GH Head Writer Under Attack by TV Guide’s Michael Logan

RonCIt seems like there are bouts of real life General Hospital drama every now and again, and it’s usually the writers vs. the world. General Hospital Head Writer, Ron Carlivati has to deal with a lot from fans. Being constantly criticized, it must be exhausting.

Twitter seems like the place to be if you want to incessantly complain about something… and in this case it is a perfect outlet for fans to whine about General Hospital, directly to it’s creators, Ron and Frank. Except this time it isn’t just a fan. TV Guide’s Michael Logan had a few choice words for GH’s Head Writer, Ron.

Check out the Twitter conversation between Ron Carlivati and Michael Logan!
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General Hospital Spoilers: Sonny Corinthos and Denise DeMuccio Showdown!

General Hospital Head Writer, Ron Carlivati loves to keep us on our toes and at the edge of our seats. He posts General Hospital spoilers with just enough information to keep us wanting more.

Via Twitter, Carlivati revealed a GH spoiler for today’s episode. Denise DeMuccio (Maura West) is the newest in town (or is she?), as she claims that she is just an uncanny look alike to Ava Jerome. Ava Jerome has been presumed dead by most of the residents of PC. Before her alleges death, she was wanted for the murder of Connie Falconeri, and since Ava is alive and well, this makes her a fugitive. Denise DeMuccio showed up at Julian Jerome’s (William DeVry) door, claiming to want to find out more about her look-alike, Ava. However, no one believes that she actually ISN’T Ava, not even the PCPD.

Ava has been trying to escape Sonny’s wrath ever since he found out that she murdered his fiance, Connie. Ava got pregnant with what we are lead to believe is Sonny’s (Maurice Benard) baby (but there will most likely be a plot twist). Odds are Ava’s baby is actually Morgan’s and she was only trying to pass Avery off as Sonny’s to keep herself alive.

Today on General Hospital, Sonny comes face to face with the women who may or may not be the one who killed Connie… Will Sonny believe that Denise is actually who she claims to be and not really Ava Jerome? Find out how it all goes down on today’s General Hospital at 2PM Eastern.


General Hospital Spoilers: GH Head Writer Ron Carlivati Posts, “A Sign of Something to Come” In Regard to Jason and Sam

Jason (Jake) and Sam fans are about to get their party pants on… it’s getting closer and closer to the Nurses Ball which General Hospital spoilers have indicated is when Jake will be revealed as the one and only Jason Morgan.

In a GH spoilers promo, Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) and Nikolas (Tyler Christopher) are discussing a secret that they are both aware of, and Liz wants to make sure that Nikolas doesn’t have any intention on telling the truth. Previous GH rumors have claimed that Liz finds out that Jake is Jason but wants it kept under wraps.

General Hospital Head Writer Ron Carlivati dropped a hit for JaSam fans today on twitter. GH spoilers have teased that sooner rather than later, Jake will be revealed as Jason to the residents of Port Charles. Check out Ron’s tweet, hinting that those GH spoilers are about to happen very soon.



General Hospital Spoilers: Jake Finds His Real Wedding Ring

General Hospital Head Writer, Ron Carlivati gave a hint to fans as to what can be expected on today’s episode of General Hospital. In a General Hospital spoiler via twitter, Carlivati revealed that today, Jake (Billy Miller) may remember that he is Jason after discovering his wedding ring.

Previously, General Hospital Blog had reported Carlivati’s take on the JaSam reunion, and he made a statement that acknowledge GH fans were getting antsy in regard to waiting for Jake to find out he is Jason, and for Jason and Sam (Kelly Monaco) to have their long awaited reunion. Carlivati assured fans that it won’t be too long before the fans receive what they have been waiting desperately for, a JaSam reunion. That being said, with this newest GH spoiler regarding Jake finding Jason’s (his) wedding ring, it could definitely trigger memories of his life with Sam, bringing Jason and Sam, along with the fans, close to the big discover, and reunion.

Check out Carlivati’s tweet below. Let us know what you think, is it about time Jake figures out he is really Jason Morgan?


Do NOT Miss The First 10 Seconds of General Hospital Today! Find Out Why!

