General Hospital Spoilers: Nina Gets What She Wants AGAIN- But Not For Long, It’s About Time Karma Understands The Assignment

Willow let’s Nina in Nina loses everything

Willow lets Nina in! …It sure looks like Nina Reeves (Cynthia Watros) very well might get everything she wants. It’s like the universe is suffering from a major malfunction.

Indeed, karma is meant to be signify a person’s actions in life that influences what happens to them in current and future lives. Additionally, karma is viewed as the cause and effect of morality. Based on all the good fortune and blessings that have bestowed upon Nina, karma doesn’t seem to understand the assignment.

However, General Hospital spoilers reveal that karma just needs time to do its thing with Nina. There’s no way this woman gets away with all that she’s done, and all of the people she’s harmed along the way. Inevitably, Nina’s actions will come back around to bite her once karma catches up with her. Her lies and despicable actions are about to unravel as everyone learns the truth. Once everyone knows that Nina was getting the book thrown at Drew, he was our saving her daughter’s life. As they say, no deed goes unpunished, and now he pays the price.

According to GH spoilers and previews, Nina gets a taste of her own mortality when adverse effects hit at every angle. After all is said and done, Nina takes the biggest L of them all. Ironically, Willow (Katelyn MacMullen) lets Nina in just to push her out again. Evidently, Nina’s a spiteful actions have their consequences and now she’s been hit with karma.