Is Kiki Nina’s Daughter?

Ever since Nina made her abrupt appearance in the park a few days ago, it’s undeniable that there is something off about the woman. She doesn’t act how one would expect coming straight out of a 20 year coma. She seems to have her mind set on one thing and one thing only…Silas.

Nina expects everything to fall right back into place after 20 years, as if the world around Silas stood still for as long as she was in a coma. She is really over doing it to the point where it looks like she is doing it on purpose. Before the tragedy happened, she knew their marriage wasn’t perfect. She was aware of the fact that Silas had an affair with Ava Jerome, so why would she think everything would be great between the two of them now? It has been said that Nina knows a lot more than she is letting on and fans have been speculating as to what exactly she knows.

Today, Nina talked about her baby that she lost when she over dosed on the medication (given to her by her own Mother, Madeline Reeves (Donna Mills)). She reflected on the past and after meeting Kiki, Silas’ daughter with Ava, she was saddened by the fact that Ava had his baby and she was supposed to and didn’t. Perhaps Nina knows and is keeping it a secret, or maybe she doesn’t, but what if Kiki is not Ava’s daughter at all? What if Madeline and Ava played it off as if Kiki was Ava’s child? Rumors have been circulating that Madeline and Ava stole Nina’s baby to pass it off as Ava’s, maybe so that Nina would divorce Silas for not only cheating on her, but for getting another woman pregnant.

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The Awakening of Nina Clay

In the next few days we will be introduced to Silas’ wife, Nina Clay, (played by actress Michelle Stafford). Last week, Silas received a mysterious bouquet of flowers that were sent to the hospital. The card read, “I miss you, Love, Me.” At first he thought they were from Sam. When Sam told Silas she did not send the flowers, Sam started to wonder who they could be from and why. She realized that it has to be someone who knows Silas quite well for the person to sign the card with “Me.”

Silas believes that his wife Nina passed away because her Mother, Madeline Reeves told him that she died after being in a coma for over 20 years. We the fans know that Madeline was the one who put Nina in that coma because she was pregnant.

Sam and Silas seem to be very happy in their relationship. Now that Nina is alive and awake, what will this mean for the new couple?

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