General Hospital Spoilers: Michael and Wiley Reunited!

It’s been a long time coming and GH viewers are about as ready as ever for what’s to come. The baby stealing conjured by Nelle Benson (Chloe Lanier) and Brad Cooper (Perry Shen) has been an ongoing story for almost two years. Michael Corinthos (Chad Duell) still thinks he and Nelle lost their baby boy that one fateful night. Michael dodged a bullet when he and Nelle’s relationship went up in flames but what he doesn’t know is just how callous and evil Nelle actually is, even after everything he already knows about her.
This Thanksgiving week, General Hospital spoilers revealed a huge plot involving Lucas Jones (Ryan Carnes) and Brad Cooper. The two will be involved in a car crash that will be so severe, Brad will end up with near fatal injuries, and there is a possibility Lucas is injured as well. Julian Jerome (William DeVry) will finally have a guilty conscience for what has happened.
Lucas and Brad have been having issues for a while, stemming from lack of trust. Lucas knows Brad is hiding something and he knows it’s big. As Lucas demands answers from Brad, the two are arguing and that is how the crash happens. General Hospital Spoilers disclose what happens next. Michael will actually be the one to take I baby Wiley as Brad and Lucas will not be able to care for him after the accident. Little does Michael know, baby Wiley is his biological son, Jonah. Down the road, GH spoilers hint that in mid December, Michael will be in over his head and require some assistance. It’s highly possible that the assistance Michael will need will have to do with full time care for Wiley.
Only time will tell but fans are hoping that Michael will know Wiley is actually his son by Christmas.
Michael and Wiley will be reunited by chance which will get them closer to the truth.

General Hospital Spoilers: Thanksgiving Chaos, Pregnant Willow, Mike Fights Sonny, Kendra Whacks Alexis, and SO MUCH MORE

This week will see more fire on General Hospital than we have all month thus far for November Sweeps. Thanksgiving week bring all the excitement you thought you’ve miss the first few weeks of November Sweeps.

Now THAT’S an action shot!

HUGE General Hospital spoilers reveal a possibly pregnant Willow, a frightful scream at the Quartermaine mansion, Mike assaults Sonny, Lucas demands answers from Brad which leads to an almost fatal crash, Kendra won’t stop when it comes to trying to get rid of Alexis…


Are you ready for an explosive Thanksgiving? … with pizza ?

General Hospital Spoilers: Julian’s Savage Plan to Take Down Brad Has a Bigger Impact Than Anticipated

Someone is finally taking a stand against the shadiest GH employee in the game, Brad Cooper. Brad is married to mobster Julian Jerome’s son, Lucas Jones and has been running scams on the people of Port Charles since the day he and Dr. Britt Westbourne teamed up to cause problems for Robin and Patrick Drake.

Julian wants Brad out of his son Lucas’ life once and for all. He has had it with all his lies, most importantly, the secret involving baby Wiley. Julian just wants his son to be happy. He devised a master plan to sabotage the relationship between Brad and Lucas. He has hired a man to be Brad’s secret admirer and make it look like Brad is cheating on Lucas. It started with a flower delivery, and has developed into inappropriate text photos. Lucas has already been questioning Brad and has even looked at his phone as Brad swears he is not cheating. It sure doesn’t look good for Brad, as these texts are very convincing.

Julian’s goal is to ultimately get Brad out of the picture before he slips up and the secret about Wiley being Michael’s is exposed. Julian just wants Lucas to be happy with his baby and while Brad is still around, there is a big chance Lucas will end up finding out Brad has been lying about their baby and they Julian has known the whole time. However, Julian recently found out the baby is actually Michael and Nelle’s which makes the situation so much worse.

Julian’s plan seems fool proof on the surface, but it just might blow up in his face. Brad doesn’t do well under pressure, and even now he is extremely on edge and it always looks like he’s about to crack. As Brad becomes more and more squeamish there is more opportunity for him to let his guard down and fold. Although Julian’s goal is to get Brad away from Lucas by making him think Brad is cheating, Brad may just end up disclosing the whole truth to Lucas in a desperate attempt to save their relationship. If that happens, Brad wouldn’t be the only incriminated party. Julian will be thrown under the bus as well since he has known all along that Lucas and Brad’s actual baby passed away at birth.

There is a lot at stake for not only Brad but Julian as well if the secret about baby Wiley gets exposed. Lucas is being lied to by the very people who claim to love him the most. When the truth comes out, he will be devastated to say the least.

Will Julian’s plan cause more trouble than he is ready to handle?

The Fallout Between Father and Son

A huge secret is being kept among some residents of Port Charles and it’s all about to unravel. This is only the beginning when it comes to the destruction caused by the lies of some Port Charles residents and the ones who are keeping their secrets.

Brad is in over his head as little bits and pieces of the truth come to light. Nelle is threatening him from her jail cell, being completely manipulative as usual. Brad and Nelle deserve to be raked over the coals for this scheme that seems to be lasting years…well, more than seems to be, baby Wiley (Jonah) is almost 2 years old! Needless to say, this story line is about to hit it’s expiration date.

