into Drunken Chaos

Dr. Britt Westbourne (Kelly Thiebaud) is looking for love and hasn’t given up just yet despite recent disappointments.

General Hospital spoilers reveal Britt attends a Society Setups matchmaking event at the Metro Court, but she isn’t the only Port Charles single in attendance. GH spoilers spill the event will grab the attention of Drew Cain (Cameron Mathison), along with Harrison Chase (Josh Swickard), and Brook Lynn Quartermaine (Amanda Setton). Are Brook Lynn and Chase are still dancing around their feelings.

General Hospital previews and spoilers indicate Brook Lynn’s slimy music producer, Linc, will cause drunken chaos which pits a damper on Britt’s experience. GH rumors hint that Britt will be vocal about his actions, demanding his arrest.

This entire event sounds like it’s going to be a disaster. How much lasting damage will ensue from one singles event?