General Hospital News And Spoilers: Sheree, Steve Burton’s Ex-Wife Shares First Photos Of New Baby

Steve Burton Sheree Burton’s baby

Sheree Burton’s baby makes an internet debut. Last Spring, Sheree Gustin (Burton) announced her 4th pregnancy. Due to the fact that she and [now ex-] husband hadn’t publicized their split, GH fans didn’t hesitate to send congratulations to Steve, Sheree, and their children. Sadly, reactions rapidly morphed when General Hospital’s Steve Burton (Jason Morgan) addressed Sheree’s announcement.

Unbeknownst to Steve’s fans, he and his wife of 23 years split. Sheree’s announcement threw off fans, as it was assumed the baby was an addition to the Burton family. Steve, Sheree, and their children, Brooklyn, Makena, and Jack, seemed picture perfect. It wasn’t until Steve cleared the air regarding Sheree’s pregnancy that the long time couple revealed their split. Shared promptly by General Hospital Blog, the truth about Sheree’s pregnancy came to light. Burton explained that Sheree’s 4th baby was not his. The two had quietly spilt, which lead to confusion around the baby announcement drama.

Previously, General Hospital spoilers revealed details surrounding their divorce. (To catch up on the scoop, visit us HERE). After the public debacle, Sheree shut down her original Instagram account. Meanwhile, fans of both wished them both well and awaited news on her pregnancy and childbirth. However, her social media accounts showed no signs of the pregnancy or the new baby. Now, GH news reports confirm the birth of Sheree Burton’s baby.

According to recent General Hospital news and spoilers, Sheree shared her first photos of her brand new baby girl. In a recent Instagram post, her 4th child, a daughter, is revealed for the first time. In the post description, Sheree addressed having a baby in her 40s. Since this isn’t her first rodeo, the mom of 4 enters this new chapter with wisdom.

Congratulations to Sheree on the birth of her blessing; her daughter Izabella. Make sure to check out pics of Sheree and Izabella in the IG post below!