General Hospital Spoilers: Jake Finds His Real Wedding Ring

General Hospital Head Writer, Ron Carlivati gave a hint to fans as to what can be expected on today’s episode of General Hospital. In a General Hospital spoiler via twitter, Carlivati revealed that today, Jake (Billy Miller) may remember that he is Jason after discovering his wedding ring.

Previously, General Hospital Blog had reported Carlivati’s take on the JaSam reunion, and he made a statement that acknowledge GH fans were getting antsy in regard to waiting for Jake to find out he is Jason, and for Jason and Sam (Kelly Monaco) to have their long awaited reunion. Carlivati assured fans that it won’t be too long before the fans receive what they have been waiting desperately for, a JaSam reunion. That being said, with this newest GH spoiler regarding Jake finding Jason’s (his) wedding ring, it could definitely trigger memories of his life with Sam, bringing Jason and Sam, along with the fans, close to the big discover, and reunion.

Check out Carlivati’s tweet below. Let us know what you think, is it about time Jake figures out he is really Jason Morgan?