General Hospital Spoilers: Aurora Media Board Meetings Just Got A Little More Interesting

Willow and Nina join Aurora’s Board
Willow and Nina Join Aurora’s Board

Aurora Media is about to welcome two new members to the board. Michael and Drew have the power to give Nina and Willow a seat. Surely, this could work out. But GH rumors hint that disaster is imminent. Do Willow Corinthos (Katelyn MacMullen) and Nina Reeves (Cynthia Watros) have what it takes to successfully contribute to the company’s board?

General Hospital spoilers tease that Willow is excited about the opportunity offered by Michael Corinthos (Chad Duell). Her goal is to spend less time working as a Nurse at General Hospital, and more time at home with their children, Wiley and Amelia. Fortunately, she was offered a seat on Aurora Media’s Board. The offer comes as just one of the many perks that being married to a Quartermaine has to offer.

Willow And Nina Join Aurora’s Board

Evidently, Nina is desperate in all aspects of her life. She’s desperate to connect with her daughter Willow. Additionally, she strives to for vengeance against Carly Corinthos in every sense of the word. There’s no stopping Nina when it comes to getting her revenge.

The latest General Hospital spoilers and rumors indicate that Aurora board meetings her a little more interesting when these two ladies become board members. Will this mother and daughter duo grow closer as they work side by side? Or, will all Hell break loose in the boardroom with the tension between Willow and her mom?

General Hospital Spoilers: Michael Asks Sonny For Forgiveness- Is Sonny Ready To Trust His Son?

General Hospital Spoilers: Michael asks Sonny for forgiveness
Michael Asks Sonny For Forgiveness

Willow Tait Corinthos (Katelyn MacMullen) struggles to trust her own mother after the recent Corinthos family drama. As a result tension fills the air between Michael Corinthos (Chad Duell) and his wife. Of course, the situation never would have come about without Sonny’s wife, Nina Reeves (Cynthia Watros).

Unfortunately for Willow, Nina isn’t just her step-mother-in-law. She’s also Willow’s biological mother. According to recent General Hospital spoilers and previews, Sonny still finds it difficult to trust again. Not only did Nina let lie him, she deliberately hurt two people that Willow and Michael both care about. As for Sonny, he cares for Carly (Laura Wright) and respects Drew Cain (Cameron Mathison).

Moreover, Michael kept his step-mother’s lie a secret from both and Willow. Although each betrayed him in different ways, Sonny is seemingly done with Nina. But his son is another story. The most recent General Hospital previews indicate that Michael asks Sonny for forgiveness, but it’s unclear whether or not he’s ready to take that trusting leap. Right now it’s hard for Sonny to trust anyone- let alone someone who has directly lied to him. GH rumors tease that odds are Sonny won’t forgive Nina, but there’s hope for Michael and Sonny to regain what’s they’ve lost. Their bond.

General Hospital spoilers: Nina Makes A Power Move Over Michael As Her Last Ditch Effort- The New Mrs. Corinthos Assumes Her Title Among All Else

Nina tells Sonny herself
Nina tells Sonny herself

Nina Reeves sure has done well for herself. Certainly, she came a long way from her horrible past. When she first arrived in Port Charles in 2014, Nina was in a bad way. Coming fresh from a coma, Nina was all out of sorts. But the most unsettling aspect is that she was actively pulling calculated schemes.

Despite falling victim to her mother Madeline Reeves, Nina has since crawled herself out of the hole she was in. Somehow, the woman who abducted a pregnant Ava and induced labor to steal her baby is sitting on top of Port Charles. As General Hospital recaps recall, Nina used lies and deception to land herself a high-profile man. And not just any man, but Carly Corinthos’s (Laura Wright) husband. She managed to sever a family with her selfish and criminal choices.

Finally, General Hospital spoilers and rumors tease that Nina’s days on her thrown are numbered. Now that Michael knows the truth and confronted Nina, once again she answers to her son-in-law. According to General Hospital spoilers that may have flown in the past but Nina isn’t going to take it this time. GH Rumors tease that the new Mrs. Corinthos assumes her title, taking not only Sonny’s name, but his sense of empowerment.

