Valerie’s Confession Has Been Documented! Who Will Get Their Hands on the Evidence?

ValrecordingValerie and Dillon shared quite the intimate moment on Friday’s General Hospital. Not the intimacy you may think if you hadn’t seen the show yet… but one of those intimate moments where you’re feeling vulnerable and secure with someone all at the same time.

Dillon and Valerie confided in each other as friends, about who is really on their minds and in their hearts. It was one thing when Dillon confessed to Maxie that he has feelings for her best friend, Lulu, but then he also came clean to Valerie. After hearing Dillon’s confession, and being there for him, Valerie felt that she needed to get something off her of chest after Dillon asked her the dreaded question. He wanted to know if something more than a kiss happened between her and Dante. After confessing her feelings for Dante to Dillon, Valerie also disclosed that she and Dante slept together.

While Dillon and Valerie were making confessions of their love for married people, and Valerie admitting she and Dante had sex, everything they were saying was being recorded. Dillon’s intern barged in and asked if he could charge his video camera in the studio they were filming Dillon’s movie. But what they didn’t know was that the camera was accidentally left on “record” and captured every last detail of what was said between the two of them.

Now we all know that there will be much to come of this video. General Hospital rumors suggest that this video will almost definitely land in the wrong hands. What will come of it? Will Dillon and Valerie be blackmailed? Or will whoever finds it not waste any time and go straight to Lulu?

Who do you think will get their hands on Valerie’s confession? Our guess is Maxie! Let us know who you think will hang this one over Val’s head, or run straight to Lulu with the incriminating evidence.