Will Brad Tell Lucas the Truth About Rosalie?

RosalieFriday’s episode left us hanging when we found out that the secret that Rosalie has been keeping for so long is that she is married to Brad. Not only is she married to a gay man, who is currently involved in a romantic relationship, she and her companion also have something else to hide.

In an intense few moments between, Lucas, Brad, and Rosalie, Lucas out Brad on the spot and demanded to know why he and Rosalie are married. Rosalie tried to make a save, by coming up with a bogus excuse that included making Brad’s parents happy because he couldn’t openly tell them he was gay.

A huge bombshell was dropped when Brad admitted to Lucas that he and Rosalie must stay married, not because of his parents, but because they will never have to testify against one another. But what did Rosalie and Brad do back in their younger years in college? General Hospital rumors have toyed with the story that Brad’s family is involved in the mob. Rosalie already has a shady past, which means this could go anywhere.

What type of crime do you think was committed (if any), that these two need protection from?