General Hospital Spoilers: The Corinthos Family Christmas May Look Quite Different This Year, Carly Fears The Worst

Julian Jerome (William deVry) may finally have gotten what he deserves but the cost to the Corinthos family may be greater than any type of revenge is worth.

Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) wanted answers from Julian once and for all about his involvement in Wiley’s kidnapping, and his responsibility of planting the bomb at The Floating Rib. Julian had pushed Sonny too far this time and he was finally going to get what’s coming to him. Although the risk is always there, no one really thought about the chance of something happening to Sonny when going after Julian.

Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) has been helping Sonny track down Julian while Cyrus Renault (Jeff Kober) is out for blood. Unlike Cyrus, Sonny tried to show Julian a little mercy and his “generosity” backfired when Julian charged at him.

General Hospital spoilers indicate Sonny is still unaccounted for after falling into the river with Julian as the bridge broke as Jason witnessed the downfall.

General Hospital rumors tease the outcome of Sonny’s fate. GH spoilers reveal Carly fears the worst after Jason let’s her in on what went down with Julian. Jason saw it was Julian in the body bag which gives them hope that Sonny is still out there somewhere and it’s possible he survived.

General Hospital rumors tease that Sonny will be found but a head unjust could cause amnesia, making Carly and the rest of his family unrecognizable to him at this time. Other GH rumors suggest Sonny will be missing for some time, leaving Carly lonely, while Jason, and Sonny’s kids grieve for their missing father.

Will the Corinthos family hold it together while the search for Sonny is underway?

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