General Hospital News: GH’s Robert Palmer Watkins (Dillon) Posts Racy Photo In “Fry-Day” Social Media Post

Genera Hospital’s Robert Palmer Watkins started as Dillon Quartermaine in 2015, and left the show in 2017. In a 2017 interview Watkins revealed that it was not his decision to leave the show. Since then, many General Hospital spoilers and rumors have gone back and forth with the idea of his return, however, nothing concrete has developed at this time.

Although Watkins isn’t currently playing Dillon Q. on GH, if you wanna know what he’s been up to, check social media. His most recent Facebook story has grabbed the attention of fans, GH as well as non GH fans with this shocking photo posted to his Facebook story.

Watkins decorate his photo with a “Fry-Day” sticker bur clearly he hasn’t been eating many of those greasy potato sticks! ? 

We have what you want to see right here! Check out the racy pic below.

Now that you’ve all seen almost every inch of Robert Palmer Watkins, you may always picture this image in the back of your mind if he ever returns to GH as Dillon. Would GH fans want to see Dillon return to Port Charles?

General Hospital rumors suggest Watkins could return and Dillon could be hired by Lucy Coe (Lynn Herring) as a male mode for Deception.

General Hospital News: Robert Palmer Watkins Addresses Bringing Dillon Quartermaine Back To GH

The Quartermaine family has a lot going on at the moment. Brook Lynn Ashton Quartermaine (Amanda Setton) has recently moved back to Port Charles and hasn’t fallen short when it comes to bringing the drama to the scene. She has been having issues with her music producer, has been blackmailed, started a new job at the family business, ELQ, got fired, fought with her long time enemy, Lulu Spencer Falconeri (Emme Rylan), and much more. Dillon Quartermaine’s (Robert Palmer Watkins) Dad, Ned, is in town, and his mom Tracy Quartermaine (Jane Elliot) paid the family a visit around the holidays but has since left Port Charles. The Quartermaine family is on the front burner which would make for a great opportunity to have another member of the family in town.

General Hospital news and spoilers reveal GH’s Robert Palmer Watkins would be happy to return to the show. In a recent article, Daytime Confidential revealed Watkins take on a possible return to General Hospital. Watkins told the source, “I would be open to making a return at some point. I loved the role of Dillon, and General Hospital will always be family.”

Throwing another Quartermaine into the mix could be exactly what the family needs to handle the current issues involving ELQ, Nelle (Chloe Lanier), Valentin (James Patrick Stuart), and everything else that is weighing on the Quartermaine clan.

General Hospital Blog will keep fans up to date on any new information regarding General Hospital comings and goings and the possible return of Dillon.

General Hospital News: Robert Palmer Watkins (Dillon Q.) Grabs Lunch With Co-Star Wally Kurth (Ned), Is Dillon Set To Return For ELQ?

General Hospital star Robert Palmer Watkins (ex- Dillon Quartermaine) took to Twitter to express his gratitude toward co-star and friend, GH’s Wally Kurth (Ned Ashton).

In his tweet, Watkins thanks Kurth for the encouragement and inspiration and refers to his co-star as “big bro.” It seems the two caught up while grabbing lunch together.

General Hospital spoilers have been heating up, indicating something big is going down with ELQ. Dillon’s mom, Tracy Quartermaine (Jane Elliot) is back in Port Charles and it can only mean serious business. Tracy has been name dropping Dillon and Luke Spencer’s (Anthony Geary) names to her son, Ned, warning Ned someone is after ELQ as well as after Luke.

Could Robert Palmer Watkins be meeting with GH co-star Wally Kurth to discuss an upcoming story line opportunity for Dillon’s comeback?

General Hospital Spoilers: Anthony Geary Out Of Retirement? Does Tracy Have The Scoop On Luke Spencer? Who Is Behind The ELQ Takeover?

Tracy was made an offer from someone to buy her shares of ELQ and Tracy Quartermaine (Jane Elliot) told her son Ned Ashton (Wally Kurth) that she turned them down. It doesn’t end there as Ned thought. Tracy proceeded to tell Ned that when she declined the offer for her shares, they went after Luke Spencer (Anthony Geary).

According to Tracy, these middle men made an offer to her other son Dillon Quartermaine (Robert Palmer Watkins) as well. If Tracy came all the way back to Port Charles and warn Ned, she may need some serious help.

