General Hospital Spoilers: Pikeman Leads Carly Up The Garden Path, Then Straight Into Sonny’s Arms- Pikeman Is The Fuel That Rekindles Sonny and Carly’s Flame

Pikeman brings Sonny and Carly back together
Pikeman brings Sonny and Carly back together

A mystery man walked into Kelly’s and charmed the poly gloves right off of Carly [Corinthos] Spencer (Laura Wright). He was attentive, observant, generous, and ostensibly kind. Those all sound like lovely qualities for anyone to possess, but Carly soon finds out that she’s been lead up the gardens path.

Whether or not Pikeman (Charles Mesure) knew exactly who Carly was, or if he just got lucky, their encounter is the beginning of something big. Sonny just told Pikeman’s employee that he refuses to allow any more shipments until he gets his answer. Things don’t end well after that meeting and now Sonny may have made matters worse. Thankfully, Dex Heller (Evan Hofer) has been on his A-game lately, proving that he is just as valuable as say, Jason Morgan😉.

Pikeman Brings Sonny and Carly Back Together

General Hospital spoilers reveal that Carly’s run-in with Pikeman leads to another path. Ultimately, the one that brings her back to Sonny. Most likely, Pikeman sought out Carly on purpose. This way he can feel out the situation and use her to get to Sonny.

According to the latest GH rumors, the dangers and risks brought upon by Sonny’s business come creeping in again. The safety of Port Charles is compromised due to the current mob activity between Sonny and Pikeman. Thankfully, years of experience has Carly hopping on to old tricks like reducing a bicycle. She’s capable of holding her own but also has the experience to help Sonny; all while still needing Sonny’s protection.

It’s inevitable. Sonny and Carly are destined to be together and Pikeman is just the man for the job. GH spoilers and rumors tease that mob violence is an aphrodisiac for this couple. LOL Just kidding. But honestly, the familiar danger is rumored to bring Sonny and Carly back together.

General Hospital Spoilers: Russian Mob Uses Gloria To Get To Sonny, Is Yuri A Friend Or Foe?

GH Spoilers: Yuri Uses Gloria to Reach Sonny Yuri GH
Yuri Uses Gloria To Reach Sonny

Let’s be honest, the everyday grind isn’t easy. In fact, most of us fantasize about ways to live without being a slave to money until we die. Although the typical 8-5 workday isn’t the most appealing, the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.

Taylor Swift once said, “Don’t you know that cash ain’t the only price?” Sure, someone you know might have body guards, an endless coffee supply, a private island as a safe-house, or designer clothes, a room at the Metro Court, or all of the above. But what is the price outside of monetary terms for the finer things in life? Often times money can buy frivolous purchases but it’s how the money was earned that sits uncomfortably with some people. Or not. Sadly, some people can sleep like a baby while knowing that they are the reason for someone’s pain and suffering.

On the flip side, others life everyday in constant fear of the enemy. That’s when protecting your own becomes more than your first priority. More importantly, an attempt to fortify your entire family’s world becomes your way of life. Port Charles mob boss Sonny Corinthos is a powerful man. Yet, he continues to find himself at odds with a new enemy.

Is Yuri A Friend Or Foe?

A body guard is a highly trusted, highly skilled professional that is hired to protect another person or group. So far, the Quartermaine’s bodyguard Yuri (Cyrus Hobbi) meets both of those expected attributes. He’s been nothing but kind and helpful to the Q clan, especially Brook Lynn (Amanda Setton). Yuri even called her by a nickname. From the looks of things, Yuri is quite fond of Miss BLQ and the entire Quartermaine family.

The Russian Mob 2008

Despite his big Teddy bear-like assets, Yuri could very well be a plant. No, not the kind that grows upon water and sunlight, but rather a decoy. Apparently, Yuri may not be the all-powerful protector like we all thought. Is Yuri there to carryout his obligation to serve and protect the Quartermaine family? Or is the Russian stationed with ulterior motives? General Hospital recaps highlight the year 2008 and its Russian storyline. Sonny had a new enemy, Karpov.

