The Awakening of Nina Clay

In the next few days we will be introduced to Silas’ wife, Nina Clay, (played by actress Michelle Stafford). Last week, Silas received a mysterious bouquet of flowers that were sent to the hospital. The card read, “I miss you, Love, Me.” At first he thought they were from Sam. When Sam told Silas she did not send the flowers, Sam started to wonder who they could be from and why. She realized that it has to be someone who knows Silas quite well for the person to sign the card with “Me.”

Silas believes that his wife Nina passed away because her Mother, Madeline Reeves told him that she died after being in a coma for over 20 years. We the fans know that Madeline was the one who put Nina in that coma because she was pregnant.

Sam and Silas seem to be very happy in their relationship. Now that Nina is alive and awake, what will this mean for the new couple?

Let us know what you think of Silas, Sam, and Nina triangle!