Lucas Lorenzo Spencer has always been drawn to trouble. Any adventure that comes his way, Luke is down for the ride. According to Tracy, Luke is in trouble for “counterfeit tulips” and was offered a way out of trouble in exchange for Dillon’s shares. If someone is after Luke because they want a part of ELQ, will Anthony Geary come out of retirement to help Tracy aka Spanky Buns?

General Hospital News: Robert Palmer Watkins (Dillon Q) Reacts to News of Jane Elliot’s (Tracy) Return

It looks like GH viewers alone aren’t the only fans of General Hospital’s iconic Tracy Quartermaine and her portrayer, Jane Elliot.

General Hospital co-star and on screen son Robert Palmer Watkins (Dillon Quartermaine), reacted to Entertainment Weekly’s confirmation of Elliot’s big GH return. He took to Twitter to show his support.

In November of 2017, it was announced that Watkins would remain on the show as recurring status. The door has remained open for Robert Palmer Watkins to return to GH and reprise his role as Dillon Quartermaine.

General Hospital SHOCKER! Morgan is ALIVE

jasoncarbombThe last couple weeks have been an emotional wreck for General Hospital’s leading family. The Corinthos clan was hit hard with news regarding Sonny (Maurice Benard) and Carly’s (Laura Wright) son, Morgan Corinthos (Bryan Craig). Ever since Ava (Maura West) messed with his medication, Morgan’s bi-polar disorder has been spiraling out of control. Carly and Sonny can’t seem to figure out why all of a sudden Morgan had been acting as if his bi-polar was no longer under control, and even questioned whether or not he had stopped taking his meds. Morgan himself didn’t even know. He had thought he was taking the proper medication.

One thing led to another, which resulted in Morgan becoming manic, turned to alcohol after seeing what he thought was Kiki (Hayley Erin) and Dillon (Robert Palmer Watkins) in the boat house. Morgan became self destructive, and stole Julian Jerome’s (William DeVry) car. Jason Morgan (Billy Miller) stepped in, called Morgan, and had successfully convinced him to stop driving, pull over, and talk. Little did they know, there was a bomb and as soon as Morgan set foot out of the car, it exploded.

There is NOT A BODY.

This is an age old soap opera story when a character “dies” and the family moves on as if they had died, however no body has been accounted for, in order to confirm the death.  We all saw the car explode, but what no one saw, not even Jason Morgan, is there Morgan went. Could he have jumped before the blast got him? Was he injured by the explosion and cannot make it back? General Hospital rumors have indicated that perhaps Morgan is using this opportunity to fake his own death. He was running away from his problems, including his situation with PCU, Kiki, his parents, etc.

Sonny had a vision.

On Wednesday’s episode of General Hospital, a grieving Sonny heard the voice of a young boy. He called out to that boy and said, “Morgan?” As Sonny looked up, he saw the little boy. The boy put his hand on Sonny’s shoulder and asked, “Why can’t you find me?!”

Rumors are flying that Bryan Craig will be recast, and Morgan Corinthos will turn up alive. General Hospital spoilers have not yet confirmed a recast for this role.

General Hospital Blog will keep fans updated on news of a recast.

GH Blog wants your input! Do you think the role of Morgan Corinthos will be recast?



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GH Spoilers: Great News for Ned Fans!

NedreturnsTracy Quartermaine is currently experiencing some life threatening health issues. In recent episodes of GH, Jane Elliot’s character, Tracy, has been experiencing neurological symptoms, and seizure.

Although her son Dillon (Robert Palmer Watkins) came as soon as he received the call from Hayden that his mom was having an episode, it looks as though her other son, Ned will soon be near her mom, in Port Charles.

Exciting General Hospital news just broke, as GH spoilers reveal that long time, fan favorite, Wally Kurth is returning to General Hospital as Ned Ashton.

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Kurth’s current status on Days of Our Lives has dropped from contract to recurring, which in turn allows him to return to General Hospital on a recurring status as well.

Ned may be involved in Tracy’s health story, and we can’t forget his love he left behind, Olivia Falconeri (Lisa LoCicero).

Is there still hope for these two to become a real couple?

