General Hospital Spoilers: When Things Get Out Of Hand, Brook Lynn Implicates Chase In Linc’s Death?!

Brook Lynn implicates Chase in Linc’s death

Brook Lynn Implicates Chase In Linc’s Death?! Yet again, Brook Lynn Quartermaine (Amanda Setton) gets Harrison Chase (Josh Swickard) mixed up in a messy situation. If he was smart, he’d tell that girl to stay far, far, away before it’s too late. However, something tells us Chase is ready to give Brook Lynn another chance. That might not be the greatest idea because BLQ’s aura exudes drama like it’s a cloud of smoke coming from its appropriate apparatus. Inevitably and true to her character, Brook Lynn somehow drags Chase down with her.

Meanwhile on the music scene, Brook Lynn’s ongoing drama with music producer, Linc Brown (Dan Buran) only gets worse as time goes on. A certified skeeze bag, Linc abuses his position of power to manipulate passionate, career-driven rising stars. Sexual harassment is a crime that mustn’t be overlooked. BLQ’s professional relationship with Linc represents all that’s wrong in the industry. Things like this continue to happen because careers are threatened in order to have the upper hand. Currently, BLQ regrets signing Linc’s NDA. Linc offered BLQ the rights to her own music in exchange for her silence.

Linc Makes His Move But It Just Might Be His Last

General Hospital spoilers and rumors surrounding Brook Lynn, Chase, and Linc point to tragedy. According to previous GH spoilers, Brook Lynn lives in her regret. She signed Linc’s NDA contract in exchange for her music catalogue. These songs are products of BLQ’s own hard work. Sadly, the slime ball abuses his position of power to suit his agenda. Sexual harassment in the music industry is a growing problem. Mainly, instances where an artist gets fed up with either being the victim or someone who is witness to it decides to speak up.

Back stage at the Nurses Ball, Linc doesn’t hesitate to throw his weight around. But this time just might be his last as BLQ thinks enough is enough. GH rumors speculate Brook Lynn’s attempt to stop Linc takes a tragic turn. Meanwhile, Harrison Chase contemplates his feelings for BLQ. It’s apparent that he cares for her, but caring for her comes at a cost. Supposedly, Chase gets a firm reminder of why he said goodbye to Brook Lynn.

Brook Lynn Implicates Chase In Linc’s Death?!

Recent GH spoilers and rumors tease that Brook Lynn witnesses more inappropriate behavior from Linc. She’s had enough and decides to take action. Despite the NDA, Brook Lynn is determined to throw Linc under the bus. Consequently, no good deed goes unpunished. In what’s meant to become an end to a toxic work environment for many, Brook Lynn’s situation with Linc turns deadly. Furthermore, if Chase jumps in to clean up Brook Lynn’s mess, he could find himself in a familiar position, but worse! Because punching Linc to defend BLQ is nothing compared to what might happen next.

According to General Hospital casting news, Dan Buran’s status as GH’s sleazy music producer remains unknown. Will he survive? Or will Brook Lynn and Chase go down for his death?!