Typically, we see commercials on ABC advertising for a week’s worth of episodes, an entire month, or a specific hot story line. Fans enjoy the weekly promos, General Hospital spoilers, and GH previews that get everyone anxious and excited for what’s about to happen next.

The benefit of having a Twitter account is being able to have information regarding General Hospital right at our finger tips. The executives over at GH use Twitter quite a bit to reach out to fans, and to promote the show. This morning, GH Head Writer Ron Carlivati sent out a tweet to fans, encouraging them not to miss the first 10 seconds of General Hospital on today’s episode. Why you wonder? He said that there will be a “very importnant announcement.”

Don’t say we didn’t warn you! Check out Ron’s tweet below, and do not miss the beginning of GH today!



General Hospital Spoilers/News: Confirmed! Rebecca Budig Headed To General Hospital!

This is one piece of General Hospital news that has been kept under wraps. Shocking General Hospital spoiler reveals that All My Children’s Rebecca Budig, who played Greenlee Smythe from 1999-2011. She was a fan favorite, and even in her time away from AMC, she was missed tremendously by fans, and the actress returned to Pine Valley to reprise her role.

General Hospital Executive Producer, Frank Valentini revealed via Twitter, that Rebecca Budig will be joining the cast of General Hospital.

Valentini asks fan to join him and Head Writer, Ron Carlivati, in welcoming Ms. Budig to the cast!

Are you excited to see this ABC soap vet back on screen? Let us know what you think of this casting decision.


General Hospital News and Spoilers: General Hospital Wants James Franco Back!

General Hospital Wants James Franco Back
General Hospital Wants James Franco Back

ABC’s General Hospital Head Writer, Ron Carlivati, expresses his desire for the amazingly talented James Franco to return to the set of GH via Twitter.

‘Saturday Night Live’ star Vanessa Bayer tweeted a photo of herself with friend, James Franco. The two were together on Saturday, December 6th for James’ appearance on SNL. She mentioned that she was showing Franco the ‘new’ Franco of General Hospital, aka Roger Howarth. Ron Carlivati replied to her tweet stating that she can tell Franco he is welcome back any time.

General Hospital Wants James Franco Back

Does this mean that Roger Howarth would be on his way out? Not a chance! Carlivati expressed an idea of “battle of the Francos.” Now that would be an interesting story!

Check out the tweet convo below.

Let us know what you think? Would you support a “Battle of the Francos?”

@vanessabayer @JamesFrancoTV @GeneralHospital Hi, Vanessa. Please tell Mr. Franco he’s welcome back anytime to do the Battle of the Francos!

— Ron Carlivati (@carlivatiron) December 5, 2014

It All Goes Down at Crichton-Clark!

Are you ready for what’s in store this coming week on General Hospital? General Hospital spoilers have revealed that Billy Miller will be taking over the role of Jason Morgan, and General Hospital rumors speculate his arrival to be the week of September 8th, 2014.

Not only Jason and Robin, but many other Port Charles residents seem to have connections with Crichton-Clark. Nina Clay (Michelle Stafford) was hospitalized there when recovering from her coma, Robin Scorpio Drake (Kimberly McCullough) is working there under Victor Cassadine’s (Thaao Penghlis) orders to revive Helena (Constance Towers) and Stavros Cassadine (Robert Kelker-Kelly)from being cryogenically frozen. Robin is also working on bringing Samantha Morgan’s (Kelly Monaco) husband, Jason Morgan back to life. Last week, it was revealed that Levi Dunkleman (Zachary Garred), aka, Peter Harrell Jr, is taking orders from Victor Cassadine. Lulu Falconeri (Emme Rylan) will soon be encountering Stavros Cassadine, and Maxie Jones (Kirsten Storms), Nathan West (Ryan Paevey), and Dante Falconeri (Dominic Zamprogna) are about to find out what is in store for them as well.

With all these characters involved in the Crichton-Clark story line, we cannot help but feel that this coming week is going to be spectacular. In a direct quote from General Hospital’s Head Writer, Ron Carlivati, he states, “It’s all going down at Crichton!”

Check out Carlivati’s tweet to fans!

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