The Future of Dante and Lulu

LantebackA couple months ago, Lante fans lost all hope for their super couple, Dante and Lulu Falconeri. The story line revolving around their relationship and marriage is so real, many viewers can relate to what these two have been going through. Marriage takes work. People make mistakes, but that doesn’t mean that all love is lost. It’s clear that Dante, despite his actions involving his betrayal with Lulu’s cousin Valerie, does not erase the fact that he loves Lulu and their family together with son, Rocco. And although Lulu may not agree with Dante’s jealousy over Johnny, and other men in her life, including Dillon, and her impulsive Spencer ways, it doesn’t mean she doesn’t still love and cherish her husband.

Dante and Lulu had hit rock bottom after he cheated on her with her own cousin, and after Lulu turned to Johnny to help get Valerie out of their lives.

However, best friends always have your back. Best friends encourage the good in you, they are there to support you in love and in life, and that is exactly what Maxie and Nathan have done for their best friends, Dante and Lulu. Maxie is always playing match maker, and doing zainy things in the name of love. It looks as though this time, her plan will actually make a positve impact on Dante and Lulu’s marriage.

After being told by Maxie and Nathan, Lulu and Dante both headed to a specific room at the Metro Court. After figuring out that they had been played by their friends and got locked in the room together, Dante and Lulu have now decided to try and work things out.

So what does the future hold for this fan favorite Daytime couple? General Hospital Blog wants to believe that Lante will survive. It’s highly unlikely that the writers would go through all this trouble having Maxie devise a plan, and for Lante to not succeed in working out their problems after all they have been through together.


Valerie’s Confession Has Been Documented! Who Will Get Their Hands on the Evidence?

ValrecordingValerie and Dillon shared quite the intimate moment on Friday’s General Hospital. Not the intimacy you may think if you hadn’t seen the show yet… but one of those intimate moments where you’re feeling vulnerable and secure with someone all at the same time.

Dillon and Valerie confided in each other as friends, about who is really on their minds and in their hearts. It was one thing when Dillon confessed to Maxie that he has feelings for her best friend, Lulu, but then he also came clean to Valerie. After hearing Dillon’s confession, and being there for him, Valerie felt that she needed to get something off her of chest after Dillon asked her the dreaded question. He wanted to know if something more than a kiss happened between her and Dante. After confessing her feelings for Dante to Dillon, Valerie also disclosed that she and Dante slept together.

While Dillon and Valerie were making confessions of their love for married people, and Valerie admitting she and Dante had sex, everything they were saying was being recorded. Dillon’s intern barged in and asked if he could charge his video camera in the studio they were filming Dillon’s movie. But what they didn’t know was that the camera was accidentally left on “record” and captured every last detail of what was said between the two of them.

Now we all know that there will be much to come of this video. General Hospital rumors suggest that this video will almost definitely land in the wrong hands. What will come of it? Will Dillon and Valerie be blackmailed? Or will whoever finds it not waste any time and go straight to Lulu?

Who do you think will get their hands on Valerie’s confession? Our guess is Maxie! Let us know who you think will hang this one over Val’s head, or run straight to Lulu with the incriminating evidence.


General Hospital Spoilers: Will Nathan Tell Maxie Dante’s Secret?

NathanMaxOn several occasions there has been opportunity for Nathan to spill the beans about what he knows regarding Dante and Valerie’s one night stand. As his partner and friend, Nathan promised Dante that his secret was safe with him. Dante wants to forget whatever happened between him and Valerie, the night Lulu was away trying to help her family. In order for that to happen, the people who know the secret must never mention it to anyone. However, for Nathan, it’s a little more complicated than that. Since Valerie made a full disclosure to Nathan about her feelings for Dante, Nathan knows that to Valerie, it wasn’t just a forgettable one night stand. The problem lies with her relationship with Dillon Quartermaine. When Maxie and Nathan were discussing her upcoming sex scene with Dillon, it was brought up that Valerie too was in the same position as Nathan, where their significant other’s were going to have to act out a sex scene that would make Nathan and Valerie uncomfortable and a little jealous. The thing is, Nathan slipped and told Maxie along the lines that Valerie wouldn’t be jealous. That put up a definite red flag and Maxie’s radar immediately went off.

Has Nathan said too much? Nathan just might have to come clean to Maxie and explain what he meant about Valerie and Dillon. If Maxie finds out that Dante slept with Valerie, there will be no stopping her when it comes to defending her best friend Lulu. It would be just like Maxie to drop everything and run to Valerie- or Dante- or Lulu herself and let them know when she now knows.

Is Maxie’s predictable behavior enough to keep Nathan quiet, or will he tell his girlfriend the truth about Dante and Valerie?