Carly Corinthos and Nina Reeves

Nina Tells Sonny Herself

Currently, Michael has Nina backed into a corner. With Willow as his first priority, Michael calls the shots yet again. Michael looks out for his family in the ways he knows best. Right now Willow’s mother is a threat to the family and Michael keeps a close watch. In what seems like a never ending saga, the storyline takes a turn when Nina makes a power move over Michael.

GH spoilers tease that Nina’s sick and tired of being bullied by Sonny’s family and she takes matters into her own hands. Will she come clean to Sonny before he finds out the hard way? Now that they’re married, Nina has a sense of security with Sonny. Although she’s aware of the possibility, Nina’s no longer fixated on Sonny leaving her. But you know what they say, things happen when we least expect them.

General Hospital Spoilers: Michael Will NOT Expose Nina Despite The Hype

Michael doesn’t expose Nina
Michael doesn’t expose Nina

Hot take! Michael doesn’t expose Nina?!

…The look on Michael’s face said it all, or so we all thought. He and his wife Willow (Katelyn MacMullen) willingly attended Sonny and Nina’s destination wedding on Sonny’s island.

General Hospital recaps recall a beautiful wedding. Nina and Sonny made it official, and their kids were there to support and celebrate them. Michael stood by his father despite his feelings about his father’s new bride. Although he was physically present, Michael’s attention was divided.

General Hospital spoilers reveal that Michael had his mom on his mind during the wedding. Specifically, who turned her in to the SEC. Not to mention her boyfriend Drew Cain (Cameron Mathison), and the suffering he’s endured in Pentonville. So he took it upon himself to dig into it a bit. Of course, Michael received the news at an awkward time.

According to GH rumors, Michael is ready to expose Nina based on the look on his face. but if you look at GH previews for this coming week, you’ll see that Nina is out of her wedding dress and has slipped into something a little bit more comfortable. Additionally, Michael and Willow are back in Port Charles while Sonny and Nina stayed to carryout their celebration. Honeymoon perhaps?

Michael doesn’t expose Nina

If Not Michael, Then Who? Does Carly Expose Nina?!

Shocking GH spoilers and rumors tease that Michael doesn’t expose Nina, but Carly does! Some GH fans see it as a “come full circle” moment for Carly. After Nina stole her husband and her career, not to mention how Drew is now in Pentonville suffering an excessive sentence. If GH rumors are true and Carly spills the tea, will sue really have the last word? Or is this an ongoing feud between these two ladies?

General Hospital Spoilers: Harmony Knows Something They Don’t Know, Nina’s Secret Past Exposed!

Harmony exposes Nina’s past
Harmony exposes Nina’s past

Harmony Miller (Inga Cadranel) was no model citizen or even a good parent. Sure, she wasn’t a total monster of a mother. But her’s and Willow’s relationship was far from your typical mother-daughter bond. In fact, Willow didn’t even know that Harmony wasn’t her biological mother. Therefore, her home life was based on a lie. But Willow and Harmony loved each other in their own way.

Clearly, Harmony loves and cares deeply about the only daughter she’s ever known. Despite how things went down over the years, Harmony feels the need to protect Willow, even from beyond the grave. That’s when she came to her daughter in dream.

Nina Harmony Phyllis

Despite all of Harmony’s shortcomings as a mother, she still finds it necessary to keep Nina Reeves (Cynthia Watros) from Willow. Is Harmony just the worst kind of hypocrite? Or does she know something about Nina that’s so dark it makes Harmony look like Mother-of-the-Year?

Since Harmony’s warning, General Hospital rumors regarding Nina Reeves have spread across social media platforms. Reportedly, the majority of GH fans believe that Harmony’s warning is definitely about Nina. That’s why Nina becomes unsettled when Willow confides in her about her dream. See, Nina and Harmony have past that not many know about.

Harmony and Nina GH

According to GH spoilers, Harmony’s warning is the beginning of Nina’s fallout. Although Harmony may not be the one to specifically expose Nina, it’s possible that she’s provided enough information to get this party started. Is Willow’s dream the thread that’s pulled just before everything unravels?

