Donna Mills Headed Back to GH?

She blasted into Port Charles reeking havoc on the residents of Port Charles. Madeline Reeves, Mother-in-law of Silas clay, and sister of Liesl Obrecht turned the lives of her loved ones (or enemies) upside down. She came into town because she wanted Silas to sign over his rights to her daughters finances. Her daughter, Nina Clay was said to be in a 20 year coma. When Silas started to ask questions, Madeline told him that she had past away. Her son, Nathan West, (which we found out was actually her nephew, and son of Dr. Liesl Obrecht, sister of Dr. Britt Westbourne), also was lead to believe that his sister, now cousin, Nina had died.

Nina is far from dead. She is alive and out for her husband Silas. Since encountering her in the park, Silas and Sam have hit a speed bump in their relationship. Nina, Silas’ wife, whom he thought was dead, is now found to be alive, and is driving a wedge between him and his girlfriend, Sam.

Now that Nina is back, and already causing trouble, will her Mother be close behind? Surely Silas will have a lot to say to Madeline, as will Nathan. She made them believe Nina was dead, therefore it’s obvious she has something to hide. What could she be hiding? Fans have speculated that Nina’s child just might be alive. Who will it be? SOme say they have a feeling Kiki is not Ava’s and perhaps Madeline made a deal with Ava to raise Kiki as her own.

Rumors have been circulating that Donna Mills is already taping and is expected to make another appearance in Port Charles as Madeline Reeves very shortly.

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Did Levi Ruin Maxie’s Chance With Her Daughter?

When Maxie came back from her soul searching journey, she brought something back with her, a complete nuisance! At this point, GH fans and friends of Maxie alike are sick and tired of Levi’s antics.

Aside from being self righteous and annoying, he may have done something that Maxie will never forgive him for. Maxie has a very important court hearing this week in regards to the custody of her daughter, Georgie. She missed the first hearing because she was afraid and wasn’t ready to face things. Levi also had a part in convincing her that she should just “let it go.” When she asked Diane to ask the jusde for a new hearing, the judge was ready to give her a flat out “NO” until Nathan stepped in. He told the judge that it was his fault and he thought the court order Maxie received in the mail was junk main and he threw it away. Levi, knowing the truth, and expressing to Maxie that it was not OK to lie to the judge, may have something to do with the judges decision this week.

Do you think Levi told the court the truth? Do you think he told the judge that Nathan lied to cover for Maxie?

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