General Hospital spoilers and rumors, Yuri insinuates himself into Gloria Cerullo’s (Ellen Travolta) predicament with the Russian mob. He doesn’t rent to help Gloria. In reality, this is all part of a grander plan to get to Sonny.

General Hospital Spoilers: Nina Has Drew’s Blood On Her Hands- If Drew Dies, Nina’s Secrets Stay Safe?

Drew dies and Nina lies
Drew dies and Nina lies

Not even the weight of immense amounts of guilt can make Nina Reeves (Cynthia Watros) come clean. That woman has stood by and watched as her actions caused a Domino affect of destruction across Port Charles.

General Hospital Recaps: Because of Nina, lives are turned upside down and everyone is at risk. Sonny’s fiancé started this mess with her little SEC tip-off. Evidently, revenge on Carly is more important than anything. And I mean anything (in Nina’s mind). So, she marched right over to her lawyer, Martin Gray (Michael E. Knight) and told him to put in a call to the SEC. Then, things got messy once the authorities caught wind of Carly and Drew’s white collar crimes. As a result, Nina’s impulsive behavior opened the floodgates for every risk that Sonny could possibly face- including getting busted by the FBI.

Is Drew Cain Going to Die?

Fast forward, and now Drew Cain (Cameron Mathison) fights for his life. Thanks to Nina, he’s been stuck in Pentonville, but that’s not the worst of it. Recently, Drew was admitted into General Hospital after being badly beaten in Pentonville. According to General Hospital spoilers, Drew’s life hangs in the balance.

If Drew dies and Nina lies, well, continues to lie, about all she’s done, then she goes on to live her best life while the ones around her fall apart. In her mind, lying is the only option because it’s like that snowball effect. Once you tell a lie, more and more pile on to cover up for the original. I don’t know about y’all but that sounds exhausting to me!

General Hospital News and Spoilers: 10 Years Ago Today GH Reached Impressive Milestone, GH Cast Thanks Fans

General Hospital reached 1 million Facebook followers 2013
General Hospital reached 1 million Facebook followers

Do you recall what was going on in Port Charles in 2013? Sure, ten years is a long time but we aren’t amateurs. Of course we can remember the happenings of Port Charles from ten years back! Remembering one measly decade is nothing compared to the OG fans. Those General Hospital stans are the true ride or die types who have watched since day one (April 1st, 1963). That’s six decades!

General Hospital Reached 1 Million Followers, Cast Thanks Fans

While many of us started watching this iconic Soap Opera before we even had our first kiss, we encourage new, fresh fans every day! It’s nice to be able to grow the fan base, especially geared toward the younger generation. As I recall, I began watching General Hospital in 1992 with my mom and my sister. And throughout my pre-teens and high school years my friends also watched. Sadly, today most of my friends have stopped watching. And let’s be honest, we aren’t friends anymore either lol. Haha but that’s another thing.

Remember when Julian called himself Derek Wells?!

It’s hard to below that 2013 was ten years ago. General Hospital news and spoilers confirm that 10 years ago today, General Hospital reached 1 minion Facebook followers. It’s an impressive milestone for daytime drama. And 10 years later and GH is going strong.

General Hospital Spoilers: Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned! Selina Wu Goes To War And Someone Pays The Price

Selina Wu goes to war
Selina Wu goes to war

Let’s be real here. Not many of us really like to hear the word no as an answer. Some people can’t handle any type of rejection, even if it’s not personal. Oftentimes hearing the word no is taken to heart whether it was meant to be personal or not.

Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned

Curtis Ashford had just woken up from a nightmare, except the nightmare didn’t end when he opened his eyes. In fact, that’s when it truly began. Unfortunately, Curtis was shot at the Metro Court. What makes it even worse is that authorities believe the bullet was meant for someone else. Evidently, Curtis wasn’t the intended target. That’s when the PCPD figured that the bullet was meant for Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) or Anna Devane (Finola Hughes).