General Hospital Spoilers: Willow Confides In Her Mother, Nina Fears Harmony’s Warning

Nina fears Harmony’s warning
Nina fears Harmony’s warning

It must be so strange for Willow to bring herself to call either of these women her mother. The woman who “raised” jet was the only mother she’d ever known. It’s no secret that Willow and Harmony’s relationship with strained, and downright toxic at times. However, Harmony loved her “daughter” and despite her mom’s actions, Willow loved her too.

GH recaps recall Willow’s waiting room catnap. She dozed off at the hospital and was awakened by a disturbing dream. I’m the dream, her late mother Harmony came to Willow with a warning. Ever since General Hospital’s 9/29/23 episode, GH fans try to master lip reading as they try to decipher what Harmony mouthed to Willow.

GH Spoiler ???? Alert! After watching the clip over and over, I’ve come to believe that I figured out what Harmony said for the most part. “You can’t. You can’t. I’m warning you, Willow, you can’t trust.”

Harmony’s warning rattles Willow. She can’t seem to shake her mom’s warning regarding trust. Who or what can’t Willow trust? General Hospital spoilers indicate that’s when Willow confided in Nina regarding her dream of Harmony. Surprised, Nina is taken aback (in a good way) by the fact that Willow came to her to talk in the first place. However, soon enough the good vibes fade. Willow tells Nina what Harmony said in her dream and now Nina fears Harmony’s warning. From the looks of things, One of Willow’s mother’s is most likely warning her about her other mother, Nina.

See, Nina knows what she’s done and that’s why her secrets must stay buried. Because if Willow finds out then her chances at a relationship with her daughter are over.

General Hospital Spoilers: Nina’s Gonna Need Someone To Lean On When She’s Finally Exposed- Nelle Comforts Nina

Nelle comforts Nina

Nelle comforts Nina! Nina Reeves (Cynthia Watros) is so close to her happy ending. She has her man, she’s found her daughter, and her daughter is going to live! Additionally, Willow is starting to come around, and that’s all Nina asks. One step at a time, Nina and Willow inch closer to a relationship.

General Hospital spoilers tease that Nina faces the music. Inevitably, her reign of lies and deception come to an end. After all of her victories and in all of her glory, Nina then finds herself alone. Eventually, everything she has stolen from Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright), and everything she’s lied to obtain is swept out from underneath her feet.

Aside from all she’s done to Carly, Nina is also the reason why Drew Cain (Cameron Mathison) is in Pentonville. He could be home with his family. But instead, he’s serving time. When Nina turned Carly and Drew in to the SEC, she set a series of unfortunate events in motion. One being that she compromised her fiancé after the Feds got wind of Carly and Drew’s crimes. Moreover, the blame fell on Ned Quartermaine (Wally Kurth). Because of Nina, one thing led to another and now Olivia, Leo, Brook Lynn, and Tracy are stuck with Eddie Maine. So many have suffered at her hand, and now she’s about onto face the music.

Nina is Finally Exposed

According to GH spoilers and rumors, Nina loses everything she worked so hard climbing over people to get. When she’s exposed, Willow (Katelyn MacMullen) and everyone else turn their backs on Nina, leaving her with no one. No Sonny, no Willow, and all the loved ones tied to these connections. Since finding out that she missed her chance with Nelle, Nina had blamed Carly for every single thing that’s happened to her. Including her poor relationships with her two daughters. Nina can’t seem to catch a break when it comes to her long lost children. But will she have another chance with either Willow or Nelle?

GH rumors tease that Nelle comforts Nina when Willow and everyone else walks away. Is Nelle alive, or will she come to Nina again in a vision?

General Hospital Spoilers: Nina Gets What She Wants AGAIN- But Not For Long, It’s About Time Karma Understands The Assignment

Willow let’s Nina in Nina loses everything

Willow lets Nina in! …It sure looks like Nina Reeves (Cynthia Watros) very well might get everything she wants. It’s like the universe is suffering from a major malfunction.

