Is Nathan in Danger?

It seems as if these two have been waiting a lifetime to finally be together. With overcoming so many obstacles that kept them apart for a year, it would only be fair that the two could have their chance at love. Maxie and Nathan overcame her trip on her self discovering journey, the wrath of Levi Dunkleman, and the ridiculous rulings of Judge Walters.

Nathan gave Maxie a Christmas miracle by turning to his mother, Liesl Obrecht for help. They were able to sway Judge Walter’s decision regarding Maxie’s visitation with her daughter, Georgie. Maxie finally got to spend time with her daughter while visiting in Portland. Maxie is about to have everything she has ever wanted. Getting home to Nathan hasn’t been easy, but now that she is ready to come face to face with him, there could be yet another setback.

According to Maxie’s ex, Spinelli, Nathan’s private plan should have landed in Port Charles about a half hour ago, (from the time she called Spinelli). Why has’t Nathan’s plane arrived where Maxie is waiting impatiently? There could possibly yet another obstacle keeping Maxie and Nathan apart. The minds of the fans have already started to flirt with the obvious, a dark outcome. Could Nathan’s plane have crashed? Will Maxie ever get her chance to be with Nathan?