General Hospital Spoilers: Pikeman Leads Carly Up The Garden Path, Then Straight Into Sonny’s Arms- Pikeman Is The Fuel That Rekindles Sonny and Carly’s Flame

Pikeman brings Sonny and Carly back together
Pikeman brings Sonny and Carly back together

A mystery man walked into Kelly’s and charmed the poly gloves right off of Carly [Corinthos] Spencer (Laura Wright). He was attentive, observant, generous, and ostensibly kind. Those all sound like lovely qualities for anyone to possess, but Carly soon finds out that she’s been lead up the gardens path.

Whether or not Pikeman (Charles Mesure) knew exactly who Carly was, or if he just got lucky, their encounter is the beginning of something big. Sonny just told Pikeman’s employee that he refuses to allow any more shipments until he gets his answer. Things don’t end well after that meeting and now Sonny may have made matters worse. Thankfully, Dex Heller (Evan Hofer) has been on his A-game lately, proving that he is just as valuable as say, Jason Morgan😉.

Pikeman Brings Sonny and Carly Back Together

General Hospital spoilers reveal that Carly’s run-in with Pikeman leads to another path. Ultimately, the one that brings her back to Sonny. Most likely, Pikeman sought out Carly on purpose. This way he can feel out the situation and use her to get to Sonny.

According to the latest GH rumors, the dangers and risks brought upon by Sonny’s business come creeping in again. The safety of Port Charles is compromised due to the current mob activity between Sonny and Pikeman. Thankfully, years of experience has Carly hopping on to old tricks like reducing a bicycle. She’s capable of holding her own but also has the experience to help Sonny; all while still needing Sonny’s protection.

It’s inevitable. Sonny and Carly are destined to be together and Pikeman is just the man for the job. GH spoilers and rumors tease that mob violence is an aphrodisiac for this couple. LOL Just kidding. But honestly, the familiar danger is rumored to bring Sonny and Carly back together.