General Hospital News And Spoilers: Maurice Benard Has Help Auditioning For New Role

Daytime TV is known for it’s iconic characters and their extreme popularity throughout pop culture. Leading men and woman of Daytime leave a lasting memory and legacy as they become staples in our daily lives.

General Hospital‘s leading man, Maurice Benard joined the cast in 1993, making his role as Mob Boss, Sonny Corinthos the focal point around Port Charles. For just shy of years, Maurice’s role as Sonny Corinthos has been made a household name, resounding familiarity for all daytime tv fans. Many fans can’t imagine what General Hospital would be like without it’s leading man.

General Hospital news reports previously reported on Benard’s recent discussion about his future in daytime. General Hospital Blog shared GH news related to Benard’s admission of an imminent future retirement.

Recently, General Hospital spoilers reveal Benard has taken to social media to share a post involving details around the Daytime Emmy winner’s latest auditions. Maurice’s Instagram post shares a video featuring his granddaughter TT, as she gives her grandpa direction.

The proud grandpa captioned the video as follows,

“My granddaughter TT is a future Steven Spielberg. She helps me work auditions, The voice on the tape is my wife Paula incredible actress ????

TT loves to eat crazy for Cocoa Puffs while she gives me direction!!!

Oh by the way I didn’t get the part????”

Maurice shares he didn’t get the part for which he auditioned. The part Benard was seeking remains unknown at this time. We hope to say he is safe at General Hospital as Sonny Corinthos for the time being!

General Hospital Spoilers: Detective Chase Questions Carly, Is Sonny On The Run?

Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright) received bad news on Christmas Eve after her BFF Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) told her all about how he was witness to Julian’s death and his and Sonny’s (Maurice Benard) fall into the river.

Carly has been trying to spare the children the bad news and hasn’t let them in on what’s going on with Sonny.

General Hospital spoilers reveal a concerned Carly answers the door to the PCPD as Detective Chase (Josh Swickard) and another officer arrive to discuss the situation with Sonny.

Recent General Hospital rumors claim Chase wants to question Carly regarding Sonny’s whereabouts and involvement in Julian Jerome’s death.

GH rumors suggest Chase is suspicious of Sonny and that Sonny is possibly on the run. Whether Sonny is out there in nature voluntarily to hide from the PCPD or against his will due to the possibility of suffering from amnesia, it’s likely he is out there somewhere just trying to survive.

A recent IG post from Benard backs up GH rumor claims surrounding the mystery of where Sonny could be. Benard mentions his grown out beard and then tells dans he cannot tell why. Odds are he is growing out his beard for the role, because Sonny is lost and hasn’t been able to reach civilization.

With so many possible outcomes for this story, what is your theory on what happened to Sonny Corinthos?

General Hospital Spoilers: The Corinthos Family Christmas May Look Quite Different This Year, Carly Fears The Worst

Julian Jerome (William deVry) may finally have gotten what he deserves but the cost to the Corinthos family may be greater than any type of revenge is worth.

Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) wanted answers from Julian once and for all about his involvement in Wiley’s kidnapping, and his responsibility of planting the bomb at The Floating Rib. Julian had pushed Sonny too far this time and he was finally going to get what’s coming to him. Although the risk is always there, no one really thought about the chance of something happening to Sonny when going after Julian.

Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) has been helping Sonny track down Julian while Cyrus Renault (Jeff Kober) is out for blood. Unlike Cyrus, Sonny tried to show Julian a little mercy and his “generosity” backfired when Julian charged at him.

General Hospital spoilers indicate Sonny is still unaccounted for after falling into the river with Julian as the bridge broke as Jason witnessed the downfall.

General Hospital rumors tease the outcome of Sonny’s fate. GH spoilers reveal Carly fears the worst after Jason let’s her in on what went down with Julian. Jason saw it was Julian in the body bag which gives them hope that Sonny is still out there somewhere and it’s possible he survived.

General Hospital rumors tease that Sonny will be found but a head unjust could cause amnesia, making Carly and the rest of his family unrecognizable to him at this time. Other GH rumors suggest Sonny will be missing for some time, leaving Carly lonely, while Jason, and Sonny’s kids grieve for their missing father.

Will the Corinthos family hold it together while the search for Sonny is underway?

General Hospital Spoilers: Will Sonny Corinthos Survive?

“I don’t think he’s gonna make it.” -Sam Morgan

Check out this week’s shocking promo video! Sonny’s life hangs in the balance, and his son Morgan is out for revenge. Morgan believes Julian is responsible for Sonny being shot and he tells his Dad that he will kill Julian.

Will Michael Kill One Father to Avenge the Other?

What is the fate of mob boss Sonny Corinthos? Michael is devastated after learning that his adoptive father, Sonny Corinthos is the one who took the life of his biological father, AJ Quartermaine. After a false confession by Carlos Rivera, and months of trying to solve AJ’s murder, the people or Port Charles now know that the one who shot AJ was indeed Sonny Corinthos.

Michael is out to make the person who killed his father pay! He will stop at nothing to see that justice is served. Now that he knows one of his father’s has killed the other, what will be MIchael’s next move?

Will Michael go through with it and act out of rage? Is shooting Sonny Michael’s only solution? General Hospital rumors have specualted two ways that this could go down… 1) Michael shoots Sonny and puts him in the hospital, 2) Sonny goes to prison, and 3) It will be revealed that Sonny was not the one who actually killed AJ. It’s true that we all saw him pull the trigger, but word out on the street is that Sonny’s bullet isn’t what did AJ in.

What do you think will happen next with Michael and Sonny? Let us know by commenting below.

Our Favorite Mobster, Sonny Corinthos; Maurice Benard Sticking Around General Hospital

On September 23, General Hospital Blog reported that actor Maurice Benard who has played Port Charles top dog when it comes to the mob- and women, Sonny Corinthos, since 1993, may be leaving General Hospital to pursue other opportunities. According to Soaps in Depth magazine, it was noted that Benard had not yet signed a contract with ABC’s General Hospital to renew his current status with the show.

However, in a brief conversation with fans, Maurice had a different tune in regard to his plans for his future at General Hospital.

Sonny Corinthos fans can sleep easier tonight, knowing that the talented actor will be staying at General Hospital, a place that he calls, “home.” Benard will manage to stay at GH while expanding his horizons and working on other projects. His most recent project, The Ghost and the Whale, will be available for pre-order very soon.

Check out his tweet below!

Is GH’s Maurice Benard (Sonny Corinthos) Taking Time Off?

This information is not concrete, but more of a rumor that has been circulating among the General Hospital fans. Word out on the street is that Maurice Benard will be taking about 6 months off of his role as Sonny Corinthos and heading out of Port Charles! Why? you ask, well speculations suggest that the time will be used to promote a movie Maurice is in. Apparently Maurice is working on a project that he will be soon able to tell fans about.

General Hospital Blog will keep fans posted with any upcoming or solid information verifying or denying this rumor. Keep checking in with us and LIKE us on Facebook!

According to a recent Tweet, Maurice made the indication that he has filmed something he can’t wait to share with fans. Check it out below!