General Hospital News: Wally Kurth OUT at GH, Signs Contract with DAYS

Breaking news in General Hospital comings and goings. Long time GH star, Wally Kurth has announced he is leaving the show.

Wally’s character, Ned Ashton has played a significant role in the legendary Quartermaine family for many years. As the son of Tracy Quartermaine, Ned has been involved in many front running story lines. Currently, he is the the almost-love interest of OLucia Falconeri who has had her eye on Ned for quite a while. Ned is always there to help out a good friend, and right now he is claiming to be the father of some other man’s child just to protect Olivia. She is carrying mob boss, Julian Jerome’s child and doesn’t want him to find out.

Now that Wally Kurth has announced his departure from GH, it will be interesting to see how Olivia’s baby drama will unfold. Without Ned around, will she be able to keep her secret under wraps?

Check out the tweet confirming Wally’s exit from GH, announcing he has signed a contract with ‘Days of Our Lives.’