Bringing the Brad, Nelle, Michael, Willow, and Shiloh saga to a close means that truths will start to get told. Too many people know what Brad is hiding, and one of them is his very own Father. Mobster, Julian Jerome is aware that his son’s husband, Brad, is keeping a very dark secret. Julian has known almost from the get go, that Lucas and Brad’s baby died as an infant, and was replaced by Brad. What Julian didn’t know was to whom the baby actually belongs.

Once everything comes to light, and Michael finds out his baby is alive, everyone involved will know exactly where to point fingers. Lucas will not only be faced with the harsh reality of losing a baby, he will also have lost Brad, and his own Father for the lies they have told.

Watch the truth come to light as a Father and Son enter into the darkest days of their relationship.

Will Brad Tell Lucas the Truth About Rosalie?

RosalieFriday’s episode left us hanging when we found out that the secret that Rosalie has been keeping for so long is that she is married to Brad. Not only is she married to a gay man, who is currently involved in a romantic relationship, she and her companion also have something else to hide.

In an intense few moments between, Lucas, Brad, and Rosalie, Lucas out Brad on the spot and demanded to know why he and Rosalie are married. Rosalie tried to make a save, by coming up with a bogus excuse that included making Brad’s parents happy because he couldn’t openly tell them he was gay.

A huge bombshell was dropped when Brad admitted to Lucas that he and Rosalie must stay married, not because of his parents, but because they will never have to testify against one another. But what did Rosalie and Brad do back in their younger years in college? General Hospital rumors have toyed with the story that Brad’s family is involved in the mob. Rosalie already has a shady past, which means this could go anywhere.

What type of crime do you think was committed (if any), that these two need protection from?

Brad and Rosalie’s Loveless Marriage

BradRosalieLucasAfter Friday’s episode of General Hospital, fans were left wondering, “what gives?” Since Brad is gay and currently in a relationship with Lucas, and Rosalie has been running around Port Charles trying to bed the Corinthos brothers for one reason of another, what business dealings had to take place for Rosalie and Brad to be married?

Brad said it himself, they are definitely not married for love. It’s apparent that those two don’t even see each other, let alone know where their other half is currently residing and working. From the look on Rosalie’s face when she saw Brad at GH, it’s obvious that those two had no knowledge of each other’s whereabouts.

So why are they married, we ask? Well General Hospital rumors have been circulating for quite some time, that Brad’s parents are involved in the mob… word out on the street is that Rosalie too, may have some mob connections. It wouldn’t be too far fetched because she has been already involved with so many shady dealings. From Nina to Nikolas, Rosalie has been busy at conning and lying to the people or Port Charles.

Now that we know Rosalie’s secret, how does her marriage to Brad Cooper paint a larger picture for a GH story line? Let us know your ideas and theories!

General Hospital Spoilers: Head Writer Ron Carlivati Reveals Shocking Nurses Ball Moment

General Hospital’s Executives Ron Carlivati and Frank Valentini are always stirring the pot with their General Hospital spoiler tweets. They know exactly how to get fans interested and coming back for more. Last night via twitter, Ron Carlivati leaked a photo from what will be shown today on General Hospital.

Kelly Thiebaud has come back to GH as Dr. Britt Westbourne, The Britch, and she and Brad are at his apartment. Carlivati reveals that a shocking moment will happen at the Nurses Ball that causes Britt and Brad to react in a certain way as they are watching from home.

Are you ready to find out what has Brad and Britt’s jaws dropped? Let the Nurses Ball 2015 fun begin!

Check out Ron’s tweet below!


GH’s Perry Shen Posts, “Reunited and it Feels So Good” The Britch is Back!

It looks like the fans (and Dr. O) aren’t the only ones who are ecstatic that Dr. Britt Westbourne, AKA The Britch is back in Port Charles. Kelly Thiebaud’s co-star Perry Shen who plays Britt’s bratty BFF, the lab rat, Brad Cooper, is also beside himself with excitement that his partner in crime is back by his side.

Perry Shen posted a photo on his Facebook page, of himself and co-star Kelly Thiebaud, as Brad and Britt that read, “We’re back Britches.” Let the fun begin now that these two are back in action!



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General Hospital Spoilers: Brad Gets a Surprise Visitor

The Nurses Ball will debut at the end of this week which means General Hospital is going to be full of surprises. This week, General Hospital spoilers were leaked, stating that Brad will be getting a surprise visitor.

Since Brad’s character hasn’t really been developed as far as long lost friends and family, it might be easy to assume that his surprise visit will be from none other than his bestie, The Britch, or Britt Westbourne if you will.

General Hospital Blog has previously reported that Kelly Thiebaud could be on her way back to General Hospital as Dr. Britt Westbourne. It looks as though those rumors are true and we will be seeing Britt as soon as this week on General Hospital.