After the incident, Selina didn’t waste any time. Curtis didn’t have a moment to collect his thoughts after learning that he’s paralyzed before Selina Wu threw salt in the wound. Immediately, she approached Curtis about The Savoy, and now his professional life is as messed up as most other aspects in his life. Even his marriage to Portia was hanging by a thread.

According to General Hospital spoilers, Selina Wu won’t take no for an answer. Selina doesn’t let Marshall stop her no matter what he says. General Hospital recaps recall that Marshall Ashford (Robert Gossett) stepped in for Curtis (Donnell Turner) while he takes time to adjust to his new life. For the time being, Marshall is in charge of The Savoy. But just because Marshall spoke on behalf of The Savoy, that doesn’t mean Selina likes it, or that she will even oblige. Selina isn’t about to end her poker game.

General Hospital spoilers reveal that Selina Wu goes to war with a new enemy. Marshall isn’t the only one who told Selina she couldn’t do what she wants to do. She went to Sonny, thinking he’d have her back. But when he didn’t, her vibe suddenly changed. Now her mere presence could freeze Arendelle if Elsa ever needed help.

It looks like Selina has reason to use her power around Port Charles. Who will pay the price?

General Hospital Spoilers: Sonny Strikes A Nerve, Unleashes The Mobster Within Selina

Selina turns Sonny against her Selina Wu Sonny Corinthos

Sonny unleashes the Mobster within Selina!
…For the most part, Selina Wu (Lydia Look) and Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) have a common understanding and mutual respect for one another. That being said, neither party intend to make the other an enemy. Unfortunately, sometimes that a just happen.

General Hospital recaps recall Sonny and Selina’s latest conversation about The Savoy, specifically her back door poker room. Evidently, Selina figured that she could simply walk into Sonny’s office and present him with her personal dilemma. Furthermore, she expected him to agree and comply, but when he didn’t, the dismay was written all over her face.

Previous GH spoilers suggested that Selina is now a woman scorned. Sonny is someone who she thought considered her an ally. If that were true, then why is Sonny Corinthos protecting someone else? Selina second guesses where she ranks with Sonny. Now, she has some important decisions to make. If Sonny wants to protect Curtis (Donnell Turner) and Marshall during their family’s struggle, he may risk putting his own family in peril.

According to earlier GH news and spoilers, Ms. Wu’s portrayer gave insight on Selina and Sonny’s relationship. She revealed her true feelings on how she sees Selina and Sonny’s relationship. The actress recently attended a Coastal Entertainment fan event in which she addressed fan’s questions. “I don’t want that, and personally, I feel like for the storyline, it wouldn’t be good for us to have a fight.”

General Hospital Spoilers: Sonny Protects Ava and Keeps Secrets From Nina

Sonny protects Ava and keeps secrets from Nina

Sonny protects Ava and keeps secrets from Nina! …When dating Sonny Corinthos, one must accept having close contact with his exes, mainly the mothers of his children. In Nina’s case, she despises one of Sonny’s exes (Carly), was an enemy to and now befriended another (Ava), and maintains a professional relationship with another (Olivia).

Only in soap world would someone kidnap a child, later to become the biological mother’s bestie and the father’s fiancé! Not to mention, the only reason she’s with this man is because she took advantage of his tragic accident. She used his amnesia to her benefit, kept him from his family, and built their romance on lies. Somehow, Nina Reeves (Cynthia Watros) has pulled off the impossible. She managed to hold onto the man she betrayed, and is still bffs with Ava after kidnapping their daughter.

General Hospital previews indicate a sizzling hot last half of Summer. As mob drama becomes increasingly prevalent, Nina feels more out of place in Sonny’s life than ever before. As it becomes more dangerous for Ava and Avery, Sonny takes charge and assures Ava that he’s got this covered. GH spoilers tease that Sonny protects Ava and tells Nina lies in his upcoming fight against the enemy. So much for no secrets.