General Hospital Spoilers: Nina Takes Advantage Of Yet Another Amnesiac, But This Time Things Won’t End In Her Favor

Ned plays Nina at Sonny’s

Ned plays Nina at Sonny’s!?!?! Just when you think there’s no other way out for Nina Reeves (Cynthia Watros) than the truth, she goes and jumps on the next opportunity to lie. It never fails that she gets herself into and out of her self inflicted dramas with her own lies. Simply put, Nina can’t stand watching others get what would have passed her by. But you know what they say, never say never.

Therefore, she’ll do anything to get what’s caught her eye, especially if she sees someone else giving whoever or whatever a second look. GH recaps remind us of how she stumbled upon a very married Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard). She didn’t do what an empathetic and compassionate person would do. Instead, Nina lied, kept him from his wife and family, took advantage of his fragile state of mind, and so much more irreparable suffering. And let’s not forget that she got away with it.

Ned plays Nina at Sonny’s

It’s a setup?! Fast forward to current times and General Hospital fans noticed something oddly familiar. But GH spoilers tease that things are different for Nina this time around. First, she took advantage of Sonny, an amnesiac whose family thought he was dead. Now, she thinks she’s about to do that same thing (yet different) to Ned Ashton (Wally Kurth). So far, Nina believe she Roman to use Ned’s certain type of amnesia for her benefit. Sound familiar? However, General Hospital spoilers and rumors tease the joke is on her.

According to GH spoilers, Sonny opened his home to Eddie Maine as a kind gesture to Olivia (Lisa LoCicero). That means Sonny, Ned/Eddie and Nina will have lots of quality time together. What’s his plan?

General Hospital Ins and Outs and Summer Recast!

There will be a lot of characters walking in and out of Port Charles this Summer on General Hospital. General Hospital Blog has previously reported that Jeffrey Vincent Parise (Carlos Rivera) is OUT, and it doesn’t look like he will be returning. Sean Blakemore is also on his way out at GH as Sonny’s enforcer, Shawn Butler. In the midst of his legal troubles, and baby mama drama with Jordan (Vinessa Antoine), Shawn will be leaving Port Charles, will he take his son TJ with him?

Finola Hughes will be off for the Summer as Anna Devane will leave Port Charles since the death of Duke Lavery (Ian Buchanan). Ian Buchanan has been out at GH since early May.

Lisa LoCicero will be on maternity leave for the majority of this Summer. Olivia and Ned will exit PC, as Wally Kurth has landed a role on Days of Our Lives.

Tony Geary is set to return to GH this Summer so that Luke Spencer can say goodbye to his loved ones in Port Charles. Geary is retiring for good, but we have good news that has confirmed Genie Francis will return as Laura Spencer for Geary’s exit. GH rumors have speculated that more GH alum will be returning to the canvas for Luke’s big goodbye. Jonathan Jackson who has played Lucky Spencer on GH, is currently on ABC’s Nashville. While Nashville is on Summer hiatus, it is highly possible that we will see Lucky return to Port Charles to see his dad, Luke, off.

General Hospital rumors have teased with one particular possibility for quite a while. Fans have been up in arms when it comes to Robin Scorpio Drake. Some want her back, some want her to stay gone, and others are willing to accept a recast. Although a recast of a fan favorite has been done in the past (Billy Miller taking Stave Burton’s place as Jason Morgan), it’s highly unlikely that Kimberly McCullough, who originated the character Robin will be recast. McCullough’s status with General Hospital remains unknown. However, there are a couple other possibilities for a Summer recast. Some claim that bringing Liz Webber’s sister, Sarah back to Port Charles is in the works, and since ABC’s fan February contest, social media has been buzzing that Serena Baldwin will make a return.

General Hospital Spoilers: Ned and Olivia Leave Port Charles This Month

Drama has risen when it comes to the baby daddy triangle between Olivia, Julian, and Ned. Now that Sam Morgan knows that Olivia is keeping this baby secret from her father, Julian Jerome, things are about to get more intense.

Previously, General Hospital Blog reported the departure of GH’s Wally Kurth (Ned Ashton) from General Hospital. Wally made the announcement to fans via twitter, that he will no longer be on GH as Ned Ashton, as he is also on NBC’s Days of Our Lives. He made a statement that he wished he was able to do both GH and DOOL, but unfortunately he is not.

GH Blog has also previously reported that Lisa LoCicero (Olivia Falconeri) is pregnant in real life with her second child, a baby girl. General Hospital spoilers reveal that Lisa LoCicero and Wally Kurth will both be leaving General Hospital in the month of May. However, there is good news, as Lisa is only going on maternity leave, and is due back sometime mid-Summer, around July.

Stayed tuned to ABC’s General Hospital to find out just how these two skip town. Keep checking back with us here at GH Blog for updates on the latest story line and news.

General Hospital News: Wally Kurth OUT at GH, Signs Contract with DAYS

Breaking news in General Hospital comings and goings. Long time GH star, Wally Kurth has announced he is leaving the show.

Wally’s character, Ned Ashton has played a significant role in the legendary Quartermaine family for many years. As the son of Tracy Quartermaine, Ned has been involved in many front running story lines. Currently, he is the the almost-love interest of OLucia Falconeri who has had her eye on Ned for quite a while. Ned is always there to help out a good friend, and right now he is claiming to be the father of some other man’s child just to protect Olivia. She is carrying mob boss, Julian Jerome’s child and doesn’t want him to find out.

Now that Wally Kurth has announced his departure from GH, it will be interesting to see how Olivia’s baby drama will unfold. Without Ned around, will she be able to keep her secret under wraps?

Check out the tweet confirming Wally’s exit from GH, announcing he has signed a contract with ‘Days of Our Lives.’