General Hospital News and Spoilers: Steve Burton and Ex-Wife Sheree Finalize Divorce

Steve and Sheree Burton finalize divorce
Steve and Sheree Burton finalize divorce

It’s been quite some time since the shocking news broke. General Hospital Blog was first to share that Steve Burton’s wife at the time, Sheree, was pregnant! Soon after, General Hospital star Steve Burton took to social media to correct the news. Thats when GH Blog quickly went back to the editing room to capture the story and correct the previous assumption.

Steve and Sheree Burton Finalize Divorce

General Hospital news recaps recall when Sheree announced her pregnancy. The news broke back in May of 2022, before anyone knew she and Steve had separated. Fast forward a year and a half and Steve and Sheree Burton’s divorce is finalized. Details of their divorce judgment have been obtained by People.com. Reportedly, Steve is to pay Sheree $12,500 per month in child support until April of 2024. After that, she receives $10,000 monthly for their two minor children. Additionally, Sheree and Steve both waived spousal support, but Sheree is to receive $50k in retroactive support.

Sheree’s fourth child Izabella was born in February of 2023. Currently, the fitness mogul is pregnant with her fifth child at age 46. Best of luck to Steve, Sheree, their children, and their loved ones.

General Hospital News And Spoilers: Sheree, Steve Burton’s Ex-Wife Shares First Photos Of New Baby

Steve Burton Sheree Burton’s baby

Sheree Burton’s baby makes an internet debut. Last Spring, Sheree Gustin (Burton) announced her 4th pregnancy. Due to the fact that she and [now ex-] husband hadn’t publicized their split, GH fans didn’t hesitate to send congratulations to Steve, Sheree, and their children. Sadly, reactions rapidly morphed when General Hospital’s Steve Burton (Jason Morgan) addressed Sheree’s announcement.

Unbeknownst to Steve’s fans, he and his wife of 23 years split. Sheree’s announcement threw off fans, as it was assumed the baby was an addition to the Burton family. Steve, Sheree, and their children, Brooklyn, Makena, and Jack, seemed picture perfect. It wasn’t until Steve cleared the air regarding Sheree’s pregnancy that the long time couple revealed their split. Shared promptly by General Hospital Blog, the truth about Sheree’s pregnancy came to light. Burton explained that Sheree’s 4th baby was not his. The two had quietly spilt, which lead to confusion around the baby announcement drama.

Previously, General Hospital spoilers revealed details surrounding their divorce. (To catch up on the scoop, visit us HERE). After the public debacle, Sheree shut down her original Instagram account. Meanwhile, fans of both wished them both well and awaited news on her pregnancy and childbirth. However, her social media accounts showed no signs of the pregnancy or the new baby. Now, GH news reports confirm the birth of Sheree Burton’s baby.

According to recent General Hospital news and spoilers, Sheree shared her first photos of her brand new baby girl. In a recent Instagram post, her 4th child, a daughter, is revealed for the first time. In the post description, Sheree addressed having a baby in her 40s. Since this isn’t her first rodeo, the mom of 4 enters this new chapter with wisdom.

Congratulations to Sheree on the birth of her blessing; her daughter Izabella. Make sure to check out pics of Sheree and Izabella in the IG post below!

General Hospital News: BREAKING! We Need To Clear The Air On Misinformation Regarding Sheree’s Pregnancy

Steve Burton reveals Sheree’s baby isn’t his
Steve Burton reveals Sheree’s baby isn’t his

We feel it is our social responsibility to make this right. This morning, General Hospital Blog reported that Steve Burton’s wife, Sheree is pregnant with their 4th child.

General Hospital news and spoilers reveal this is not entirely true. Early this morning, Sheree shared an IG story saying, “Life sure is full of surprises!” We automatically assumed that Steve and Sheree were expecting this child together. Since this morning, Sheree has removed the portion of her IG bio that said, “…soon to be 4.” Her bio used to read, “Mom of 3… soon to be 4.”

Steve Burton Reveals Sheree’s Baby Isn’t His

However, General Hospital spoilers reveal that Steve has issued a statement regarding Sheree’s announcement. He made it clear that he and his wife of 23 years are separated and that the 4th child she is expecting is not in fact his. He disclosed they are co-parenting their other three children, Brooklyn Faith, Makena Grace, and Jack Marshall.

Steve Burton wrote in a statement on social media, “I wanted to clear something up,” Burton confessed “Sheree and I are separated. She recently announced that she’s expecting her 4th child. The child is not mine. We are still co-parenting our three beautiful kids. We would appreciate privacy at this time. Much luv, Steve.”

We apologize for jumping the gun and making an assumption based on Sheree’s Instagram story and bio.

General Hospital News And Spoilers: Steve Burton’s Wife Sheree Shares Surprising News! “Life sure is full of surprises!”

Sheree Burton pregnant with 4th child
Sheree Burton pregnant with 4th child

UPDATE: Please CLICK HERE for the revised story. This story was taken BEFORE Steve Burton issued his statement regarding their separation and that the baby was not his. GH Blog has issued an apology for making the assumption that Sheree was pregnant with Steve’s 4th child. In our defense, Sheree did NOT disclose she was separated from Steve and that the baby was not his.


General Hospital star Steve Burton has been quite busy since leaving his role as the iconic mob enforcer and loyal companion, Jason Morgan.

Recent General Hospital news reports confirmed Burton will be joining the cast of Days spin-off, Beyond Salem, in a 5 episode series. But General Hospital spoilers reveal that’s not all Steve has been busy with!

General Hospital spoilers reveal Steves wife, Sheree Burton has recently shared a photo on her Instagram story with the caption, “Life sure is full of surprises!,” while cradling the lower part of her belly. The fitness and health guru seems to be pregnant! Steve and Sheree have 3 children, Brooklyn Faith, Makena Grace, and Jack Marshall.

Sheree Burton Pregnant with 4th Child

General Hospital spoilers reveal Sheree (45) and Steve (51) are surprisingly expecting their fourth child! We are so excited to help share in their family’s happiness as Sheree has continued success with her fitness career and Steve begins his new role on Beyond Salem. The couple is now stepping into a new role together, parents of 4!

Congratulations to the Burton family on this surprising and exciting blessing!