Indeed, karma is meant to be signify a person’s actions in life that influences what happens to them in current and future lives. Additionally, karma is viewed as the cause and effect of morality. Based on all the good fortune and blessings that have bestowed upon Nina, karma doesn’t seem to understand the assignment.

However, General Hospital spoilers reveal that karma just needs time to do its thing with Nina. There’s no way this woman gets away with all that she’s done, and all of the people she’s harmed along the way. Inevitably, Nina’s actions will come back around to bite her once karma catches up with her. Her lies and despicable actions are about to unravel as everyone learns the truth. Once everyone knows that Nina was getting the book thrown at Drew, he was our saving her daughter’s life. As they say, no deed goes unpunished, and now he pays the price.

According to GH spoilers and previews, Nina gets a taste of her own mortality when adverse effects hit at every angle. After all is said and done, Nina takes the biggest L of them all. Ironically, Willow (Katelyn MacMullen) lets Nina in just to push her out again. Evidently, Nina’s a spiteful actions have their consequences and now she’s been hit with karma.

General Hospital Spoilers: The Ultimate Guilt Trip- Many Fans Are Suspicious Of Willow’s Masked Nurse… Was It A Setup?!

Willow’s masked nurse Nina guilt trips Willow

Is Willow’s masked nurse a set up? …If you found yourself feeling a bit awkward as you watched yesterday’s General Hospital, then you are not alone. There’s no doubt that scenes between Willow Tait Corinthos (Katelyn MacMullen) and her masked mystery nurse were a bit curious.

Understandably, Nina Reeves (Cynthia Watros) wants to get close to the daughter she has longed to meet. Never in a million years did Nina imagine that Willow would turn out to be her OTHER daughter. Shockingly enough, General Hospital recaps recall that the late Nelle Benson (Chloe Lanier) is Nina’s long lost daughter. And by some random twist of fate, it was discovered that Nina had another child out there. It just so happens that her daughter was living right under her nose in Port Charles. But close proximity doesn’t guarantee closeness of the heart.

General Hospital spoilers reveal there is something quite curious about Willow’s masked nurse. The thing sshe was saying seemed forced and completely inappropriate. As we know, television dialogue is typically a bit over zealous, especially in serious scenes. So, it’s not uncommon to hear some majorly dramatic dialogue between characters. However, the nurse’s bluntness may have been a guilt trip tactic from none other than Nina herself.

According to recent GH spoilers and rumors, Nina set up Willow to receive an earful from her caring nurse. But was it really Nina who set this conversation in motion? Or did Willow receive a guiding light?

General Hospital Spoilers: Nina Puts Sonny Behind Bars, Carly Comes In Clutch With The Save

Nina puts Sonny behind bars

Nina puts Sonny behind bars!!! ???? Nina Reeves (Cynthia Watros) can’t leave well enough alone. She pushes her luck beyond any reasonable reality, because nothing is ever enough for an entitled narcissist.

What’s that saying, “give them an inch, they take a mile”? Honestly, she has to be one of the greediest people out there, surpassing Greedy Gladys. Sure, Gladys’s greed is monetary, but Nina’s greed consumes her entire life. The home-wrecking Metro Court co-owner wants more, more, and more!

General Hospital recaps recall where it all began. In Nixon Falls, Nina conjured up her plan to keep Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) all to herself. She even went as far as hiding Sonny during a FaceTime call with HIS grandson, Wiley Corinthos (Viron Weaver). That woman jumped through hoops to keep her lie alive. The thing is, she didn’t stop there. No, she had to take more from Carly in the name of “revenge.” That’s when she stole Carly’s half of The Metro Court right from under her.

General Hospital spoilers reveal that Nina wont be satisfied until Carly is out of the picture for good. It isn’t enough for Nina that she’s now engaged to Carly’s ex-husband. Still, she wants more. Well, according to General Hospital rumors, Nina’s greed is illimitable, and every move she makes to benefit herself hurts her enemies as well as friends. This time, she digs her own grave when Nina puts Sonny behind bars.

Have no fear! GH rumors hint that Carly comes in clutch with the save!