General Hospital News And Spoilers: GH’s Ryan Paevey Sits Down To Discuss His Role As Detective Nathan West

As Maxie Jones (Kirsten Storms) is suffering through yet another tragic event when it comes to her love life, it’s easy to remember the iconic moments in Maxie’s past loves. One name that comes to mind is Nathan West (Ryan Paevey).

General Hospital news reports confirm GH and Hallmark star Ryan Paevey has sat down to discuss his role as Detective Nathan West, and the possibility of a return to General Hospital.

General Hospital spoilers reveal Paevey spoke with Soaps.com, shedding light on and GH rumors regarding his return as Nathan West. In a recent interview, Ryan admitted it was “above his pay-grade level,”when being asked about a potential GH return. He disclosed that it’s strictly up to the producers and that he has “no ownership over the character Nathan.”

General Hospital comings and goings suggest that Paevey’s statement does not draw the line for a change at resurrecting Nathan West, whether played by Paevey or a recast.

General Hospital spoilers hint that Paevey goes on to shed some positive light on the situation, giving fans hope for his return. Ryan admits, “If the timetables were right and the show wanted Nathan back right now, I want the fans to have what they want. I want to have what I want, too.”

Based on Paevey’s statement, GH rumors hint it’s safe to say he is open to returning to General Hospital as Maxie’s great love, Detective Nathan West, so long as the timing is in everyone’s favor.

Maxie could really use Nathan right about now…

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General Hospital Spoilers: Will Nina Tell Nathan Who His Real Father Is?

The subject of Nathan’s paternity has been put on the back burner for a long time. Back when Nathan come to Port Charles, everyone including Nathan, was under the impression that his mother was Madeline Reeves.

It turns out that she is actually his aunt, sister of Dr. Liesl Obrecht, Making Dr. O Nathan’s mother. The question of Nathan’s paternity came up along with all these new discoveries, including Nina now his cousin, not his sister. Dr. Obrecht told Nathan that Victor Cassadine is his father, but we all know that’s not the truth. Dr. O even mentioned that his real father, who has not yet been named, is far worse a man than Victor. Who could be so bad that even Dr. Obrecht doesn’t want to admit she fathered his child? GH rumors have speculated everyone from Cesar Faison to Jerry Jacks.  We aren’t exactly sure but General Hospital spoilers indicate that Nina has some information regarding Nathan’s biological dad. If Nina does know the truth, it’s highly likely she will use it to her advantage, to hang over Dr. O’s head.

Do you know who Nathan’s father could be? If you have a guess, leave it in the comments below.


Is Nathan in Danger?

It seems as if these two have been waiting a lifetime to finally be together. With overcoming so many obstacles that kept them apart for a year, it would only be fair that the two could have their chance at love. Maxie and Nathan overcame her trip on her self discovering journey, the wrath of Levi Dunkleman, and the ridiculous rulings of Judge Walters.

Nathan gave Maxie a Christmas miracle by turning to his mother, Liesl Obrecht for help. They were able to sway Judge Walter’s decision regarding Maxie’s visitation with her daughter, Georgie. Maxie finally got to spend time with her daughter while visiting in Portland. Maxie is about to have everything she has ever wanted. Getting home to Nathan hasn’t been easy, but now that she is ready to come face to face with him, there could be yet another setback.

According to Maxie’s ex, Spinelli, Nathan’s private plan should have landed in Port Charles about a half hour ago, (from the time she called Spinelli). Why has’t Nathan’s plane arrived where Maxie is waiting impatiently? There could possibly yet another obstacle keeping Maxie and Nathan apart. The minds of the fans have already started to flirt with the obvious, a dark outcome. Could Nathan’s plane have crashed? Will Maxie ever get her chance to be with Nathan?

Who is Nathan’s Father?

When he first arrived in Port Charles, Nathan West (Ryan Paevey) was on a mission to find Silas Clay (Michael Easton) and nail him for what he thought he did to his sister, Nina Clay (Michelle Stafford). Silas is Nina’s husband and Nathan was under the impression that he was responsible for putting Nina in a coma. Who he thought was his mother, Magda (Madeline) Reeves (Donna Mills), turned out to actually be his aunt, Nina Clay now Nathan’s cousin, and Britt Westbourne (Kelly Thiebaud) now his half sister. His mother turned out to be Madeline’s sister, Liesl Obrecht (Kathleen Gati).

A lot has happened to Nathan West already in his short time in Port Charles. The moment he met Maxie, the two of them made a connection that was undeniable. After months of watching Maxie be manipulated by Levi, he admitted to Dante that he had feelings for her. In the midst of all the drama Levi, Peter Harrell, and the Cassadines have put Nathan, Maxie, Dante, and Lulu through, there was even more drama regarding Nathan’s paternity. Liesl told Victor Cassadine and Nathan that Victor was Nathan’s father. Later it came out that Dr. Obrecht was lying, because she wants Nathan to think his father is Victor. It sounds strange that she would WANT Nathan to believe his father is an evil lunatic, but according to Dr. O, she claims it is better than the actual truth.

So who could be worse than Victor Cassadine? Liesl wants the secret to die with Victor in hopes that everyone will believe that he was Nathan’s father. Since it was revealed that Victor is indeed not Nathan’s father, who could he be? What family does Nathan belong to? If he isn’t a Cassadine, is he a Quartermaine? Corinthos? Jacks? Scorpio?

We want to know who you think Nathan West’s father is! Comment below and share your theories!


Who Called Immigration on Dunkleman?

It would be Mac and Nathan’s wildest dream for the Department of Immigration to come knocking on Levi Dunkleman’s (Zachary Garred) door to whisk him away to a land far, far away. Levi Dunkleman is from Australia and came to Port Charles with Maxie after they met on her personal eat, pray, love retreat. After losing custody of her baby girl, Georgie, Maxie felt she needed time to heal. It’s clear to those around her that Levi found Maxie at a vulnerable state and is manipulating and taking advantage of her. She defends him to Mac, Nathan, Lulu and anyone else that is trying to get her to see the light.

Levi is in the US on an expired Visa and he, Maxie, Nathan, and since Nathan told Dante, the four of them are the only ones who know this information. So who called immigration and is Dunkleman really getting deported? It doesn’t seem like Nathan because he told Maxie he would keep their secret, and we all know how he feels about Maxie.  It technically could have been Dante, since Nathan disclosed the situation to him at the PCPD, but it’s doubtful. It has been rumored that Levi called immigration on himself in order for Maxie to blame Nathan. Upcoming spoilers reveal that there is strong evidence against Nathan regarding Levi’s visa.  It’s obvious that Levi is trying to drive a wedge between Maxie and Nathan and what a better way to do it other than making Maxie think Nathan went against his word? Perhaps this will persuade Maxie into marrying Levi in order to keep him in the country.

Do you think Maxie will go through with marrying Levi in order to keep him in the US?


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Honestly I haven’t seen this much hype over a General Hospital hottie since Antonio Sabato Jr. played Jagger Cates back in the 90s! S o here you go Nathan West fans! Some good eye candy to get you through until tomorrow’s General Hospital.